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We get all sorts of advice of how and what to do.

Thought it would be an idea to talk about what we mature ladies think about certain fads, styles, likes, dislikes all things female.

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Toot you have my best wishes too.  Have a friend who has just started having both of hers replaced for the 2nd time. 

The pain is worth the gain.  She's getting around extremely well and she's 79.  She said it wasn't as bad this time and is now thinking that she will start working out when she can get the other one replaced.

So hope you improve more each day.

SANDI,   what is TOOT in for?   sounds like a hip,  or knees,      if hip,  my friend had one done ab out a year ago,    she was up and out in no time,    but gets bad arthritis in that hip now,   whether it had anything to do with the op,    is anyones guess,   but she never had it before,    but BEST WISHES   toot,     get well soon,          JUST A NOTE,  WHILE IM HERE,    anyone like movies about animals,    waych,    A DOGS PURPOSE,    but be warned,   its a tear jerker,     keep the tissues handy,  

Hi Cats.

I saw the trailer of that movie a couple of times, do you like tear jerkers?

I am staying away from the movies while this flu bug is going around it seems to be worse this year, had friends in hospital with it.

HI,  ATILLA,   no,  i normaly dont go for tear jerkers,   but i do like animal storys,,   and there is always a tear in them,    but its a nice show,     WHERE IS RAPHIE,     i have finaly seen something about that movie he told us about ages ago,   ;THE DINNER;;     with RICHARD GERE,    do you remember,      well,  a write up in yesterdays paper about it,      they didnt sound over enthused about it,    but i fancy it,      MY taste in films, is a bit out f the norm,  atilla,    i NEVER watch girlie movies,    like a bit of action,   one of my favs is PULP FICTION,    love that movie, 

Just found this about win free tickets for 'Victoria and Abdul' 

Hope we get to see it should be interesting.

I enjoy Judi Dench in movies.   


Hi Cats!

No never seen that movie.

Image result for Pulp Fiction movie

I suppose I should wait till it comes on the tv!

Yes Cats, she had a full left hip replacement.  Here's her post yesterday.


Hi RnR, I had a full left hip reconstruction on Monday morning (seems so long ago) and just got out of bed now to go for a walk down the corrider on a walker and am now sitting by the window.  I have to sit here for at least one hour so I grabbed a dongle (cost $40) and fired up the laptop because the hospital's 'free wifi' is hopeless.

The nurses tell me I have the best doctor (but everyone says that), although he does come highly recommended and gives all his patients an epidural while still under, which is why yesterday coming out of surgery, I felt like walking on air, but today I feel like crap as it's almost worn off.  

My son-in-law who is in his 50's has terrible gout and his knee was so swolen he asked around and found that a Japanese man was the best for the job but when the doctor saw how swollen the knee was, he refused to touch it and said "I'm sending you to Ali Gursel" - he's the hip and knee guru.

Anyway I hope everyone is well, espeicially Wendy, Shaggy, PB and you too RnR, thanks for asking.


thanks SANDI,    have sent a message,   

Elle Macpherson's billionaire husband 'plans to do a Jagger and deny that they were ever legally married' following their splits


Jeff Soffer and Elle Macpherson at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce 87th Annual Gala  

Jeff Soffer and Elle Macpherson at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce 87th Annual Gala

Uh oh. It looks as if supermodel Elle Macpherson faces the ‘Mick Jagger problem’.

She has split from her husband, Jeff Soffer, but now friends of the American billionaire are claiming they were never properly married.

The couple tied the knot in Fiji in 2013 but it remains to be seen if their wedding is legally valid.

‘It’s like Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall all over again,’ remarks a showbusiness source.

After Texan model Jerry filed for divorce from the philandering Rolling Stones singer in 1999, Jagger claimed their Hindu wedding on the Indonesian island of Bali nine years earlier had not been legally valid.

Jagger succeeded in having the Hindu marriage ceremony declared invalid, unlawful, and null and void by the High Court in London.

According to sources in America, hotel heir Soffer, 47, has been ‘bragging’ to friends that he and Macpherson, 53, who was nicknamed ‘The Body’ in her heyday, were never legally married.

The couple were brought together by a tragic accident in 2012, when he was a passenger in a helicopter that crashed attempting a landing at a golf club in the Bahamas. Lawyer Lance Valdez, one of Soffer’s greatest friends, died.

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I come from a land DWON under? Souvenir typo has customers lining up to buy a classic Aussie stitch up

A classic Aussie stitch-up on a Chinese-made jumper is selling like hot cakes thanks to an unfortunate twist on a familiar slogan. The brightly-coloured jumpers are selling well in Sydney. I remember cruise in the Pacific like this about 12 years ago!Trying to avoid a Cyclone. 

MIAMI — When they first boarded the Norwegian Escape a week ago, passengers knew exactly where they were going. Now they have no idea.

The cruise ship, with about 4,000 guests on board, departed from Miami on Saturday, Sept. 2, and was scheduled to return a week later, after making stops in Honduras, Belize and Mexico.

