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If and when did Abbott renounce British citizenship

The question is easily answered. The Prime Minister’s office tells us he has renounced his British citizenship. It refuses to say when. The fudging and blocking and delaying from both conservative governments, in Australia and Britain, suggest the date will be politically harmful to the Prime Minister.

My guess is that the date he renounced British citizenship is relatively recent and will show that he wilfully, not inadvertently, stood for public office more than once while being ineligible to do so.,6882



The dual citizenship chat on The Radish thread about a father and his grievance and grieving regarding his dead daughter did not seem appropiate , distraction from the thread.

" Back to the FOI request response to Jan Olson's request for evidence of Tony Abbott's renunciation of British citizenship:

Robert McMahon confirmed he was an ‘authorised decision-maker’ under the FOI Act.

He then went on to say the Department had searched its file management system, its current and former ministerial correspondence database, the computer drives of its relevant departments and the email accounts of current officers in relevant branches and [IA emphasis]:

‘As a result of these searches, no relevant documents were found in the Department.’,7086



"The dual citizenship chat on The Radish thread about a father and his grievance and grieving regarding his dead daughter did not seem appropiate , distraction from the thread."

You are a hypocrite of the first water.  You deliberately set out to sabotage the very worthy petition for mercy for Raef Badawi.  

What is your problem?

Surely you wouldn't deny another human being justice, because I mounted the petition on YLC.  This is beneath mean spirited.  Whatever you feel about me, is quite irrelevant here.

Sign our petition urging Saudi Arabia's King Abdallah to quash Raef Badawi's iniquitous sentence!"

For those who might be interested about Raef Badawi, an extremely courageous man, this thread is under hot topics.

Join Reporters Without Borders in calling for a halt to this inhuman torture.

This petition was not raised by me, but Reporters without Borders.

The issue of Abbott and his possible British Citizenship is undoubtedly important.

Geomac has raised this before, and undoubtedly will raise it again, and will continue to do so.

I may well be wrong, but I understood that dual citizenship - British/Australian - was legal.

If there is concern and speculation about Abbott regarding this, the matter should be publicly addressed and  clarified once and for all.

Why do t you organise a leftist loonie marching band and march all the way from Victoria to Canberra demanding Abbot resign.

Or I have a better idea. You and your looney mates organise a hunger strike

Before 1994…

Tony Abbott renounced his British citizenship, as required by the Australian Constitution, before seeking election in early 1994. If this is the case, to stop this issue spiraling out of control and continuing to be a minor irritant, Tony Abbott should release documentation showing that he formally renounced his British citizenship.

After 1994…

Tony Abbott renounced his British citizenship sometime after his election in 1994. If this is the case, it’s not possible to ‘unelect’ a person after they have completed a parliamentary term – but Section 46 of the Constitution stipulates the disciplinary measure for sitting in Parliament while disqualified; the sum of £100 per day of sitting. Again, Tony Abbott should release any documentation, pay any disciplinary fines (accumulated at the appropriate Commonwealth Bonds rate), and work out a way of explaining this to the Australian public. This would be an embarrassment, but with two years before the next federal election, a minor irritant would be removed.


Tony Abbott has not renounced his British citizenship and, if this is the case, he would be disqualified from Parliament. A by-election in the seat of Warringah would be called and he would need to be re-elected to resume his seat. I would imagine that the Liberal Party would call the by-election urgently – there are no set times for how soon a by-election can be held – the by-election for the seat of East Sydney in 1903 was held 17 days after it was declared vacant. Under this scenario, we would have another Prime Minister, probably the current Treasurer, Joe Hockey (although, who knows what kind of a result a Coalition party room ballot would throw up).


The "issue" is only spiralling out of control in your imagination unfortunately.

Poor dear. Any good psychiatrists in your neck of the woods.

Could be PTSD from the bush fires

Show the public your British Citizenship renunciation form, proving you were not elected to our Parliament illegally.


Geoff :)

If it had half a truth in it you not think that smutty little lBill would not be right onto it and take it to the Governor General for dismissal?

Need the FIO to be passed for observation Abby. Nobody would want a Turnbull/Abetz/Greche moment would they ?

Birth is not a requirement to political office in Australia: six prime ministers have been born in the UK, and one in Chile (technically any prime minister born before 1901 was not born in Australia either). However, holding dual citizenship currently disqualifies someone from being a member of parliament, according to Article 44(i) of the Constitution.

There is a general sense that this campaign is ridiculous. Frankly, if you can't find more substantive issues to be critical of the prime minister then you're not paying much attention. However, this has brought one important issue to light, and that is Article 44(i) of the Constitution is completely outdated, has no real place in modern Australia, and should be rescinded.


That is part of Australia's problem Birth is not a requirement to political office in Australia


The "issue" is only spiralling out of control in your imagination unfortunately.

Poor dear. Any good psychiatrists in your neck of the woods.

Could be PTSD from the bush fires "

Thats about your level which aligns exactly with pete. No need for further comment really. Try commenting on the topic of the thread or is that beyond your ken ?

If we have to have somebody foreign born why can it not be George Clooney ... at least he would be pleasant to look at.

Would you rather a foreign born Aussir patriot or an Aussir born Union lovin traitor like Shorten


I want George Clooney


THE best thing about Tony Abbott’s first year as Prime Minister has been — thank God — he isn’t Labor. But that’s no longer the main reason he’s looking hard to beat, after months of trailing in the polls.

