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How to be a happy introvert

If you are an introvert, force yourself to be an extravert. You'll be happier.

That's the suggestion of the first-ever study asking people to act like extraverts for a prolonged period. For one week, the 123 participants were asked to push the boundaries of their willingness to engage, by acting as extraverts. For another week, the same group was asked to act like introverts.

The benefits of extraversion have been reported before, including those of "forced extraversion," but usually only for brief intervals. In one study, train-riders were asked to talk to strangers; a control group was directed to remain silent. The talkers reported a more positive experience.

University of California researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky wanted to extend the faux extraversion to see if it would result in better well-being.

"The findings suggest that changing one's social behaviour is a realisable goal for many people, and that behaving in an extraverted way improves well-being," said Ms Lyubomirsky.

Do you think extraverts have more fun than introverts? Are you an extravert or an introvert?



Have heard that extroverts are energised by being with others....Whilst introverts are energised by spending time alone...

Have met extroverts  who simply never shut up and not convinced they are good for anyone’s well-being within earshot of them!!!..

Also not convinced extroverts are having more fun, but sometimes get the impression they just like to dominate a conversation, hear the sound of their own voices, or are even uncomfortable with silence....

And  sometimes - just like introverts and everyone in between - extroverts can come across as pretty boring - depending of course on what they’re yammering on about...

Good listening is as valuable as good verbal communication...

Not convinced having an innate  naturally introverted or naturally extroverted personality has much to do with wellbeing to be honest...Think it’s more to do with being comfortable and confident in your own skin no matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Assumptions in your thread title ‘How to be a happy intovert’ that I find slightly misleading.


I agree, sometimes we can be introvert and sometimes extrovert.  A balance between the two is the key to a happy life.  The people who are extroverts, always "out there" are often hiding from their own insecurities which arise when they are alone.  Similarly and introvert is often too shy to mingle and stays in the 'comfort zone'.  

I agree, sometimes we can be introvert and sometimes extrovert.  A balance between the two is the key to a happy life.  The people who are extroverts, always "out there" are often hiding from their own insecurities which arise when they are alone.  Similarly and introvert is often too shy to mingle and stays in the 'comfort zone'.  

I agree with Shetso1 and Franky's posts. Some people that are extrovert are total bores and never take the time to listen to other, quieter people. 

Agree Shetso. The assumption that extroverts are happier people is questionable.


Test: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

An intersting link above that determines whether you are an introvert or an extrovert

My result was

You are more of a public extravort and private introvert

I did that test while waiting for my coffee order and got the same result. Wanna bet they give the same ans to everyone??

Introverts are too boring, so are completely extroverts, be like me bang on in the middle - an ambivert.

Image result for continuum sign of introvert/ambivert/extrovert

introvert                       extrovert

Hey Reagan

Took your bet on

.... did the test and marked answers at random without reading the question

Result was that 

You are more of an extrovert

Hence different results do occur ... it is a Psychology website.

So seeing we got the same result 

is that good or bad ??

Does that make us buddies ?

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my new BFF !!!!!!!


See this little fella? He's an introvert, says hello, nobody answers. They know, he's boring.

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mind you always good to have a few introverts at your party, more food for all the extroverts, because the introverts stand in the corner. hogging the A/C and are too scared to help themselves at the buffet table, hahhaha

LOL, what did facebook nab this time?

I am a private introvert who loves peace, quiet, and my own company a lot of the time.  However, I have learnt to be a public extrovert to be able to function well in my professional roles.  Joining Toastmasters was the best thing I ever did.  It has taught me to communicate with people from all walks of life, to present well-thought out speeches, and to be a leader.

We all are who we are and there is value in “difference”. I suspect that if we were all pure extroverts or pure introverts we would drive each other crazy. I’m a bit of a mix, liking both solitude and social interaction and probably most people move between the two states with ease. If I had to spend time with someone who was extremely introverted or extremely extroverted though I would choose the introvert. I like people who listen well, share an inner life and are sensitive more than people who are ego driven to suck the space and demand the attention be focused on them. I haven’t met many who are the extreme though. I do remember once at a party two extreme extroverts competed with each other for everyone else’s attention and became quite hostile with each other because they were each getting in the other ones way to be “the life of the party”. That was quite funny to witness. 

I think most people would fall somewhere in the middle.  The extremes are noticeable but probably rarer, and yeah I've known a few extroverts.  I've also known a few people I would consider extroverts who consider themselves introverts, so I guess it's all in the perception.

For myself, I am happy in my own company. Raised as an only child, among too many hovering adults, alone time is a comfortable fit for me. But having said that, I worked in the sales area for over 20 years so obviously can be 'social' when necessary, so I would probably also fall somewhere in the middle.



Interesting topic.... Carl Jung (Psychologist) famously said “There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.”

I agree with him because I believe there is a little introvert in all of us as well as a little extrovert. Speaking for myself, I feel very comfortable in almost any social setting, but I also value time alone. Love the city, but also love the country..really at my happiest when I immerse myself in nature with only my sketch pad for company.

Must admit I feel comfortable taking center stage if needed, but also like to step back and listen to what others have to say, providing of course, there’s some value in it..must confess, I don’t suffer fools gladly.

Anyway, no matter what your personality type is, flexibility is really the key and the ability to move along the Personality Continuum Scale with ease is a super advantage in life.


                    Image result for personality continuum scale