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Here’s how to tell if your partner is ‘interested’

male partner smelling female partner's neck 

Men can smell whether a women is aroused versus those who aren’t according to new research from the University of Kent.

It’s one of the many states we can detect through smell, say researchers, and smelling female arousal, in turn, arouses male sexual motivation.

Other emotional states such sadness and fear also have a scent, according to previous research.

Researchers conducted three experiments involving sweat samples from aroused or non-aroused women.

Men smelled these samples, and study author and psychologist Arnaud Wisman found that men could actually differentiate between aroused and non-aroused women.

The results also introduced the possibility that women release a detectable “chemosignal”  which piques arousal in men.

“Sexual interest may entail more than meets the eye and we hope that the current findings encourage further research to examine the role of sexual olfactory signals in human connection,” notes Dr Wisman, who posits that everything from physical health to fertility to fear can be subconsciously smelled, and that the chemosignals we give off in various emotional states are not only detectable, but motivate sexual interest, disgust, empathy, and more.

Do you think you can smell emotional states on others?



Look more info needed...

Could a more detailed description of the odours of certain emotional states be forthcoming for example perhaps something along the lines of

'empathy' smells like burnt toast or 'sexual desire' smells like rain before a storm or 'fear' smells like feet or 'anger' smells like old lounge chairs that contain mould ..

that sort of thing!


LOL Shetso :)))

I wonder if serenity smells like toilet paper? That might explain the rush on it by panicked people.

LOL, LOL Shetso and NY19.

:) So funny.

Wonder how they got the women sexually aroused for this experiment before they swooped in for their sweat samples? The mind boggles!

Think humans can sort of pick up emotional vibes from each other and definitely think babies and little kids can pick up on emotional states in parents, particularly mothers - But not  completely sold on the odours of emotional states theory.  Think if you're in an intimate relationship with someone or close personal relationship you'd probably become familiar with their smell/s etc.

Re:  Toilet paper

Just returned from a regular grocery shop top up -  no toilet paper on my local Woolworths shelves, canned goods shelves looked fairly depleted as well.  

Have to say though its retail workers ie. Coles, Woolies etc. who would be pretty close to the contagion frontline...interacting with hundreds all day every day.



Ny, I seem to recall last time I was in Kent a couple of dudes in white lab coats paid me a motza to to walk around in this room full of sweaty women......


And were you naked Hawkeye? :)

You've got to be suffering from Anosmia if you can't smell Jessica. She oozes sex appeal!

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A very lustful woman!

Wow! You don’t need 20/20 vision to see that 20/20!

Guess Roger knew he was on to a good thing! Lucky wabbit!

Yep Ray, so did Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman.

Btw, did you know the toilet paper charity ‘Who gives a Crap’ have run out? 

Time to invest in a bidet folks!

I think we should be focusing on what arouses domestic violence toward women. It's a global phenomenon.

Lighten up jackie. 


Pheromones have been known about for a long time in both the animal and insect kingdoms. In animals, sex pheromones indicate the availability of the female for breeding.


Part of the issue for humans is our obsession with cleanliness and the perfumed soaps etc we use to maintain it. Messes with the senses! Strip all that away and it is not surprising that other humans can 'smell' readiness for sex!

Yep have heard about the pheromones bizzo.  But felt the gist of the article was 'different odours for different emotional states' and still wondering if someone could describe these odours in a language understood by all.  

But given I've got something called a 'deviated septum' (apparently something re: nasal inner-regions is slightly out of alignment) and have possibly been functioning at 50 percent nasal capacity for god knows how long, quietly wondering if such a situation may have impacted on my personal relationships over the years had my nose been functioning at full capacity.  I mean do people who are 'better smellers' so to speak have better relationships???

Thought I had some sort of sinus issue for years but discovered only in recent times it was this thing called a 'deviated septum' have heard it can happen from bumps to the nose etc. even have heard it can happen from birth injury.

:) How to tell if your partner is ‘interested’.

That one is so funny RnR.  Thanks. {:-))

Good one Rnr.