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There was a young man from Dundee,

Who thought he could fight like Bruce Lee,

He'd drank lots of Bucky,

And felt really lucky,

But broke his arm punching a tree!

extract from 'Images of Australia'

Darkness slips down as the little plane plies the coastal range
over sugar fields in patchwork almost artfully arranged.
Twenty separate canefires send their pyres leaping high.
An image of Australia fills the smoky evening sky.

Ghostly sentinels of treetops in uneathly weird mirage,
man made apparitions, poles and silos looming large.
A thin wind off the blacksoil tugs at us as we stand
to see an image of Australia spread across the level land...



I once had a blind date with -wila
I took her to watch Aston Villa.
She sang to the crowd
And she sang very loud
And that's why they threatened to kill 'er.

Thank you for the compliments :)

I think there are quite a few others who are budding "limerickers" (if there is such a word  lol) .Micha, Robi good ones!!

I enjoyed SD's and Davey's verses but they seem to have been frightened off by some of our genteel members.

Thanks Radish and also, Gerry, Abby and Micha.

Compliments on your witty rhymes too Micha.

Micha's rhymes are copy and paste

Please note Readers please note in the event of a reference being missing...that I did not write any of the Limericks myself...

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....have not been here for like 2 days - now knows is degenerating by the minute - lol - people seriously need to "get a life" ! lol lol lol 

Agree foxy, sure has deteriorated!



the claws are showing


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