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I don't know about other members, but I am so sick of this Company. I have advised them I do NOT want calls from them but they keep coming. I have analysed my private health insurance, but keep getting pushy sales people from this company, who I belive are sponsors of this site.  I recieved a call from a person called Jenny tonight at approximately 7.55pm. to try and conviince me I was Not with the best health fund.  Denigrating the fund I am with.  I told her politely I was not about to change and she accused me of being rude.  She was the rude one.  Your Life Choices you need to monitor your sponsors, they are pushy and rude and if you keep supporting this type of media push I will cancel my membership with you because quite honestly I do not need it.  I need the facts and not the spin.  Have a good look at your values.  This is not what this site used to be about.  I am so so sick of pushy companies.



There is a button on your phone you can press to cut a person off. Use it.

I would also comment that Seniors do NOT NEED THIS TYPE OF PRESSURE FROM YOUR SPONSORTS. Get rid of them.  We have enough issues from scammers without this type of sales pressure from your sponsors.  Very dissapointed in you.

I am afraid I know nothing of such -- I never get calls since I changed my landline from Telstra -- and on my mobile, I mostly use these days I also have a button I can block calls -- not that I have ever had to use it -- as yet --

I would have NO touble in telling them where to go if they persisted

I think this comes about by filling in your private details in order to get the best comparison on private health insurance/electricity etc.  Don't do it, check it outyourself.

Yes toot now that you mention that I am sure it would be the problem

ChrissyL, best way to get rid of them is start talking about your sex life and asking for advice, then give them your views on what you think they should be doing, that wil get rid of them.