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Heartthrob lied about dementia

When heartthrob David Cassidy died last year, women the world over felt their hearts break just a little, more so as the once teenager they had swooned over had dementia, which had stopped him touring.

However, in news that will shock, it appears that complete alcohol poisoning was the real reason for his death. In a recorded conversation Cassidy is reported to have said that he had no sign of him ‘having dementia at this stage in my life”. He apparently goes on to say, “the fact is I lied about my drinking, I did this to myself to cover up the sadness and the emptiness.”

At just 67, the most famous member of the Partridge family died of organ failure in November last year. Why he felt the need to lie about his illness we’ll probably never know.


Gotta say I never swooned over him Kaye, but you're a bit of all right!


The need to lie about his drinking would have been from embarrasment I would think.

Being drunk is not as dignified as dementia.

Have you ever met an alcoholic who doesnt tell lies?

Never thought you to be a groupie Kaye (kidding). 

The price of fame is not worth having if you end up like this and there are so many stories of Hollywood censations who live a miserable existence and die an untimely death. 

We should all thank the Lord for what we have, even if it is a very average existence.