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How to watch premium British TV shows

Foxtel and BBC Studios announced on Monday that they have reached an agreement on a long-term extension of their partnership securing premium British drama, entertainment, documentaries, natural history, children’s programming and news for Foxtel’s broadcast and On Demand platforms.

The deal includes the launch of a new channel, BBC Earth, which will tell the definitive stories about the world around us. This premium documentary channel will feature inspiring and passionate experts in their field, including existing landmark natural history series featuring Sir David Attenborough. This channel will replace BBC Knowledge later this year.

As part of the agreement, BBC Studios will provide thousands of additional hours of On Demand content a year, available to viewers through the New Foxtel Experience user interface.

Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany said: “This agreement provides a five-fold increase in BBC programming available on demand.”

The content agreement will see the following channels on Foxtel:

  • BBC First. The go-to channel for premium British drama including On Demand access to boxsets of the BBC’s top franchises.  BBC First on Foxtel includes Australian premiere rights to Call the MidwifeDeath in Paradise and Silent Witness, plus new dramas including World on Fire starring Helen Hunt and Stephen Poliakoff’s Summer of Rockets, starring Keeley Hawes.
  • BBC UKTV. Watched by 1.4 million Foxtel households each month, UKTV is the home of British continuing dramas including Australian premiere episodes of EastEndersCoronation Street and Emmerdale, plus chat-shows, celebrity specials, quiz and variety shows and classic British comedy.
  • BBC Earth. The new BBC channel connecting viewers with the world, through documentaries from the world’s most inspiring and passionate experts. This includes the best of Sir David Attenborough from BBC Studio’s acclaimed Natural History production unit, alongside science programming, adventure series and human stories from experts including Louis Theroux, Michael Mosley, Kate Humble and Professor Brian Cox. 
  • BBC World News. Under the agreement with BBC World News, Foxtel will continue to deliver the BBC’s impartial, in-depth analysis of international news including sport, weather, business, current affairs and documentaries.


Do you have Foxtel? What programs from the BBC do you watch regularly?


No, We don't have Foxtel. We did have but they kept changing what was available on our contract so we gave it the big "A".

"If you want these programs now it will cost you "X" Dollars more.

I watch Call the Midwife over and over but recently I can't get early series and in fact none of the CTM series right now.

I also watch Death in Paradise, Silent Witness and Doc Martin.

I do also like Australian series but not many US series as they are too full of cars flying through the air, lots of guns and explosions and people yelling at a hundred miles an hour so you can't tell half of what they are saying.

Very much like I am too. Good on you Valalan.

how does watching British tv shows for free work, when you can only watch them through Foxtel. A misleading link to this story/advert

Yes, ozirules, I wondered that as well..

Exactly, nothing is free and how much is a Foxtel subscription? Very misleading headline

Me too . 

@ Jim - too much when you realize they have ads.  

FTA was funded by ads but when split with Pay TV and with those idiotic high salaries like 2 million for Carl when he was one of the hosts on Breakfast which I dont watch anyway. 

Catch Sky headlines and even the girl on there annoys me with her diction. 

Must be getting old and crotchety. :)

I love BBC Knowledge and similar channels. Foxtel takes my tv watching over and above much of the drivel on the local Free to Air offerings. Worth every cent to me. It brings a wider view of the world in all its variety to my sitting room and expands my horizons. If I am enjoying these programs I am not spending my dollars on miscellaneous, often un-necessary items. Don’t panic, I am not a hermit. The tv goes on at 6 pm.

Pirate every thing like i do ,Its all free.when ever you want.

There are plenty of BBC series, US series and all sorts of popular films available on DVD in the library system.

No ads to interrupt the viewing either. If what you want is not available locally you can put in a request for an inter library loan.

Or, for $4.99 a month you can subscribe to Tunnel Bear and watch TV from all over the world.



If you have to subscribe to Foxtel its not free.

You Tube on our smart TV ...has heaps of BBC programs including the new and  oldies like the 2 ronnies , etc.

Never bothered with Foxtel, Stan, or any others I find You Tube and the local channels are enough for our viewing.

You Tube on our smart TV ...has heaps of BBC programs including the new and  oldies like the 2 ronnies , etc.

Never bothered with Foxtel, Stan, or any others I find You Tube and the local channels are enough for our viewing.

love the soapies,for $29 a month ,good value

I wouldn't give a cent to the vile Murdoch empire, even if they had something on I wanted to watch (and took out the endless ads).