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How much red meat should you eat each day?

Scientists have released what they say is the ideal diet for your health and the health of the planet.

The new Planetary Health diet involves doubling the consumption of nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes, and halving meat and sugar intake.

Researchers believe that if everyone followed the diet, more than 11 million premature deaths could be prevented each year, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced, more land, water and biodiversity would be preserved and food waste would be minimised.

“The food we eat and how we produce it determines the health of people and the planet, and we are currently getting this seriously wrong,” said Tim Lang, a professor at Britain’s University of London who co-led the research.

He added that feeding a population estimated to be 10 billion people by 2050 with a healthy, sustainable diet will be impossible without transforming eating habits.

“We need a significant overhaul, changing the global food system on a scale not seen before,” he said.

Many life-threatening chronic diseases are linked to poor diets, including obesity, diabetes, malnutrition and several types of cancer, with unhealthy diets causing more death and disease worldwide than unsafe sex, alcohol, drug and tobacco use combined.

The Planetary Health diet suggests that consumption of foods such as red meat and sugar should be cut by 50 per cent, while consumption of nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes should double. Suggested meat consumption would be restricted to 14g a day.

Picture: Justin Lloyd. Source:News Corp Australia

“More than 800 million people have insufficient food, while many more consume an unhealthy diet that contributes to premature death and disease,” said Walter Willett of Harvard University.


Would you adopt this diet for your health and that of the planet? 

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8 hrs ago

Einstein wrote in a letter to Max Kariel:

"I have always eaten animal flesh with a somewhat guilty conscience." 

He became a vegetarian soon after, and not because of "digestive problems"!!


Yes, Einstein did stop eating meat because of “digestive problems”. You lied for whatever reason known only to yourself.

Einstein had bad teeth and found it difficult to chew meat. Towards the end of his life it caused him so many stomach problems, he followed the advice from his doctor ( Dr Janos Plesch) to give up eating meat. He did so grudgingly since one of his favourite meals was calf’s liver.

On April 17, 1955 Albert Einstein died - his abdominal aortic aneurysm burst, creating internal bleeding and severe pain. He went to Princeton Hospital but refused further medical attention.

Dr Janos Plesch, his physician and long-time close friend thought that syphilis caused Einstein’s deadly abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). He said that Einstein was “a strongly sexual person” who enjoyed the company of numerous women even while married. Dr. Plesch conjectured that AAAs usually have a syphilitic origin. The jury is still out on that one.


Taken from Einstein’s biography.

Yup Banjo,

She concealed the truth, in other words, she lied.

In every credible article on Einstein, his “digestive problems” were mentioned. She couldn’t possibly have failed to see that when she posted.

To be ignored.

avatarTwila9 hrs ago


musicveg :-) :-)

I think you would enjoy my above post re Einstein.


Your lying post you mean. Typical fake news. Someone writes a lie and another runs with it because they want to believe the lie.





Banjo - wtf is wrong with you?  Always calling people "liars" always on  the "verbal attack/abuse" towards people?

People who post on this site generally

(a) have an opinion (whether others like it or not...)

(b) Are knowledgeable and speak from what they have learnt ....    or

(c) Get info. from "Google" put there by others that may not often be correct!

Your constant outrageous calling of people "liars and  ongoing "dummy spits"  - are  -  for a (supposed "man"??) ...   simply bizarre!!!

....... back to ya' Banjo strummin' - get some of that built up tension outta' ya system!! haha

Obviously there is no man in your life. Judging from your behaviour he must have left many years ago and who can blame him??

I think she should become vegan, Banjo. All that meat is sending her further and further round the twist!

Onya Foxy :).

Typical of Banjo to come back with a comment reeking of sexism. 


Says the omnivore : “Your constant outrageous calling of people "liars and ongoing "dummy spits"  - are  -  for a (supposed "man"??) ...”


AHHH, now here we have a double standard, sexism at its best. How should a man act foxy ? Like a big hairy gorilla beating his chest, is that what you and your mates are used to?

Image result for hairy gorilla beating his chest animated gif


ROFLMAO, good one Reagan!

Yep methinks these two must be used to hairy, unkempt, beer swilling , arm wrestling bogans, so they have no idea what a decent man is.




