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How libraries are keeping seniors safe

Libraries around the country are taking part in this year’s National eSmart Week to showcase their commitment to building a cyber safe community.

Held from 1-7 September National eSmart Week aims to create awareness, solutions and ideas to keep our communities safe online.

Now in its fifth year, National eSmart Week celebrates online safety through its eSmart Libraries, which is currently in more than 80 per cent of public libraries across the country.

The eSmart programs use a cultural change approach to improve cyber safety, increase digital literacy and reduce cyber bullying.

Alannah & Madeline CEO Lesley Podesta said that public libraries are reaching some of the most vulnerable members of our community and eSmart Libraries ensures their online experience is a positive one.

“For many people, the library is the only place they can go to learn about online safety,” Ms Podesta said.

National eSmart Week gives Bayside Libraries an opportunity to “really focus our message to the community around cyber safety,” said Hampton & Sandringham Branch Librarian, Trevor Mackay.

“While we include eSmart in our publicity and programming throughout the year, the week gives us the chance to really get people’s attention through initiatives such as providing free access to the Digital Licence and highlighting the ongoing importance of being safe online.”

Will you attend your library for a lesson in eSafety?

For more information or to register for National eSmart Week, visit

Will you attend your library for a lesson in eSafety?


anything which improves pensioner safety from those that would rob them of their hard earned has great merit. Pity the biggest offenders are those based in Canberra.