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How China is tracking and rating its citizens

China has been testing a new 'social credit rating' for over five years and the system is expected to be rolled out nationwide by 2020. 

Essentially, the social credit rating allows the Government to create a blacklist of people who engage in 'bad behaviour' and are punished to the point where they cannot travel on fast speed trains, book planes and have even had their passport rights removed.

Those who display good behaviour, are rewarded with ease of access to home loans, access to higher paying jobs and other beneficals such as no longer requiring deposits for renting a car or booking a hotel room.

George Orwell would be proud. What are your thoughts on what China are doing to try and create a better country? 


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Paedophiles the world over use the dark net to circulate images of babies and little children being sexually abused using encryption software to maintain anonymity. The dark net is a hidden part of the Internet which can only be accessed by special software.  We now have the opportunity to stop these creeps in their tracks, yet some people whinge and whine about privacy.  Pathetic.

toot it would be great to be able to stop these creeps --these are unbelievable low life and do not deserve to live IMO

I have heard though that many people also use encrypted sites for banking etc -- 

 A friend of mine said he had more freedom in Poland before the wall came down then what he has here

what did the rotten scoundrels do tohim here, Tell us.

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