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Help the town where you live

Please when you buy, hire, sell, etc, do it all locally go direct to your own town plumber, electrician, painter or plasterer. If you want takeaway go direct, keep all of your expenditure in town. If you want a holiday go direct to the hotel. Get victoria going again instead of giving up to 30 per cent in fees to somewhere else eg China or America. Keep it here! If you want a taxi use your own town service.  WHY BUY ANYWHERE ELSE?


Koala Berwick


Well said koala from berwick.  No matter where in Australia you live - SHOP LOCAL; don't buy imported stuff; and BUY AUSTRALIAN MADE.

We are VERY limited to what WE can buy in Korumburra 3950.Most people have to shop outside the Town, except for a VERY overpriced Supermarket, or shop online. Other regional townships would be in a similar situation. 

i nsider there is a person who brings sunshine into your life. that individual may have sufficient to spread around. however in case you clearly have to watch for a person to bring you the sun and give you a great feeling, then you can have to wait a long timer

Voip Phone Service


Hope you supported "Harry" from Berwick? (clothing guy who dared to defy "Dictator Dan") and opened up his retail shop!  lol    Nothing else open except Supermarkets - ChemW and the Reject shop here on the Peninsula ..oh and the odd take-away and bread/cake shop!

Been locked up for months here Koala ....simply the charm!!!  Still waiting for someone to tell me when the Peninsula became part of the Melb. CBD?  Outrageous when we have STD landlines!!!  Businesses suffering badly down here (and all of Melbourne)  Appalling!!!

Cheers to everyone doing it tough....................



 "If you want a taxi use your own town service." (koala)

 I live in a one horse type a town and the horse has seen better days.

I’d give anything for a Jiangnan TT.


good news  foxy  you are now regional  enjoy!