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How much money could you make from old coins?

An authentic 1930 penny – one of Australia’s rarest coins has been put up for auction completely unreserved with the bidding starting at just $1.

The extremely rare and authenticated penny was discovered by a metal detector in a small abandoned ex-mining town quite a few years ago.

“This is someone’s chance to own one of the rarest and most authentic coins in Australia,” said Lee Hames of Lloyds Auctions.

“It is very rare to see such an authentic Australian penny go to auction completely unreserved on the Australian market,” said Mr Hames

The penny has been independently authenticated and graded by the prestigious and internationally recognised Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG).

“The most important thing about this coin is it has been PNG graded and authenticated – so its authenticity and grade is internationally regarded and undisputable,” said Mr Hames.

There was approximately 1500 produced in 1930 due to the depression. Many of these coins have been damaged and discarded over the years and it is unknown exactly how many are in collectors’ hands today.

Normally millions of pennies were minted each year however in 1930 there was only 1500 minted because of the depression.

The grade of this penny is gF (Good Fine) and there are only three known gem examples of this date penny, two in Australia and one in England and six known proof examples.

The 1930 Australian Penny auction ends this Sunday at 7pm, for more information or to bid online then jump onto

Do you have any old coins sitting around your house? Have you checked to see if you might have some coins that are worth something?