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Hair styles & skin care for mature ladies

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We get all sorts of advice of how and what to do.

Thought it would be an idea to talk about what we mature ladies think about certain fades, styles, likes and dislikes.

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I love natural looks in everyone so I have never been big on conventional makeup or surgical cosmetic enhancements. I do love wacky stuff though so enjoy anything out of the ordinary like crazy hair colours and styles. Have nothing negative to say about tattoos and piercings. I like people to express themselves in their own individualistic and eccentric ways. 

That Reminded me of a joke 


A young man truly in love with his girlfriend decided to have her name tattooed on his penis. Her name was Wendy, and the tattoo was done while the penis was erect, so when it was not erect all you could see was W Y. Shortly after the couple was married they were honeymooning in Jamaica the man was in a bathroom in Jamaica, and standing next to him was a Jamaican man who also had a W Y on his penis. The American said to him "Oh is your girl named Wendy too?" The Jamaican replied, "No, Mr. that says Welcome to Jamaica Have a Nice Day". 

Ha ha, that is funny but glorifies long penises. Most women would tell you that fat is better than long. Guys just don't get that.....

Oh is that why men go for younger women ?

women just don't get that either :)

What on earth has 'fat penises' are more desired by women than 'long penises' got to do with "younger women"?????

You're a woman 

you're not expected to get it 

Never had plastic surgery, but my husband has!

He had a large melanoma on the top of his arm, it was so high up under what would be a mans shirt sleeve.  We were amazed as the mark looked like a freckle.

The plastic surgeon removed it and took a huge lump out so it would not spread.

The check ups after that have all been good, thank goodness.  But the very long needles they put into the Lymph Glands was a bit of a fright!


After the male comments above I could not resist this thread ladies.....

Younger men are after mature women .....

Why todays young men cannot   stop chasing older women: It is a trend that reveals so much about modern relationships Amanda Platell has been recently approached by several young men - and although she's flattered, she doesn't think it's for herself but because of her experience and worldliness. 


Older Woman/Younger Man and Why Age Has Nothing to Do With Love

By Amancay Tapia   

It was a party I didn’t want to attend. Despite the nice summer evening, all I wanted to do was go home. But there I was, standing amongst a crowd of people feeling slightly alien. Forward a few hours later, and I’m dancing with a guy who not only could dance but had such a beautiful smile, he made me stay longer. I didn’t think anything of it, except that he had something about him I really liked. But that was until he told me his age.

No way! 


Now look at an Aussie hunk Ladies! 

Ann who is that actress in your heading ? Sort of on the tip of my tongue I know I have seen her in a few films. 

Hi Vivity I found that photo amongst a search for hair styles for mature women!

But I think you are thinking of  Judi Dench?

No not Judy Dench very different features - hopefully I will remember!



Areyou thinking about the Jane Fonda Haircut ?

Looks nice

Thanks Abby but No the white haired actress in the top opening of this topic.? 



Image result for Viviane Hars photo of

I have never heard of Vivianne Hars but that is what my search has come up with Vivity.

Funnily the lady up there reminds me of my late mother about 30 years ago.

if you want a wig like Jane Fonda go to link below...on sale for just under $73




Thanks Ann she is lovely but I was thinking it was 

Julie Walters - IMDb

Very similar with grey hair and is a great actress and comedian. on! The lady is called Viviane Hars and she is a mature model for Masters she is again..

A great idea Radish

... not much to spend to see what it is going to look like before you get your own hair cut.

Feel ten years younger with no gyms, no diets and no fuss: The any time, anywhere age-busting exercise plan....Never heard of Diana Moran, but if she is 77 she must be doing something good!! TV's Green Goddess Diana Moran (pictured) -who's 77!-  explains how to get fit look fab and feel 10 years younger  TV's Green Goddess Diana Moran (pictured) -who's 77! - and pioneering NHS healthy living expert Sir Muir Gray explain how to get fit look fab and feel 10 years younger.  Most Read Articles: Feel ten years younger with no gyms, no diets and no fuss: The any time, anywhere age-busting exercise plan Why exercise WONâ??T help the middle-aged to lose weight: All you need is a low calorie diet, says top academic Now 5:2 dieters can eat THREE MEALS on fast days: Fast Diet's inventor says you're allowed 200 more calories

Well I had my hair cut, sadly my hairdresser left to have a baby, so I had to have another hairdresser, she did not cut as well, even though I took a photo for her to copy. The same as my previous hair dresser worked from.

