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How to protect yourself from social app hack


Recently, 57 million Uber user accounts were hacked with information stolen by cyber crims.

While the hack occurred last year, Uber is only coming clean about it now. Uber says that the stolen data doesn't include home adresses, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or date of births.

But the breach has led many to wonder just how much their iPhone can be used as a tracking device.

Here are some tips to stop that from happening:

1. Don't log in using Facebook
Logging in with Facebook allows the social media giant to collect even more information about you. Add this to your detailed profile, products you buy or are interested in, your friends' information and interaction in other apps and you may as well be an open book.

2. Fill the gaps with random data
When it comes to filling in your age, date of birth, gender, etc, you don;t have to tell the truth. Just fill these fields in with random data instead. If it isn't necessary, don;t give away information about yourself.

3. Create a social email address
Instead of using your personal email address, create one specifically for social media and service apps, such as Uber and food delivery apps. Try or something similar. Then use this one instead of private emails.

4. Use PayPal wherever possible
PayPal limits the information you're giving to companies such as Uber, and cloaks your credit card details.

5. Check what's tracking you
Turn off location services for apps that don't require it to function. Check your apps' access privileges and block any that don't need to send infomration about you.

You can check if your information has been shared by an app or servcie you trust by visiting and typing your email address into the search field.


I have a foolproof one, do not use social media, I got on very well without for about 60 years so I can do without it for a few more.

What do you call YLC

I think he means things like Facebook. YLC is a webpage with a specific focus. I wouldn't call it "social media".

Paypal is good but it has had its day in the sunshine too.

1. Get your private data off your computer hard drive.

2. Delete all emails sent or received with identity data or passwords

3. Consider what you have stored on the cloud and determine whether it is OK for the world to know this data. (Think about genocides when you save info - like baptisms etc)

4. Limit facebook info to the trivial and remove family photos after a short period of time and make sure your facebook account is only viewable to your friends.

This list goes on and on.....

Pay with cash!

Best advice: Don't use apps! - horrible expression anyway. It's a bloody phone; use it to speak to people. (I only use programs on my computer.) Facebook has its uses, but can be problematic.

Several simple steps

1) install HTTPSEverywhere (From EFF Electronic froniters in Usa. very reliable)

2) use Privacy Badger (from the same). This tells you the trackers on a site and lets you turn them off

3) set your browser (hopefully FireFox) to clear all cookies when you log out. The lastest version also locks out a number of didgy addons incldudng Flash automatically