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How Australia will cope with the Financial situation from the Virus Fallout

Do you feel the payments from the Federal Government is going where it is needed?  Or are people just not wanting to work?  Do they realize what they are doing with their super?

Why thousands of Australian workers are set for a HUGE $2billion boost to their superannuation in the next few weeks - so are you in for a windfall? 

The Australian Taxation Office estimates about $2.3billion is owed by employers across the country - who have until September 7 to own up to underpaying their workers' super.

Where is the cash flow going to come from PM?

We have been noticing when we wanted our gardener to come and help us, he is not interested.

I was talking to an organization that is employed by the Government to help Seniors who are disabled and was told that 8 of them phoned in to say they were sick, now this is WA not Victoria.

One guy turned up to give a quote and promised to phone back never heard from him.

That is the second time.

Same with the cleaners to help seniors with fortnightly help, they are not interested when the Government are paying them cash handouts.


Are you in trouble? Australians who wrongly withdraw $10,000 from their superannuation could face a HUGE shock - and then a big tax bill too


Australians now have until December 31, 2020 to withdraw up to $10,000 from their super. Doing so illegally, however, could see someone fined $12,600 and hit with a nasty tax bill.




Not sure that is the case here in Perth though.

Good for them.

Sign of the times! Father and son BOTH land jobs by standing at the side of the road with signs asking for work

Joshua Pollard, 17, wore a cardboard sign along the roadside of the Gold Coast in search of work last Thursday.

Fury as quarantined Australians paying $3,700 for compulsory hotel isolation have their alcohol CONFISCATED - as irate guests slam 'un-Australian' move

An couple said they placed a significant order to get them through the government mandated, self-funded isolation at a Brisbane complex.


did not read the UK article but did it mentions the grounds for confiscating the grog? Seems a bit OTT given the Qld government has allowed celebs to bypass hotel isolation so they can do what they want at their homes.


Not all celebrities have been allowed to bypass hotel quarantine Farside. The lastest refused is Sonny Bill Williams and his kids. They are in mandated quarantine at his expense.

And those that have had applied for exemption and had to meet ALL the criteria laid down by the varius State Departments of Health. Those same criteria are available to everyone, its just most people would not be able to meet the conditions or pay for them.


Do not think any celebrities will get away without quarantine anymore in view of the public outcry,

.... after all there is a state Election coming up in Qld at the end of October 2020.

JobKeeper will be available for almost one million more Victorians before Christmas as Scott Morrison extends $16B lifeline to businesses crippled by stage four lockdown restrictions

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has changed the eligibility requirements to make sure thousands of Melbourne businesses that have been forced to close have access to the support.


Maybe they get more money for nothing than they do for working hard --?


Maybe workers should get paid a decent wage

May be we in Australia live beyond our means on credit cards in some cases that is why we import so much rubbish from China because it is cheap!

Don't worry the Government do not have to pay it back, ever.

They just loaned Dreamworld $2 million too.


There was an employer recently reported he advertised for staff and received 450 responses. Trouble was, only 2 came from unemployed Australians. The rest were all temporary visa holders not supported by either Job Keeper or Job Seeker.

What does that tell you?

Much like the farmers crying out for workers to bring in their harvests because there are no backpackers available to do the job. One was even offering $400 a day! Australians are just not willing to work when the support they are receiving is so high. Talk about 'sit-down money'.


What were the jobs KSS? 

Wonder if there will be any more support for the pensioners?   As a pensioner,  work full time - 30 hours a week over 4 days for a Not for Profit and take home a little over the $750 a week being handed out to others - yes I know some get less.  I can see why they dont want to look for work - well that could change when Sco Mo drops the rates - so go job seeking!!


Why do you want more from the Government? You have a pension AND a job! It seems your situation hasn't changed.




Scott Morrison has warned Australians that coronavirus restrictions will likely stay in place into next year.

New South Wales and Victoria had agreed to largely reopen their economies, including borders, by late July.

But the killer second wave that has gripped Victoria put a pin in those plans, and subsequently led to Queensland also closing its borders indefinitely.

The prime minister said his government would tackle reopening borders 'one step at a time'.

'If circumstances change and certainly if they chance in the way we hoped they would, well, I would welcome it by Christmas, if it were possible,' he said.

Scott Morrison wearing a suit and tie: Scott Morrison said it's 'unlikely' Australia will be able to 'move back to a restriction-free society'

Scott Morrison wearing a suit and tie: Scott Morrison said it's 'unlikely' Australia will be able to 'move back to a restriction-free society'© Provided by Daily Mail Scott Morrison said it's 'unlikely' Australia will be able to 'move back to a restriction-free society'a group of people standing around a table: The prime minister said his government would tackle reopening borders 'one step at a time'© Provided by Daily Mail The prime minister said his government would tackle reopening borders 'one step at a time'

'But I think it's unlikely that we were able to move back to a restriction-free society. But I doubt that is going to happen. I doubt the medical position will enable that.' 

Mr Morrison's dire outlook comes as the Northern Territory announced beefed up border restrictions to lockout travellers from coronavirus hotspots. 

Chief Minister Michael Gunner says the ban on Victoria and Greater Sydney could be in place until the end of 2021.

'We will have hard border controls in place for at least the next 18 months,' he told the ABC on Tuesday

Mr Gunner said extra police and health officials are being recruited to help monitor arrivals into the NT.

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan also announced WA's borders could remain shut until mid-next year. 

Mr Morrison on Monday launched a savage attack on 'amoral and hideous' suggestions elderly Australians should be sacrificed to save the economy.

He expressed his disgust at suggestions older people should have been 'offered up' to the virus in order to reduce restrictions.

'That is just a hideous thought,' he told reporters in Canberra.

'An absolutely amoral, hideous thought. One I have had no countenance with from the very first time it was suggested.'

Victoria recorded 331 new cases and 19 more deaths on Tuesday.

NSW recorded 22 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday - four are in hotel quarantine, another two are from Victoria and eight are from the Tangara School for Girls cluster in Cherrybrook.  





Morrison doesn't look a well man.

No Celia he is overweight and much older looking than his wife.

Why is he saying he doubts Australia will "unlikely" go back to a restriction free society? Is this forever? Is he kidding us? Are we really going to go down the road of a fully facist country?