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Google has a 'Shadow Profile' of your interests

Google has been accused of building a profile containing "intimate lifestyle details" as well as "secret interests" of millions of Australians. Technology company Oracle has alleged Google to have broken the law by misleading consumers about true motives for snooping. 

Oracle's submission to the ACCC's world-first inquiry saw it include a 17-page attachment called "Google's Shadow Profile" setting out a surveillance operation of phone owners.

“A consumer sees an ad that is unnervingly, pointedly accurate,” the attachment began. “It seems to target information — so personal, so specific — that only this consumer would know the information.

“Maybe the ad targets a secret interest or hobby, a special place, or intimate lifestyle details.
“Is the microphone on? Is the camera activated? No — but they might as well be.

“In fact, Google is using massive amounts of consumer data, not all of which it discloses to consumers, to micro-target advertising. All without the consumers knowledge or consent.”

Do you believe your mobile phone is recording your conversations? Are you thinking of going phone free in the near future? 



Yes I am sure the phone listens as does the new TVs etc -- and those speakers -- my friend had an Apple speaker and a Google one and they actually talk to each other -- it is quite weird to hear them     There are even some fridges I believe that listen to you and order things for you

No use going phone free thats just ONE thing that is spying on you 

Absolutely, anyone who thinks that this sort of stuff isn't going on, probably rides a bike on the open road.

There was a case when my friends with me played for board games. Google immediately gave my girlfriend an ad with games, although she never looked for them. So the search engines listen too. I wrote my research paper ( it.

Yep BIG BROTHER is getting BIGGER every day

I couldn't care less. I hope that Google catches all those criminals committing crimes and tracks what our politicians are up to too.


Although you may delete it on your computer..Google has all of your search history stored up...

The more apps you put on your phone..the more they can track your wherabouts and can track you even when the device is switched off..

Yep right, and if you want to stop Google tracking your searches for good, head to the activity controls page and toggle tracking for Web & App Activity off. This includes Chrome history and activity for sites that use Google services.