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How YLC helped me walk pain free

We received this fantastic feedback from a member this week, and thought we would share it:

"Thank you for a great article on Peripheral Artery Disease.

I'm 76 years old and thought my legs aches were just a part of getting old. Your article prompted me to research my leg aches which have been getting worse for the last two years. I initially thought it must be caused by old age or not eating the proper foods and have tried all sorts of food variations [none worked].
Then I started a "cocoa drink" three times per day as suggested in the article.

Results after 24 hours:
- I slept eight hours for the first time in over a year [in the past I had to get up 2 - 3 times a night to release the leg tension]
- Today I'm walking around with no leg pains at all.
- First pain free day for over two years.

The Cocoa I used was purchased at the local supermarket. A Cocoa Powder - Sugar Free, used to make cakes & biscuits.

Thank You,


Cocoa is a rich source of magnesium,which a lack of, along with Borax, causes the majority of arthritic problems..

Dark chocolate also contains magnesium as it contains cocoa, the more cocoa the more magnesium, so the best is the 95% cocoa available at the supermarket, - alas my favourite, peppermint cream, is only 60%.

I could not live without my Magnesium tablets I take 3 a day for crippling cramps and they are a lot better in 30 mins

Have not tried the Cocoa

Natural sources usually the best!

Just eat dark chocolate.

Whittakers from NZ is best. After Cadburys tried to get away with using palm oil instead of cocoa butter, i no longer trust cadburys


I eat 1 square of Old Gold Cadburys dark chocolate in the morning and 1 square at night.