Happy Birthday Cats

Happy Birthday  for Sunday Cats :) Have a great day with your daughter .,


Woo hoo

happy birthday Cats !!!

hope mufstuffa takes treats you to a posh dinner 

:) Have a good one Cats.

Hmmm!!    ....   21 again  Related image

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ha ha SUZE,    how i wish,   lol,  

I know Shaggers would wish you happy birthday baby but he is travelling to get his dodgy eye fixed.

Cats hope you have a great day and do what the hell you wish to


Same here Cats - Enjoy your day and have a very Happy Birthday.

One day to go Cats

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Cats. Happy Birthday

Have a great day Cats

Hi Cats bringing this up for you in case you can't find it.

WELL,    thank you all,    i have been in bed all nursing the flu,   but this has made me feel better,    thank you SANDI,      and all for your good wishes,     

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Wish your day had been Purrfect  Cats, sorry you have the flu but hope you have been well nursed and taken care of by the man about the house xx

Hi Viv where's ya bin ?

Today's the day . Have a good day Cats   Get your daughter to put up what's app and I will send you the movies of my travels ..:)

Hippy Birfday Cats.

We both have a dose of the coughs and colds too, I didn't realise the forum was contagious.

Have a good day.

Woo n SD


Hope you're having a lovely day and feeling better than yesterday.

thanks for all the good wishes,    unfortunatly,    i was sick,   and had to cancel the lunch the kids had arraged for me,      and been in bed since,    but have seen the light today,    and think ill live,   lol,lol,    hate to think what id have been like if i hadnt had the shot,    bed and asprin,    only thing to do,