... MICHA -   (another name change? ) ......bizarre ....entertaining however ....

... if your nasty abusive "posts/comments" on this site are anything to go by - I would hardly refer to you as a "decent man"?  You are an abusive sexist ugly mouthed bully who takes great delight in attacking and name calling decent people!

Strange that a "man" would change his online name so many times in the past couple of weeks ??  

May I suggest "Bully" for your next one?

BANJO - you have NO IDEA whatsoever whom I have in my life - so stop assuming ...... as to "assume is to be an ass" ......and a bigger ass than you online I have yet to come across!


Is this your love interest?

HAHAHAHAHA wiping the tears

Image result for a laughing animated gif

well well,   the trolls are at it again,    'whats new;     thought it was to good to last,    can ANYONE have there say on here,   without this mob having to butt in,?     gets very tedious,   not to mention rude,  



Tisany2019  ..... thanks  - exactly .........................

The weird reason Albert Einstein was a vegetarian.

This above article is based on Phillipp Frank's biography of Einstein, "Einstein: His Life and Times."

This will clarify the matter of Einstein's purported vegetarianisn.


Men, decent men, don't cyber-bully women to whom they refer as "crones/hags/haggis.

Particularly en masse do so.

This group have been cyber-bullying since they arrived.  They occasionally pick on a man, which is bad enough, but generally women.  

  Those who have witnessed this ongoing practice (compulsive in nature) draw their own conclusions as to whether these are men, decent men.  This group speak for themselves.

These group do seem to get very hysterical don't they?

What causes it I wonder?


Mishenka's video of the gorilla is appalling.  How can it ever be justified to imprison animals like that?

A magnificent creature imprisoned by far lesser creatures.


I had to search for it here is the correct link:

This is a bit of it:

Upon discovery of more serious ailments, he was advised by his doctor to cut meat from his diet. At this point, Einstein was in his seventies.

One year before his death, he wrote, "I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way." He also abstained from alcohol.

If only he had done the vego diet earlier.


You missed the most important bit in the article!!!!

Shortly after, in April of 1955, Einstein died from an abdominal aortic aneurysm. His vegetarian diet could not cure him - though it might have helped him live longer in that final year. To this day it's unknown whether meatless meals really are better for your health. Even Einstein couldn't figure that out!


Thank you musicveg.

I should have used my computer, instead of relying on my mobile for the full link.

You are very kind.

An interesting read.

No watch the hysterical reaction!!! Talk about over-react.



No I read that, and it does say it may have helped him live longer, but yes his meatless diet can't be proved as being healthier because he was already very sick.

Musicveg, if you are bullied by the trolls (troll? with many names?) on here, know that many of us stand with you. We care about what you have to say, whether we agree or not, and hate the attacks, especially on new people (not that you are new but some people are).You don’t ever have to justify your beliefs to them, they will attack you no matter what you say once they have decided you are one of their targeted people. 

Thanks for your support Tisany, I am learning that they like to poke and have a go, and I will keep voicing my opinions just like they do. I do try to keep to the subject too, but we all seem to go off track.

yes Twila, even tough the recommendations on this article say we need to curb the meat eating, everyone is defending it like they have to stop eating meat, they are missing the real problem, sustainability. Lets get back on track with this conversation.

I am not a vegetarian (although I was once) but I eat very little red meat...perhaps once every 6 months if that. Basically, I don’t like red meat and neither does my hubby. I also feel guilty when I eat any sort of meat but obviously, not guilty enough to stop. I have thought about becoming a vegetarian again but not there yet. 

Wholefood plant based diet actually allows for the occasionaly meat, so maybe just go veg at home. have good articles and many recipes. When my mother grew up in Europe they had meat as a flavour not as the main thing on the plate.

Just going veg at home sounds like a good start. I love chicken meat so that is the hard one to give up, but we only eat it once a week if that. My hubby was born in Europe too and meat was used sparingly as a flavouring. I grew up with the Anglo Saxon ozzie  meat and 3 veg but I never liked meat much and often left it on my plate. Have never understood how people can love a juicy steak! ...or chops...or sausages. Offal is totally beyond me...yuk, chuck!


I understand completely.

