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Hundreds of thousands may now qualify for $750 stimulus payment

Hundreds of thousands of self-funded Australians might not realise they may now qualify for a CSHC, which also means they may be missing out on the $750 stimulus payment if they are not declared an eligible CSHC holder by 10 July.

“Lower deeming rates mean more retirees fall below the income test threshold for the card,” says National Seniors Australia Chief Advocate, Ian Henschke.

“There could be hundreds of thousands of older Australians eligible and they don’t even realise it.

"I urge [older Australians] to go on to the Services Australia website and apply for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card because if they are not a card holder by July 10, they could miss out on the $750 stimulus payment.”

To qualify for the card, you must:

  • be an Australian resident living in Australia
  • have reached the pension age
  • meet an income test
  • not be receiving any payment from Veterans Affairs.

Centrelink only uses an income test for the card. Your income estimate is partly determined by applying the deeming rate to your financial assets, but an assets test is not used.

The income test will look at both your:

  • adjusted taxable income
  • a deemed amount from account-based income streams.

To meet the income test you must earn below the following income thresholds:

  • $55,808 for singles
  • $89,290 for couples
  • $111,616 for couples who are separated by illness, respite care or prison.

With deeming rates so low, a single retiree with financial assets of to $2.5 million may be eligible. Similarly, a couple with financial assets of up to $4 million could also be eligible.



'Middle' or at least 'pretty well cashed up' welfare and a farce.

This money should have been put towards social housing - either building more or providing upgrades for existing dwellings in disrepair.

Think I heard yesterday there are something like 200,000 Australians on social housing waiting lists with some of these people on these lists for years.

Surely giving those homeowners comfortable enough to afford a $150,000 Renovation in the first place a  $25,000 handout when there are Australians desperate for affordable housing even in actually sleeping rough, living out of cars, couch surfing or similar,  is a disgrace.

Construction and upgrades of social housing would provide work for tradies, apprentices, construction workers and associated suppliers etc. etc. and still keep the building industry ticking over.

Surely appropriate, safe, secure (as in knowing you'll have some housing constancy), affordable housing is a basic human right/need...Pretty hard to get a life moving or back on track when you're flat out knowing from one week  to the next if you'll have a roof over your head.

A disgrace!





Sorry about that Leon just had a bit of a vent about that $25,000 building grant announced by the PM and the Treasurer yesterday.

Still half asleep and just rushed in and didn't read it properly ...just jumped in at

'Hundreds of thousands may qualify........'




You are so right!


Shetso 1

Correct anyone who can afford a $150.000 home renovation dont need a stimulas package .And anyone who is going to build a house $25.000 is not going to do much to help ..wherebys people like myself on a pension could well have needed a kitchen and bathroom upgrade ,or a paint job but cannot afford the $150.000 spend . A lot more people on the lower income scale would have been helped and a lot more local tradies would have been kept working .Not every building / renovations  company has the experience and the finances to support  large projects .

Yes this building grant is a rip-off and just more of Morrison's underhanded BS -- and when you do the sums  and work out the tax the Government will get back -- GST etc.  --- from those that use it, they are winning -- and anyone that has a spare $150.000 kicking around to spend on a home reno does not need it -- once again he is looking after the middle class


He and his lot don't live in the real world and have NO idea

Yes PlanB this MOB up on the hill have got no idea how normal people are getting by in this time and place. Whatever happens in the Big House on the Hill only assists the well off and bugger the rest.

What a ridicoulus scheme!

Scomo and Co. are trying to stimulate the construction industry by making the taxpayers spend their money to give the buiding workers some jobs, while the governent is spending nothing in doing so initially and the contribution of $25.000 is minimal after individuals have spent 6 times as much in creating jobs for the industry! What a cheap trick!

Hopefully people will see through this and, unless they were already gong to build or renovate, refuse to accept the small contrbution of a goverment that knows nothing about what is a useful solution to help the people and the industries of this country.

What abour eliminating the old and fatal stamp duty?

What about offering first home buyers a 50%, or more, contribution to be only repaid if possible and interest free?

But most of all, what about building houses for those that could never afford to buy a place but have the human right to live under a roof rather that in the streets and can only afford a small rent?

I think this is a ridiculous idea, from men no vision, to offer the people of the country a 6th. amount of the money if they would spend 6 times as much in making their house better, or bigger or building extras that they can well afford, while others are living rough and in desperate need of any housing.

Once more we are shown that the politicians, "the chosen ones" are ignorant, unsimpathetic to the people needs and have no idea of how to stimulate the economy and help the people.



I've seen a number of the smaller builders interviewed that thought it would be of help

Of course it would not benefit the large building companies.

The Stamp duty is a state thing.

I  would love to hear what you all think of this latest "inspired" idea from the completely out of touch goverment of our country.

Is anyone got any better ideas?



Well,  Alexia, I have an idea but I bet no one will do it -- kick them all out and start again and MAKE the so-called rulers -- do as the people want! IF they don't sack them too -- if we did not do a proper job at work we would be sacked.

Also, make them answer questions -- with NO time limit -- sit them in a chair constrained -- and the interviewer with a cattle prod --A VERY STRONG ONE --- and if they don't answer or skip around go for it --

As I am sick to death of these dodgy political answers and lying-- I would love to be the interviewer



but Plan B, the gov believes it is doing what the people want! The people did not kick them out when given the chance only a year ago. Perhaps you should strap yourself in a chair and stick yourself with a cattle prod --A VERY STRONG ONE ;) At least then you will have something else on your mind and not frustrated with dodgy political answers. We get the governments we deserve.

I have an acquantance who was on the aged pension till early 2018 when she inherited a very large amount of money. She contacted Centrelink, and was told he was no longer eligibile for any pension, or Health Care Card. Also not eligible for any assistance for 5 years.

Yet she recently received the $750 stimulus. HOW? Does that mean that even though she does not get an Centrelink benefits, she is still listed as 'on Centrelink books', and therefore eligible for the stimulus package? 

As for this latest renovation handout, I have a friend who is a builder down the Gold Coast, who cannot keep up with current demand. So much so he has had to put on a 2nd apprentice. He says this rebate/handout will not make an ounce of difference to his business.

If your friend has no form of pension or Health Care Card I doubt she was eligible for the $750 stimulus package. Perhaps a mistake was made?

I too question how much tradesmen are suffering. My street has been full of tradies utes since lockdown in March because so many of my neighbours have used the time to get renovations done. However, if there is a downturn in the construction industry it would have been remedied better by building a lot more public housing for the poor rather than giving measly handouts to the rich.

Plan B a very good idea!


More social housing ?.Have you ever looked at the uncared for "houses "in your area.There are just so many lacking care and  there is really no need to pay your rent for those second and third generation of unemployed as their first need is grog fags and drugs.As someone with some past experience the arrears approximate to 50% of total due.Weed out the slackers satisfy the needs of the ill, those who have experienced misfortune and the real needy and then attack the need for more social housing

Spot on moama jock