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Government $750 supplement

Have the government means tested this supplement. My partner and I received $710 of the $750. 

Why is this so!

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Really this payment is misdirected considering all the laid off casual workers and out of work people now !!

You do not have to keep it, johnp. The Smith Family can do something with it.


Received "Direct Credit ECONOMIC SUPPORT -$1.00" of the $750 this week. Of course, cannot get on to Centrelink, but just like them to withhold anything they can.


Is that $1 just after the pension payment? Wife got that as well but last month. Might have nothing to do with the $750 or so one hopes.

My wife and I are both on part pension and both of us received the full $750 last week.

Same here but without the wife, passed away 2 years ago.


It is great that people who need the assistance receive the $750 x2 payment. It is appalling however that many very financially well off people, who do not need it, receive the payments by virtue of having the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card 'grandfathered'  and receive all the benefits without any means testing. Give funds only to those who need the assistance.

Tend to agree with you Mick - but then again I think the payment only goes to the people done over by the Govt in 2017. So it would not be all of the CSH card holders or so I believe.

I think even today that anyone who is of retired age can still get the CSHC card even if their joint income is below about $90K ??

Agree not all CSHC holders Mariner as it is now means tested. Just a  wealthy group who have had the card grandfathered since 2014 and whose substantial income from superannuation is ignored. Lucky them but grossly unfair to those who need assistance and cannot get it.

I am pleased to see the government finally paying an amount of income that someone could actually live on if they were out of work.  I wonder if this is really a temporary arrangement, or if it will end up being more at the end of the 6 month or whatever period for which it is implemented?  Having said that, I am very grateful to have the $750 stimulus package, some of which has already been spent locally on some much needed house repairs.  However, I am disappointed to see that my Age Pension (and that is my only income) has not, nor will be increased as far as I can see.  Life is going to get very difficult if the prices at the supermarket and other places continues to escalate as they have in recent weeks.  What used to cost me $30 now costs around $50, but my basic income has not increased to cover this.  I used to be able to manage quite well before all the price gouging.  Now I'm not so sure.  Perhaps the plan is for me subsidise my pension with the stimulus package.......I'm not sure.  So, as usual the elderly get left behind, luckily we have ways of stretching the dollar learned during the war and other times of economic hardship.  Millenials could learn much from us, if they could be bothered.

We got letters from C/L this morning saying the $750 has been sent, part pensioners so further means test.

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