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How to grow lots of veggies in a small garden

If you have a small space and are looking to grow lots of edible plants, then this video may help you get maximum yield from minimal space.

Do you have any tips for growing vegies in a small space? Why not share them with our members?


I can see you are not into gardening leon.  A pity.

A small space means that you have to have highly productive soil.  That way you can grow heaps of veges without the fear of too much competition...other than light.  It is also possible to use trellises and go up:  beans and peas.

As we have a small block; (800 sq/mtr) space is at a premium, hence to maximise this limited resource required a little planning regards garden layout. Vege garden area is oblong with a single access track to one side down the entire length, off which small perpendicular access paths divide the 4 seperate: brick bordered, 9 sq/mtr plots. Each of these, for ease of access; can be traversed by laying across the plot top, a light sleeper(s)  thereby effectively giving 16 seperate planting areas, if so desired.

To the southern side of dwelling we've established a small orchard consisting of 11x 2.5 sq/mtr circular plots, each of which has a fruit tree. Under the trees & according to season, we grow herbs/bulk greens and/or pumpkin, occassionally a few tomato plants manage to 'volunteer' - compliments of the home made compost which, with a little encouragement we coax some lovely tasty fruit. Not at all similarly tasting to those from the 'Fresh Fooled Poeple'!

Additionally, a small 60 cm wide garden abutts the fence down the northern side boundary. As this is predominately shaded most of the year restricts what will grow successfully hence we have established asparagus plants that produce annually and these we intersperse with the likes of broad beans, tomatoes, parsley or lettuce season permitting.

We use considerable amounts of both ginger & chilli in cooking and to ensure a constant supply of both we've dedicated areas to maintain supply. As both are affected by cold & frost we ensure  stocks on hand prior to the cold by drying the chillies and keeping the (picked) ginger 'layered' under newspaper.

A variety of herbs are maintained in a small, boxed, multi sectioned planter a few steps from the back door. Our only 'pets' are the very well fed slugs & snails which, should they unwittingly present for inspection at the morning parade are despatched sans blindfold.

Gardening can (dare I suggest-should be) a holistic undertaking from which an immense satisfaction may be derived both from the required effort to produce and the subsequent production. To quote Marcus Tullius Cicero: 'If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.'

MD, Iwould say your block is huge! My whole block of land is 600 sq/mtr which leaves less than 100 sq mtrs for planting all my vegies, some fruit trees, herbs and some roses along the fence. I have never tried to grow any ginger, it seems to be too dificult. This year I'm trying to grow some garlic. I'm no self-sufficient yet but we get great pleasure on eating our vegetables. Last year our cherry tomatoes were so plentyful and we made tomato sauce for our bolognese sauce and pizza topping.

For the last 2 years my compost was sufficient to provide enough fertiliser for my plots.

I enterely agree about the Marcus Tullius Cicero. Take care.