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Google introduce new mid-priced phone

With the price of top-end smartphones increasingly significantly over the past few years, Google has come out with the Pixel 3a phone targeting the middle of the market.

The phone comes in two colours — black and white — and two sizes, starting in Australia at $649 for a 5.6-inch display and $799 for a 6-inch model.

At more than half the price of the company's flagship Pixel phone, the 3a comes standard with the majority of the great features from the more expensive model.

Are Google making a smart move? Or with the way phone plans are structured in Australia, does the overall price of a phone really matter to you?


I believe there are other brands of smart phones that are even lower cost but still have all the desired "smart" features.  Are they such as Lumia, windows phones etc ?? Anyone like to comment ??

I have had the Microsoft Lumia Windows phone for about four years and have found it to be the easiest to use, was thinking of updating it due to it being partially under the car wheel, which I was not aware which has caused it to become somewhat sluggish at times. I have read that the windows phones will soon have no updates and support from Microsoft which will cause the apps not to respond eventually, so sad

thanks for that Good Choices

I have a Moto G3 which is still going strongly and it was and is great value for money.  I'll be looking for another Moto G_ when I replace it.

I had a windows Lumia phone and loved it but about a year or so ago I noticed I couldn't download most new apps.  I persevered with it for a while but eventually, as mentioned above, even the older apps started failing, Messenger was the first to go.  I swore I would not allow Facebook to tell me I needed a new phone but eventually gave in.  LOL 

Actually, I got hearing aids that came with a pretty useful app which of course the old phone wouldn't download so I bought a new, older model, iPhone on eBay for $199.

Mid range price of $650 for an item that will be redundant in 4 years. Ah - it certainly is a different world.

Check out the latest Moto G7 Plus for $399 to $499 depending on size - impressive value for a well featured phone. 

I have the Moto G5, great phone only paid $230 for it, does the job well. 

Thanks for that Bottle-O

I have a Samsung J5, about $350.  Had a J3 before that.  They do everything I want.  Not sure why you would want to spend $1000!

I'm saving my pennies for the new foldable phones with the flexible OLED display

It should make a lot of diffeence to me when I am travelling.

how much will they cost ??

I bought a Galaxy it was a new phone but an older model -- I love it and it cost me $199,  no way would I pay the prices they ask for these new phones

Give me a Samsung any day. Reliable, does all I need.