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Human Headline Phelps has gone

What golden handshake would she be entitled to following her brief stint as a federal Senator?

Sadly she only has two full-time jobs now.

She sure knows how to take personal credit though and all done without a flicker or blush.


Good Riddance 

she is just a parasite 

she will get nothing...was not there 12 months

Hi ardnher and thanks for that.

It appears the electorate didnt buy into her ruse about wanting to join the LNP. On her way out she pinned her loss on the electorate no longer wanting to save the planet.

Good riddance and don’t come back 

no one will believe her b/ s anymore 

Dave Sharma comes across as the exact opposite of Turnbull and Phelps (who are much the same).  The least said about T & P the better.  

if this does not make people sick I dont know what for just running in the election!

Thanks for the link ardnher

"Despite losing, Kerryn Phelps will be eligible for around $90,000 and Rob Oakeshott $80,000."

pleased to see that Scott Morrison (one of the first things he is going to do besides make sure we get the tax cuts this fin.year) is going to repeal bringing in medical evacuations from Manus and Nauru...which in my opinion can be rorted.

latest news is he will have an uphill battle with  the likely balance-of-power party the Centre Alliance has said it will block any repeal.

will be interesting to see how this pans out.