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Human bodies can move on their own after death

Cairns mum Alyson Wilson has discovered that bodies keep moving for up to 17 months after being pronounced dead.

Ms Wilson tracks the arm and leg movements of a ‘human donor’ in bushland at Australia’s body farm, on the outskirts of Sydney.

The body has been moving for 17 months and Alyson’s time-lapse camera has been recording all that time.

It’s believed that no-one else in the world is researching ‘post-mortem movement’ in this way.

“We think the movements relate to the process of decomposition, as the body mummifies and the ligaments dry out,” she says.

“This knowledge could be significant in unexplained death investigations.

"What we found was that the arms were significantly moving, so that arms that started off down beside the body ended up out to the side of the body," Wilson said.

What do you think? Are you concerned about a zombie apocalypse?


I want to know, "who are you going to call?" THE GHOSTBUSTERS

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Nothing new there. Hollywood has been using them for years in their movies!

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Mushroom latte? Do me a favour Reagan whenever you try out a new coffee don’t mention it. Your broccoli latte suggestion nearly made me end up in hospital.

A mushroom latte would make any body move and do a somersault after death, LOL

Bodies are bound to move after death.  Decomposition of connective tissues will loosen necks, arms and legs.  Maggots moving through and around a body will change its position.  The land/soil the body is stretched out on will shrink if dry or expand with moisture and push the body into different positions.

It is an interesting one, from a spiritual science point of view, we have 4 bodies, :  the 'I', - that differentiates us from most animals, the Astral body or emotional body about which much is written, but which animals also have, the life body, which we share with the plant kingdom, - and which when it leaves us our physical body is Dead, - normally speaking, - therefore, we are discussing, the Mineral body, the which we share with the rocks, - the mineral kingdom.

So it is the Mineral body of which we speak in this discussion, and it is well known from the witch hunts of the middle ages, and I am sure also from the funeral pyres on the Ganges, that soon after death, from fire, if you were a witch,, or suspected witch, - probably the majority, - certain ligaments, muscles, etc. may be tightened by destruction of the surrounding tissue and contract, or fail, causing some quite startlig reactions in the dead person, ie sitting up,  - presuming they were dead in that circumstance. 

It is also commonly believed that the bodies of dead people in crypts, etc.  exhibit continued hair and fingernail growth, - not that I have ever researched that area, but 17 months, for major muscle movements etc I have never heard of before as such. 

Also it it is relevant that the Christian Bible, ie the New Testament, talks of Jesus Christ as though his physical body was still present after his death although he travelled large distances and walked through walls etc, - normally impossible for a human physical body.

There is also scattered mention of the Phantom, the forces behind the Physical body, - the old Adam,  the which he came to renew as those forces were failing and human bodies failing therefrom, and an interesting divergence from the Eastern traditions which seem to indicate that the physical is not important. 

Then again we have the tradition claiming we will be raised from the dead, alive, with a physical body in heaven, although the details are very scant and somewhat contradictory.

I suspect that following up, with an open mind, the Phantom concept is more related to Alysons observation over 17 months, - at the risk of being accused of clicheing, : "there are more things under heaven and Earth, Horatio" (Willam Shakespeare, Hamlet) I suspect a world of wonder underlies these observations.

Former Prime Ministers and Deputy Prime Ministers do the same thing.

Bit of a bugger to be trapped in a box if our dead body wants to move around! 

lol - what about the peeps that come back to life in the nick of time in the Morgue or at the Funeral Sevice?  ..... now that's even more bizarre .......


As someone who has a firm background in science, excuse me if I am sceptical about these “findings.” A lot more research and time lapse cameras are needed. Bodies do strange things for several hours after death for sure. Skin starts to recede as moisture begins to leave the body, so over time it appears that hair and nails continue growing after death. Bacteria also remain alive and still feeding on what is left in the body. After the brain stops functioning, it takes a while for the nervous system to also stop functioning, so people may see muscles twitching. Never thought it could happen 17 months after the plug is pulled, need a lot more convincing.

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Makes sense to me, why else would the ancient ancient Egyptians wrap their mummies in bandages 

Image result for mummy egypt cartoon    .... To stop them escaping from their casks.


If you want to do a real study of brain dead corpses in motion I draw your attention to a collection of same in Canberra!

.... haha - hilarious!  :)