When I am invited out to dine, I never say anything about being a vegetarian.  The last thing I would want to do would be to embarrass my hosts.

I eat, appreciatively, whatever is served.

So you still eat the dish if it has meat? I don't think it is embarrassment if you let them know ahead of time, that is what people do if they have allergies to certain foods.


Nope, no embarrassment, she's a hypocrite! 

We always ask our guests to let us know what they can or can't eat.

We also let them know in advance if they are new friends that we are Jewish and do not eat pork and offer to bring something.

At least you are true to your beliefs musicveg, even though I don't subscribe to it.

Hey Raymondo,

Nope, no one missed anything in that article. It was deliberately left out, LOL.

Twila, I think you are being really considerate but you are putting their feelings before your own wants. I think if someone was coming to dinner I would want to know if they are vegetarian rather than find out later and feel bad obout feeding them meat. Of course if they don’t find out, no problem for them but it must be hard for you to eat meat when you don’t really enjoy it and feel you are going against your values?



“Values? What values?,” she asks,  while stuffing her face with verscht.  hahahaha

Image result for verscht salami

Tisany and musicveg,

Thank you for your cool logic and thoughtful words. You have convinced me. :-)

  Everybody knows that I am Jewish, so pork has never been an issue when dining with friends.  Some do not eat pork either.

I prefer this Mishenka.....


Good on you musicveg. You are not a hypocrite. You stick to your values and I respect that. Have no time for frauds.

While I’ve got you on the buzzer, tell me, how long can you keep linseeds in or out of the fridge without it spoiling. I could check on the net, but I prefer first hand information.

Never seen this before. Why is your pic being obscured when I hit the reply button? hmmm

I have no idea to both questions. First one about linseeds, I do know that ground linseed should not be kept long at all maybe ground it up each day you want to use it, whole seeds are best kept in the fridge or freezer for longer storage, but I try not to buy too much at once. Buy Australian and they will be fresher than imported.

As for my lovely picture I copied and pasted not sure why it did not go on properly, better luck next time.

I've re copied your picture. It's a nice one.

Thank you for your advice about the linseeds. We've started putting them in our green drinks.


Wow that looks better, thanks,I am usually okay with copy and pasting pictures but this site is a bit tricky. Just keep in mind too many seeds can be fattening, but it keeps you regular, lots of Omega 3. 

Thanks :)



..... nice to know exactly what Omega 3 does musicveg ........however our resident "Troll" Micha/Mishenka etc. etc.  keeps the majority of us more than "regular" without taking Omega 3!  

Pop in here on a daily basis and ya'll never need it!  :)

10.30 pm in Melbourne and the cane toads are out for their nocturnal jaunt. Caught any little mice yet Bazza? LOL

Foxy I should have rephrased that, it is the linseed that keeps you regular, the omega 3 is what is supposed to be good for brains, why they tell you to eat fish, but fish have too many chemicals in them from a polluted ocean. And nearly all rivers have pesticides in them too.

Hear that dunderhead?  Omega 3 is good for brains. Linseed for the bowels. You need both .Here’s your chance. Go fishing Fixy and with a bit of luck you won’t need the linseeds, hahahaha

Image result for shark eating a fox animal


The heart-shape is misleading with the amount of fruit it contains.   

The recommended diet has lots of vegetables (and some meats, largely white).  Sugar is sugar and fruit has lots of empty calories. So have some vegetables.  I like fruit and that can be a problem.

However, excluding the adoption of American takeaways (and on the go to make matters worse) the biggest problem of all is the serving size that has grown significantly over the years.

We need to buy smaller diameter plates and that will help.  How to source smaller plates and crockery sets, when dinner plates (now mugs!) are uniformly large sized. 

If government walked the health rhetoric it talks, it would discourage confectionary and sweet drink dispensers in public places such as in railway stations and on railway platforms.  

Fruit sugar is absorbed by the body and will not effect diabetes or weight, it is not empty calories it is full of nutrients that your body needs, and is especially good for healing, my 83 year old mum eats it all day long and all your tests are perfect. And also our body needs lots of wholefood carbs too, not that white stuff but good wholefoods and carbs from potato and other vegies. I agree the sweet drinks have to go, they are literally poison for the body and many processed food is too.

