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How to send email to many without showing addresses

So many people are not aware of the meaning of the Cc --Carbon Copy --and the Bcc -- BLANK carbon copy ---when sending an email -- if you send an email to many in the Cc then everyone you send to will see all the other's email addresses if you use the Bcc then you can send to many and no one will see anyone else's addresses.

To allow others to see everyone's email addresses it is just allowing hackers to know and it is  like allowing strangers to know other peoples personal addresses 

Please look here -- thanks.


All my emails are sent Bcc. Big brother is always on the lookout for ways to keep track on everything one sends or does on the internet.

I was hacked some years ago when travelling in China when using a hotel's WiFi. Now I put a dummy address right at the top of all my contact lists.

This means that if anyone does get into my email addresses, they cannot access my contacts as it doesn't "flow" past the dud one. It must be the one at the top of the contact list(aaa) and have an ending that will not work - something like @pwq.zpq

Since I started doing this, I have not had any problems - and I travel widely.

Yes sandiefran one cannot be too careful thats for sure


I told a friend who was sending me emails about this --Bcc --  and the dangers of NOT doing so as they were sending me emails via Cc and I was able to see everyone's emails but once I explained it to them they took GREAT offense, even though I explained it nicely -- seems that some people do not like to be advised and cannot be told, very sad and very infantile IMO 

Think BCC might mean BLIND carbon copy 

Think BCC might mean BLIND carbon copy 

Yes, Bren, it means Blank carbon copy -- or as you said Blind carbon copy -- same thing --  but so many people know nothing about it and never use it -- and so put everyone they email to in great danger but I was quite shocked when this  "acquaintance"  got so darn nasty when I explained it to them.

Cc means that everyone listed there can see every address where the email has been sent  --- whereas with the Bcc it shows up no other email addresses at all.