The boat made it to the Honduran island of Roatan on Monday and Belize the following day. But on Tuesday, passengers were told that their ports of call at Mexico's Cozumel island and the Costa Maya had been canceled.............................


Image result for cruising cartoon

They should be taken to another exotic destination in South America o given tickets to another trip

what a shame for all those aboard 



There are some cruise lines Raphael that do these cruises to nowhere, then Fred Olsen do cruises up the Amazon. 

Fred cruises are good, they specialize in our age group too! Frog in the Amazon

Looks fantastic 

now if the ships crew were all Amazon women I'd be there in a flash you are Raphael!  LOL

musculargoddesses:“ Maria Carolien Wattel”



i mean real Amazonian women 

with loincloths and whips :)


From Miranda Kerr's stunning wedding dress to Nicole Kidman's unforgettable Oscars gown: As exhibition celebrates 70 years of the House of Dior, FEMAIL takes a look behind the scenes

behind the scenes look dior seventy years of haute couture

Christian Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture currently showing at the National Gallery Victoria is a comprehensive exhibition that tells the story of Christian Dior Couture from 1947 through to 2017. Showcasing 140 gowns, the retrospective also features garments worn by celebrities including Miranda Kerr and Nicole Kidman.


What do you make of this then?

Australia's most notorious hoarders have filled their $2 million Bondi home with stinking rubbish AGAIN - despite council spending $350k on 15 clean-ups

Bondi's notorious Bobolas family of hoarders back in courtBondi's notorious Bobolas family of hoarders back in court" 

Members of Bondi's notorious Bobolas family of hoarders are back in court facing claims including contempt as the rubbish continues to pile up outside their home in Sydney's eastern suburbs. Despite years of council clean-ups and court orders to clear the property of rubbish, the front yard of the home is once again covered in piles of garbage (left and right). When Daily Mail Australia visited on Friday the front of the house once again resembled a rubbish tip with bags of trash stacked above the height of the fence. Owner Mary Bobolas (inset) is accused of contempt of court for not keeping the place clean.

Waverley Council has been fighting with the Bobolas family for over 26 years!!!

What a mess, literally.


Kick them out

pay for cleaners 

sell the house and give them the net proceeds 

these people are rubbish 

The house is owned by Mary Bobolas and her adult daughters Elena and Liana, who bought it in 1970 for $25,000.

The last auction in June 2016, the fourth that had been organised to sell the property and which had been due to start at 5pm, was called off at 5.25pm, leaving the crowd of 90 people, including 17 registered bidders, left to vent their frustration to the agent and auctioneer.

The auction stalled after a last-minute appearance at the NSW Sheriff’s Office when the Bobolas’ managed to pay off part of their debt to Waverley Council for the continual clean-ups.


I wouldn't mind betting half of the Bondi residents come along and dump their rubbish on them. A good way if you missed garbo night. 

I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN:Amazon Tribe Members Are Reported Killed in Brazil

Dreadful. Reading the article there appear to be a lot of tensions between those seeking development (including the head of government) and many others. And a woefully low budget for those seeking to protect the indigenous tribes.

ATILLA,    ha ha,    PULP FICTION,   is years old.     has been and gone on dvd,    you could probably pick it up for $5 on ebay,    i have gone through 2 dvds of it,    i watch it a lot,,      it is really 3 tales in one,   that tie in at end,    if you dont like violence,    dont watch,       its not everybodys film,       i am going to see the dinner WEDNESDAY,     i hope,   i do fancy the new JUDI DENCH one,    i like her in anything,    I LOVE ;as time goes by,'       they keep repeating it on tv,     and i always watch it,    

Oh yes Cats it is old, not quiet as ancient as me, or Gone With the Wind...LOL.

I remember when we were in Yorkshire years ago we went to a local fair and I was having a look at the leather belt stand, this guy did craftwork in leather.  He said can I measure your waist?  LOL  I must have looked shocked, because he then went on to qualify that he had just measure Judi Dench's waist for a belt!  LOL

Judi comes from Yorkshire. UK.

That additional fat around your middle you find hard to get rid of!  Image result for cartoon of fat around the middle ladies

Now this is interesting as I suffer from this issue.But I am told my Thyroid problem is the cause of it.However, reading this it states too much sugar and not  Enough sleep can also cause the additional fat. A couple of years ago I asked the physio for an exercise to  Combat this to strengthen the core muscles, as instructed byThe surgeon.  If I do them regularly it works!   But alas I stopped doing them after surgery in January   So I am now back on the exercises again. I also find porridge each morning with stewed fruit  Helps burn the fat.  Strictly no sweet biscuits ever!Drinking water also is a MUST.  I don't drink  Coffee and only have 2 week black teas a day. 

Image result for cartoon of fat around the middle ladies

Hip fractures among elderly set to soar


Thanks for the link Plan B

" there were almost 22,000 hip fractures in Australia in 2016 at an estimated cost of $908 million and The number of hip fractures each year is estimated to rise to more than 30,000 in the next five years at a cost exceeding $1 billion.

The human cost from injury is higher still, with five per cent of hip fracture patients to die in hospital; and a quarter (25 per cent) to die within a year after discharge."

seems unbelievable

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