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I shed a tear

A beautiful little girl has taken her own life due to bullying....I am so sad for the parents and all devastating for them.  She is not the first and sadly will not be the last.

Social media...maybe a great idea BUT it does have terrible downsides as well!

RIP you beautiful little darling!

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On reflection I should not have bothered putting up such a post on here judging by some of the insensitive responses.   


I should have known better.

The post was/is a good one, the responses are the responsibility of those who choose to make them.

You were right to assume that decent people would respect the content.

No Radish, you did well to put it up, the more publicity on this matter the better, it's just some people on here just can't help themselves, if we ignored them they wouldn't have anything to respond to, I should have taken my own advice but didn't, I do apologise for that... Thanks for putting this thread up and it would be great if the moderators would remove the offending posts. This problem isn't going to go away if it's swept under the carpet all the time....

Thank you Deanna...I know there are some on here who can respond in a civilised and grown up manner and I know you are one of them :).

I agree Radish. Deanna is a fine example for us all.


Deanna, most of us have been in the same boat, it is often the person who responds to a jibe who gets the attention.

Bully sends Darwin teen vile messages after Dolly's death11:44am Jan 14, 2018Katelyn Simpson has been the target of vicious cyber bullies, her dad says. save image 

Taking to Facebook to vent his frustration and rage, dad Russell Simpson said his 15-year-old daughter Katelyn – who is a rodeo champion - had been the target of bullying for years.

“To all the people that think we go on and on about cyber bullying here is your example to what Katelyn has put up with over the years, Mr Simpson wrote in a post last night which has already been shared hundreds of times.

“It doesn't worry her anymore but now it has become to the point where OK here I come and look out.”

Attached to the post was a screengrab of a message sent to Katelyn from a user named “fake account”.

A screenshot of the message sent to Katelyn on Snapchat.

“Go do what Dolly did, it should've been you not her,” the message reads.

Mr Simpson said while he and his daughter did not yet know exactly who the bully was, it had to be someone connected to her."

There's a lot of sick people out there and the constant violence and insensitivity fed to us by movies and the media just assists their derranged lives.

Of course they hide behind a false guise which in turn gives them a false sense of their own security.

I too am totally over all the dreadful performance on a thread that should have been compassionate and heartfelt in what has been a horrendous time for all concerned. 

Its disgusting !

I have returned after quite an absence to be shocked at the malicious stupidity of senior citizens that is still spewed all over this site. Yes, I am going to be told to go elsewhere if I dont like it by the usual nincompoops  but where are the moderators who allow this behaviour to continue month after month, year after year. Keeping fine decent human beings from enjoying this great site. 

I will add that during my time away, our village was devistated by the death of a 14 year old lad in similar circumstances, and it was heartbreaking and brought home how precious these young lives are, and the more we can do and learn to help these struggling kids the better. 

Get over yourselves, You should all know better.

and exPS, Its not  Australia...Its the people.. :(

Bullies are not born into this world, they are raised. A very common reason why a child is a bully is because he or she lacks attention from a parent at home and lashes out at others for attention.Very often the parents are bullies themselves, full of anger and don’t handle conflict well. Bullying is a learned behaviour and most things that are learned can be unlearned. Until parents are made responsible for their child's bullying behaviour, we'll see no end to this and I feel it's important to counsel both parent and child in a conflict situation.

I am a believer in "crime and punishment" (a book title, I believe). A treasured young life has been needlessly lost here and while I understand that bullies are not born that way, we cannot excuse or mitigate this behaviour. Perpetrators (and possibly their parents) NEED TO BE HELD TO  ACCOUNT. I understand that the police are involved in trying to track down and identify these cowardly bullies and rightfully so - they MUST be punished.

These cyber bullies are the ultimate cowards - hiding behind their veil of anonymity to destroy the lives of innocents simply because they can. Like "one punch" attacks, laws relating to bullying need to be tightened and penalties hugely increased to stamp out this abhorrent and potentially lethal behaviour - we owe it to our children. Dont ALL kids deserve a happy childhood?