If anyone eats fruit all day his/her diet is unbalanced.  Consider more vegetables and other foods.

It is wrong to give the impression that people can eat an unlimited amount of fruit. Two servings a day would be adequate for most.  A serving being a cup.

Fruit contains fibre and nutrients as well as carbohydrates which make fruit better than soft drinks and fruit juices.   However, surplus carbohydrates from any source WILL put on weight where the total carbohydrate from all sources exceeds the burn of energy.

Use this to help your mum towards a healthier lifestyle,  Are you eating for a healthy heart?

I should clarify my mum eats a lot of fruit throughout the day along with other wholefoods, no meat or dairy, and is healthier than all her peers, she recently spent a couple of days in hospital for an infection in her leg (from a cut) and doctors were amazed they could not find anything else wrong with her, so she is doing fine thanks. Carbs do not put on weight as long as it is carbs from veg like potatoes, only white processed carbs will increase weight. Many people do live off mainly fruit quite successfully, they just eat a lot of it, it is a matter of getting enough calories. And no I don't believe in an all fruit diet myself and would not suggest that at all.


If anyone wants to know more about Einstein and his eating not to rely on Google but read his biography written in German.

From what I’ve read.. Einstein was not the greatest of gourmands. However he enjoyed meat but it did not have to be expensive cuts. He liked liver and schnitzel. Although he was a little guilty about killing animals for consumption..he still enjoyed well done steaks.

He ate the same breakfast nearly every day consisting of fried eggs with mushrooms. I don’t know if this is the absolute truth but he was caught snacking on a grasshopper! He liked herring fillets and macaroni cheese.

No he was certainly not a vegetarian..however in the last year of his life he was advised to refrain from eating meat. He did applaud a vegetarian diet during his earlier years but made no effort to abstain from meat products.


Who needs socks? They're generally relatively unnecessary (Credit: Getty Images)

That sounds very interesting Sophie.

Could you kindly provide title and author.

This woman is a vegetarian but she loves buffalo wings, hahaha

Image result for woman eating chicken  animated gif

I was about to post what I know about Albert Einstein's eating and sexual routine but changed my mind because the family is posting crap again and insulting women.


Please enlighten us with the truth regarding Einstein's eating routine. I know that whatever you state will be accurate.

I did ask Sophie very nicely for the title and author of Einstein's biography, but she has not responded. Strange.

Perhaps not mention his sexual habits as that undoubtedly will result in plethora of unpleasant comments from the cyber-bullies.


"Perhaps not mention his sexual habits as that undoubtedly will result in plethora of unpleasant comments from the cyber-bullies."

YEP, I agree, the cyber bullies, TWILLA, ROBI, FOXY AND LOTHARIO will have a field day.


It comes down to budget. How many old folks can enjoy to eat real meat.. steaks ets? It seems most oldies are sausages, savs and mince eaters. I spend time looking at delicious looking steaks and roasts, eat with my eyes then buy some ugly looking sausages of unknown origin.

bj, get yourself a leg of lamb. Slow roast it in the oven with your favourite marinade recipe. Lamb is cheaper than sausages and much healthier.  Take no notice of the vegans, they can live their own life. I say, eat red meat and be happy.



Amazing about your mother.  A wonderful example/proof of the "diet" she has chosen.  Does your mother always eat her calorific needs?  Intermittent fasting has also shown to be beneficial.  Much has been written on it.

I thought you might find that interesting as I think that this is the crux of your argument.  Doctors and environmentalists are looking at the impact on diet on health and on the environment.

Acting in the Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission                                                    



Thanks Twila, yes she gets plenty of calories and is still trying to lose weight from past habits, but lack of exercise holds her back. Never too late to improve yourself and I believe my mums changes has given her many extra years. 

I have been keeping up with the news on health and the environment. My main argument is people can choose to be healthier or they can choose to suffer much more debilitating diseases. If they have disease they can minimize extra suffering or even reverse some of it too. I love the inspirational stories on from many people who have reversed disease, got of meds and become healthy and fit. 

Thanks for the links.


Thank you for the link. :-)

I'm vegetarian, but how I love my bacon LOLOLOL

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