It is amazing how one person can interpret things differently, oh well it will grow!!  Quickly I hope.

Does anyone else have issues with Hairdressers moving on?  The Salons of course will not tell the client where they go to.  At least I may have a chance of her coming back to work part time.

I went and purchased a selection of baby things and delivered them to the salon, hope she gets them safely though.


It was nice for you to deliver some baby goods for your hairdresser - my daughter is a hairdresser and I can assure you she and her colleagues appreciate thoughtful gifts from their clients, such as you have done.  Nice. 

Thank you CindyLou, just a little appreciation for her efforts over the last two years.

I have given her Christmas gift cards so she can select something of her own choice, she seemed chuffed with that too.  I do so hope I hear from her and see her baby.


Just looking at your new avatar

...your new hairdresser did a very nice job ... the hat goes nicely with your new hair cut too  

Hi Abby.

Why thank you!    LOL   the feathers get in the way though!  They make me sneeze too!

The changing shape of women's bodies: Graphic reveal just how much the average figure has altered over the last 60 years (and they're a lot bigger now) 

<img src="" height="115" width="154" alt="" />

In 1957, the average woman was 5ft 2ins tall, weighed 9st 10lbs and was a size 12. Flash forward 60 years and her shape has changed dramatically.

Image result for cartoon of lady sleeping The ten subtle ways you're adding 20 years to your face (including the pillow you sleep on, having long hair and taking a SHOWER) The best Skincare experts in the business have shared the ways you could be adding a decade to your face without even realising - and they're surprising simple to rectify. 




Cup of Tea!

Could a daily cuppa be the key to beating DEMENTIA? Research reveals black, green and oolong tea can 'reduce risk of cognitive impairment' by as much as 86 per cent

A cup of tea a day keeps dementia at bay, according to a recent study by the National University of Singapore. The study suggests that drinking black, green or oolong tea can reduce the risk.

24th Mar 2017Trials for anti-ageing pills to commence this year  Trials for anti-ageing pills to commence this year 

Leon Della Bosca

Australian scientists have discovered a vitamin that helps repair cell damage caused by cancer and ageing – and it could be available in pill form by 2020.

The vitamin, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), repairs DNA damage. Tests conducted on middle-aged mice revealed that the vitamin helped them live 20 per cent longer and made them run faster.

“The cells of the old mice were indistinguishable from the young mice, after just one week of treatment,” said Professor David Sinclair of UNSW School of Medical Sciences and Harvard Medical School Boston.

“This is the closest we are to a safe and effective anti-ageing drug that’s perhaps only three to five years away from being on the market if the trials go well.”

Scientists are so confident in the drug that they are taking it themselves.

“I am using it, I’m not supposed to take it but I feel just fine, there are no side effects,” said University NSW scientist Dr Lindsay Wu. “I take it out of intellectual curiosity.”

Apart from these self-administered ‘unofficial’ trials, human trials will commence this year in the hope that the drug will be on the market by 2020.

The substance was discovered as part of research into helping reverse accelerated ageing caused by cosmic radiation in astronauts on the planned mission to Mars in 2025. It was identified as a result of research into the life extending qualities of resveratrol – a molecule found in red wine.

Here on earth, it is hoped that a medicine can be created to help overcome the side effects of chemotherapy and cancer radiotherapy. However, it could also be developed to help resist the ageing process, treat type 2 diabetes and restore lost vision. It may also help to fight obesity.

A Japanese study of the vitamin revealed that, when given to mice, they gained less weight with ageing even when they consumed more food.

When clinical trials are complete, it will most likely be produced to help cancer patients, not as a fountain-of-youth elixir.

“The big problem is that regulatory authorities don’t recognise ageing as a disease even though you lose memory, you lose movement and it gives you cancer,” said Dr Wu.

Read more at The Daily Mail

Would you take a risk on medicine that promised longer life? Or are you happy to age naturally?





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