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Grandad’s prank from the grave

The mourners stood silently apart from the occasional sniffle as the coffin was lowered into the ground. They were farewelling Shay Bradley, 62, who had finally succumbed to a three-years battle with illness.

The bagpipes played and then … the unthinkable happened. Noises from the coffin.

“Hello? Hello? Let me out, it’s f•••ing dark in here!

“Is that that priest I can hear?

“I’m in the box, can you hear that?”

The grandfather of eight and Irish Defence Force veteran from the south of Dublin was described by son Jonathan Bradley as “as a man with a big personality who loved to make others laugh”.

He had the last laugh and his funeral prank has now been watched by millions.

Shay’s granddaughter, Chloe Kiernan, said close relatives were in on the joke, to be sure the younger ones wouldn’t be frightened.

Jonathan said his father “wanted something special and for everyone to remember him as he was, so that everyone, especially my mother, did not leave the graveside sombre.”

They came up with the idea of the recording about a year before he passed.


Love pranks..good for you Grandad.Why should funerals be sombre events !

I know someone who would love to play such a prank!

hahaha brilliant of course, he's Irish!

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Hahhah  wait 'til they see what's in the will !

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Do Australians still have a sense of humour?

It seems to be getting more stunted every year.

Sense of humour is being bashed out of them by the PC brigade!