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High Court challenges

Twiggy Forrester to challenge the Federal Government's new mining tax


Clive Palmer has said he will challenge the validity of the Carbon Tax

On top of this failure for the government on its asylum offshore Malaysia solution too


Seem the High Court is the flavour of 2012 - thing is will the next 2 go the same way as the Malaysia?


These are the 3 planks for this governments achievments not that they mean much to the average person other than more money having to be diverted from services for boat people as not budgeted and of course the bamkrupting of many families with the coming shooting up of cost of food and electricity on July 1st and loss of jobs when the miners take their venture capital over to Brazil and other countries to start new mines avoiding all of the first two.

As already said here many times by many folk except of course Fwed - interesting times indeed.

Like which way will the High Court jump this time.




Even if they High Court challenges are partially successful the Government will probably try to pass amended legislation to protect their revenue base.

More and more legislation seems to be introduced to appease minority lobby groups; because they are the most motivated to get organised to achieve their minority agenda.

It is quite possible a High Court challenge to MRRT will find the states do not have sole rights to minerals ...interesting!

Another interesting possibility is that some states may join the action, but not all on the same side.

I think it is interesting that Swan, only last year, threatened Colin Barnett with a lowering of the WA proportion of the GST (already the lowest per capita in Australia) by more that the proposed addition State Mining Royalty.  Rumours are afoot that WA & Queensland are considering getting together with Fortesque to tackle the MRRT in the High Court.


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