The problem of bullying - particularly in young people may prove extremely difficult to resolve.  I recently became aware of an article by Tom Golden, author, Speaker and psychotherapist in which he defines some of this abuse as "Relationship Aggression' or bullying without physical violence. I would like to paraphrase a little of what he says in his article:

Relationship Aggression is meant to destroy feelings of acceptance, friendship or group inclusion. Hurting someone without being violent. It is accomplished through excluding, ignoring, teasing, gossiping, secrets, backstabbing, lies, false accusations, rumour spreading and hostile body language (ie eyes rolling and smirking).

It is all too evident that victims of this treatment (not uncommon in young people) can lead to devastating outcomes.

Tom Golden further states that Relationship Aggression is usually by stealth. With physical aggression, you have bruises, scars or broken bones.  These can be seen. Sadly, you cannot see Relationship Aggression. It is basically invisible.  This invariably makes it difficult to challenge.  Try proving someone gossiped and spread lies about you. Try proving a false accusation.  It is easy to deny "Who me?". I didn't do anything why are you so upset about nothing.

It is a huge problem particularly in this technological age in which a bully is shielded by anonymity.

While Knight Templar makes some good points, I must disagree on one major aspect of his post. In this age of cyber bullying, the evidence is hard and often relatively easy to gather. The victim need only save the offending posts, emails etc and forensic computer scientists can trace their originating ip address and identify the sender (unless the bully is smart enough t use an internet cafe or other anonymous transmission point) - younger offenders are rarely that smart.

Just my opinion, but I feel that police should be treating Dolly's death as a murder investigation and using appropriate tools to identify the persons responsible.

I agree kfchugo but getting the police to treat these horrific incidents as murder and using appropriate tools to identify a bully may prove difficult.  Even documented evidence of a victim being excluded from a social group, teasing, spreading rumours etc which may reasonably be considered extremely harmful, would be difficult to characterise as a criminal offense. 

my thanks goes out to the posts of ex PS, Cranky and Roby, at least it showed we still have some contributors in these columns who can feel the pain this Family is going through, reading the nastiness of 90% of the comments, one can only ask him/herself what has happened to the true spirit of the people in Australia?

THIS was a tragic event,  of a young innocent girl,      R,I,P,DOLLY,                   i sincerely hope they catch these bullies and  make sure the consequenses of there actions are  brought home to them,     

From the father's report, they have narrowed it to 5 possible suspects.?????

I would think that if this bully has any semblance of conscience. she/he would be having a very hard time sleeping and eating right now and a parent would notice the signs.  Whether they would do anything about it...who knows...a hard decision.

that is dreadful news SUZE,    what hope has one little girl got against five of them,     i really hope they are punished to the full extent of the law,    one siggestion i have,   would be to take those gorls to the morge,   and make them look at that little body,    it would be something that would stay with them for life,    and i guarentee you,   they wouldnt bully again,  

This is a  screenshot of the message sent to Katelyn who is Dolly"s sister on Snapchat.

“Go do what Dolly did, it should've been you not her,”

No obviously they have no problem sleeping

What sort of deranged minds are spinning out of control out there..I had a meeting at the hospital on Tuesday and witnessed half a dozen young people being brought in with the use of drugs , The language, sheer brute force and uncontrolled actions of these young people was horrifying, and I watched as many others did how difficult it was for the staff and security guards to cope with the situation. With the bullying, threatening behaviour ,violence and drug abuse that is previlant in society, I fear for all my grandchildren who are being educated and observed as much as possible by their parents to see all is well.. but even with that vigilance, something may still be missed, as fear makes the victim silent, and nobody has an answer.







"Wanky Cranky" . ........ everyone knows you in "Aged Care"  - never leave?  Sad that it is tho' ........   Least you have fun posting  ....... but what "porkies" you tell!!!  Beggars belief?????  Joke!!!    lol lol 


...ever thought of taking up "Fiction" writing???

How disrespectul foxy, how disrespectful. 

..... yeah Rayban - as disrespectful as this fool of a "poster" has had with me over time - called   "Time to pay the Piper!"     lol

Instead of messing up this sad thread even further foxy, why not visit this helpline?


I am amazed furface that the bloodhounds haven't caught and skinned you by now...

I think the moderaters keep you in this forum to show everyone what its like when someone becomes deranged and delusional without an inch of respect for anything or anyone.

But you seem to thrive living in your own skin in your weird and wacky world...

All I see is is an obnoxious rude feral creature who should have been shown the door years ago...

So sad !!!

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