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How to grow an avocado from a seed

I love avocados but let's face it, they're very expensive. I've always wanted to grow an avocado tree and have often thrown out my avocado seeds with regret. This morning I found this great video that shows you how to get one going from the seed. I'll try to find more about transplanting them too, unless any of you lovely people knows how to do it?


Yes, starting it off exactly like that. When it was big enough planted it in the garden. That was in a rental house we were living in in Ringwood Victoria. Took well and was doing fine but we moved out 3 months after planting. Could well be a massive tree by now :)

yu probly well gone b4 seed avo fruits - gota graft ém.

M'Lud could you grow one from seed then graft to a root-stock? What rootstock is normally used for Avocados?

To have success you must buy a plant grafted for your area.

The seed will make a nice plant but you will not get fruit from EG A Queenland seed in Victoria.

You could go to a local farmers market and get locally grown fruit and try those seeds.

Mine started growing in my compost bin from a pit I threw away :)

I cut the stem in half and when the leaves started growing again, I transplanted it into a large pot and over the couple of cold  the winter months I grew it inside as as a house plant in front of a sunny window ....with the rest of the time growing outdoors.

After a couple years of this regime when the roots started showing out of the bottom of the pot I planted the tree out. Another 6 years passed and I got my first fruit :)

My biggest problem was when to pick ? How do you know when they are ripe ?

Quite easy the experts say ... you pick a fruit and if it ripens within a fornight it is time to pick your harvest .... grim if you only have 3 fruits ... you definitely write the date in your diary for the following year.


Seems like a lot of mucking around and hard work but it is fun.

The last time I was in Queenland I bought a 10 kilo carton of them for $12.

The skin darkens as they ripen.

Sure sounds like a good buy :)

The Hass avocado variety has a fairly unique feature of changing colour.

You will not get a fruiting tree from a seed, only a plant. Look for nurseries onlind where you can buy fruit trees. There are many dwarf varieties nowadays suitable for containers and small gardens.

I have a mulberry little tree that gives me a nice little crop in spring, only sapling size but great fruit. I recommend a dwarf mulberry for mulberry pies every spring.

Here in Newcastle mangoes, bananas, avocadoes, citrus, berries etc grow well. 

But not from seed usually. Got to get the tree from specialist nursery. e.g. Daley‘s Fruit online.

Howevever, my wee mulberry tree is growing out of a crack in the cement in the backyard! Obviously a random seed blown by the wind or deposited by a bird. 



Mate,we've grown avocado from seed. Took five years

to fruit and nice fruit it was too.

I stand corrected Banjo. But I still think it might be pot luck. For example, a dwarf mulberry from Daley‘s Fruit Trees nursery fruits in the first year with two crops.

Even a commercial grafted variety will not fruit before at least 4 to 5 years.

Could be just a fluke bookwyrm.But I figure if success can be had

with a hit or miss method,then could try the other way.

Bound to grow,now that I know I have a green thumb(smile)

Could be just a fluke bookwyrm.But I figure if success can be had

with a hit or miss method,then could try the other way.

Bound to grow,now that I know I have a green thumb(smile)

I would worry that I might have the dud avocado, lol.

Abc gardening avocado fact sheet says by choosing the right variety and planting and caring tips, the expert gets plenty of fruit after only 2 to 3 years after planting!

Mine only took 5 years to produce fruit from seed ... even if it was only 4 pieces initially.

I am very anxious to grow avocado. I have seen the video clip but once the roots start to appear when do I put it in a pot and what potting mix do I have to use. Please help. Thanks