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How keen are you to get a COVID-19 vaccine into you?

Well, it seems any potential COVID-19 vaccine will be treated with scepticism – at least for a while – if this WebMD reader poll is anything to go by.

The survey revealed that fewer than half of people plan to get a coronavirus vaccine in the first year it’s available, and fewer than a third say they’ll get it in the first 90 days.

Just over 40 per cent said would get a vaccine, while 28 per cent said they did not and another 30 per cent were unsure. Only 26 per cent said they would get the vaccine in the first 90 days, and 42 per cent said they would within the first 12 months.

“This serves as a wake-up call,” said WebMD chief medical officer John Whyte, MD.

“If immunization rates are low, then we’re not going to achieve the level of herd immunity needed to protect us from this virus.”

Public health officials say a 70 per cent level of herd immunity would be required for the pandemic to end.

“How are we going to reopen if people aren’t getting the vaccine? We need a ‘Plan B,’” said Dr Whyte.

Researchers around the world are working on more than 165 vaccines. The race to develop and test an effective vaccine, have people  questioning any possible vaccines safety and efficacy.

Of the 1000 WebMD readers polled, 78 per cent cited concerns about side-effects and another 15% weren’t convinced it would be effective.

Would you take a vaccine in the first year it was released? Are you concerned about the safety of rushing a potential vaccine into production?


 This morning on SBS Aljazeera news ...

Russia will start rolling out Covid 19 Vaccine in October

Doctors and Health care workers will receive the vaccine first.

Victorian aged care residents could be included in the next stage of testing for a potential COVID-19 vaccine that has shown positive results during phase one human trials in Adelaide.

The vaccine candidate, COVAX-19, was developed by Adelaide-based company Vaxine, which has laboratories at Flinders University.

Volunteers between the ages of 18 and 65 in Adelaide have been injected with two doses of either COVAX-19 or a placebo in the phase one trial.

One of the volunteers for the phase one Adelaide trial was SA Best MP Frank Pangallo.

"I feel great — I had my second dose of the vaccine today and no side-effects for me," Mr Pangallo said on Friday.

"I'm really buoyed by the positive results."

Lead researcher Professor Nikolai Petrovsky said the vaccine candidate had been shown to be safe and to induce antibodies that attack the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

"We've had no major side-effects in any of the subjects," said Professor Petrovsky.

He said the vaccine had also shown positive results in trials on animals in the United States in protecting them from COVID-19 infection.

"That makes us more confident that this is actually going to work and that we might have a successful vaccine on our hands," he said.

A syringe in front of a box of a trial coronavirus vaccine.


If the vaccine candidate passes subsequent trials, it could be ready by year's end, he said.

Wonder how long the antibodies last ?

Antibodies start developing within 1 to 3 weeks after far as I understand, no one knows how long they last.

Virologists currently don’t have enough information yet to say whether someone will definitely be immune and protected from reinfection if they have antibodies to the coronavirus virus.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is new, and what they know about it changes rapidly.

Great - they should start trials with all the anti-vaxxers and anti maskers. 

Be careful Lucca and Celia.  Once government has forced medical procedures on one set of people they'll start on another.  For example: How would you like to be forced to have a chip in your body so you can be tracked...purely for your safety of course.  PMs and Premiers have put people in lockdown, stopped them travelling, forbidden them to visit elderly relatives, all that power is heady stuff. 

Perhaps they should start with the criminals in jail!

better to start with the people at risk ... pensioners.

I would be quite happy to have one of the injections made here but not so sure about the one made in Russia.

That's probably what the government think, Farside.  Stick a needle into all pensioners and that's their job done.  Forget that pensioners in some care homes have been neglected to the point of death, subjected to violence, starvation, lack of qualified care...the list goes on. 

Yes Celia and mainly the pedophile priests -- (or are they all running free now)

Triss, it makes little sense to start vaccinating those with least risk of an adverse covid experience while leaving the most vulnerable exposed to die of covid or other causes (yep, coz old people in 80s and 90s die). Unless the vulnerable are mixing with the vaccinated it will be slow to have an impact on their risks.

The treatment pensioners received in aged care homes is irrelevant to the question of vaccines and is subject of a royal commission. I commented on another post that I did not understand how people would put their loved ones into dodgy facilities in full knowledge of how they operate.

Please, please, get this vaccine going to at least have some hope of getting COVID-19 under control.  Mortified to see and hear people refusing to isolate when necessary, social distance and wear masks.  Surely first of all, who wants to get ill and secondly, who wants to be responsible for making somebody else's passing or falling seriously ill?


Isn't the Victorian situation enough to send off the warning alarms? Cannot for the love of me understand some human beings' thinking???



Is it a vaccine for life or 12 months?

If it is so wonderful then all MPs and their kids trial it first.

I'm not an anti vaxxer, I've been vaccinated for everything, but my trust in governments is not high.

Nor is mine

if the vaccine is effective, and no previous coronavirus vaccine has been effective, do you think it likely it will provide lifelong protection against a constantly mutating virus e.g. flu. And even if does provide some short term protection, what is the likelihood the majority of young healthy people will vaccinate while the path to market has been rushed compared to other vaccines?

I agree about politicians. After all the prime minister's response to this debacle has been we have to live with Ovid 19. We all know how bad the aged care system is and how it favours money for the administration and owners rather than clients and workers. The rate of administration on home care packages could supply a package for many on the wait list.


I would certainly have the vaccine when one becomes available. The question of anti-bodies has been muddied somewhat as it is really wether our immune system will respond if ever called on to repel a return of the virus. It is not a question of having anti-bodies permanently there.


I would be quite happy to have an Australian made vaccine. I am prepared to wait because I know, unlike Russia, Australia will not be "cutting corners" and putting its citizens in danger.

One can have reactions from any vaccine..even the flu vaccine. However, as far as I know these reactions will not endanger lives.

In the meantine, the best protection we have is hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing of masks.


I have been vaccinated with everything possible, and get the flu shot every year, so I'll get this virus vaccination when it becomes available. Anything, just to stay out of aged nursing homes.

Can't wait.  The instant a vaccine is available in Australia I will line up to have the jab.  After all, if a vaccine is approved for  use in Australia, it will meet our stringent standards no matter who makes it.  As an example, my blood pressure tablets are made overseas  and approved for sale here - why would I stop taking this medicine when it is so effective?  As far as anti vaxxers go, well there is and always has been a percentage of ill informed ratbags in the world and that proportion seems to be increasing as the addiction to social media grows.

I would be happy to have a vaccine rolled out from any country that follows the same strict standard as Australia. I would be very wary of other countries that don't have high standards after all we have all seen the movies...I wouldn't make a very good zombie!! Stay healthy and take care.

No way am I going to ever get a flu vaccine.  From my own research I am better of looking after my immune system myself and stay away from drugs and vaccines.  

Question is Franky, where and how did you conduct, and then validate, your research, I trust it was not Dr Google. I have no issue with you declining to accept drugs or vaccines of unknown efficacy, you  are responsible for what you put into your body. For myself I would prefer to wait a while until I can be assured there are no potential long term effects. It usually takes several years to develop a vaccine for safety, efficacy and long term effects, the rush to develop Covid-19 vaccine in a matter of months makes me uneasy.

what Eddy said, +1

Bring on a vaccine!