Abbott has now become what long seemed impossible. A year after his election win he looks like a real Prime Minister and not just because he’s just got all his big promises through Parliament.

Sure, it may seem a backhander to praise Abbott most for at least not giving us another year of government like Labor’s previous six. But that’s not nothing. Could voters really have tolerated more mad Kevin Rudd-like spending on overpriced school halls and pink batts?

Could we really have endured more Julia Gillard-style cock-ups of the kind that had hundreds of boat people drowning and the live cattle trade wrecked overnight? Could the country really have afforded more mega-deficits, more class war rhetoric, more trouble with Indonesia and billions wasted on carbon taxes?

Abbott, on the other hand, has — so far — given us no bureaucratic disasters. He is not ramping up spending. He has actually fixed disasters of Labor’s own making, repairing the relationship with Indonesia, stopping the boats and cauterising the worst of the utterly grotesque waste of Labor’s National Broadband Network disaster.

He’d have fixed more if Labor wasn’t stopping him in the Senate, stupidly joining with the Greens and Clive Palmer’s senators to block some of his cuts and welfare reforms.

Not repeating the chaos and waste of Rudd and Gillard is not a coincidence. It is always the main virtue of conservative politicians that they not only have the accelerator that Labor pumps like madmen but have a brake as well.

(Read full article here.)

When you were here using the jag nick you preferred that obese bloke.

Obsessed much???


"he looks like a real Prime Minister"

You have to be kidding - have you not noticed lately he is flapping his hands and arms around like Gillard used to --- and always has nodding dummies behind him just likr Rudd and Gillard ---who is teaching them that rot ---do they really think the public like it ???

Bet it is at the taxpayer expense

Oh how the sanctimonious Left bemoaned the slightest criticism of Julia Gillard. Egged on by Gillard’s own rants, and abetted by heavy-hitting propagandists such as David Marr and Robert Manne, the leftist blogosphere and Twitterverse manufactured a strange demonology, wherein Tony Abbott and his supporters were transformed into a misogynistic army of haters.

Such character assassination remains the most overused technique from the Left’s current playbook: A deliberate reverse ad hominem manoeuvre whereby genuine political disagreements from opponents are spun to appear as personal hate-motivated slurs. Media attack dogs for the Obama administration overuse this tactic so often it borders on the comical. You don’t want Obamacare? You’re a racist! Want to keep your guns? How racist! Think tax rates are too high? Racist! You’re a Republican? RACIST!

While Gillard once complained of her internet detractors being ‘misogynists and nutjobs’, the recent federal election demonstrated, more than ever, on just what side of the political fence most of the web’s crazies reside. Andrew Bolt has already commented on the rapid appearance of hate-filled Facebook pages that sprang up post-election.

Including: ‘Tony Abbott should be assassinated’ and ‘Tony Abbott should just die’. A reader of Bolt’s blog was able to track the location of the Facebook user who created the assassinate Abbott page: a trade union hall. No real surprises there. One suspects Bolt was also aware of, but too much of a gentleman to even mention, other disgraceful Facebook hate pages such as ‘Furiously Masturbating To Tony Abbott’s daughters’, or the more innocuous sounding, but equally disgusting page titled ‘Tony Abbott’s Daughters.’ Both are filled with the vilest of sexual descriptions, including incest and bestiality, depraved fantasies that seem to resonate in the souls of too many sickos on the Left.

The Spectator ? My how you and pete so alike even to reading the same stuff , adulating the same man and casting the same insults. Even further both seem to discuss anything but a threads topic , peas in a pod.

Now would you care to address the topic at hand ? Perhaps not.

Mr Hockey has blamed many of the same "headwinds" cited by Mr Swan when Labor was in power, such as falling commodity prices - which had seen the iron ore price to drop from $US93 a tonne at budget time to $US69 - and a struggling global economy.

In opposition, Mr Hockey lambasted Mr Swan over the similar "excuses" he offered for failing to deliver a surplus in 2012-13.

"No qualifications, all the excuses that Wayne Swan talks about – falling commodity prices, a high Australian  dollar, nominal growth not being up to standard. Somehow the GFC is ongoing all the time," Mr Hockey said in 2012.

"None of these excuses were used when [Labor] made these solemn promises."

With the shoe now on the other foot, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said he had little sympathy for the situation in which Mr Hockey had found himself.

"Do we think Joe Hockey will ever say to Wayne Swan, 'Sorry, I gave you a whole lot of grief and now I want to use the same excuses that I gave you grief about'?" he said in Brisbane on Saturday morning.


Not quite the picture Abbott or Hockey painted is it ? What has the Spectator to say about Abbott and dual citizenship I wonder ? Whats its readership figures and who bankrolls it ? Maybe its a blog type media thing or similar to the IPA so no mention of dual citizenship.

Any thoughts on dual citizenship or just distractions your bag ?

/r/australia invents a birther conspiracy theory (self.circlebroke2)

submitted 3 months ago * by mahler004

So, Tony Abbott, the current Prime Minister of Australia was born in England, and thus had British citizenship from birth. He migrated to Australia in 1960 as a child and became a naturalised citizen in his mid-20s. According to his office, he renounced his UK citizenship around this time (as is required by Australian law.)1

It's worth keeping this comment in mind - for a good chunk of the 20th century, British subjects enjoyed the rights of Australian citizens.

This article from five months ago is the first article I've found that references Abbott's citizenship. I swear there's older stuff out there (including speculation about his citizenship.)

This blog post from a 'prolific Sunshine Coast blogger' is the oldest reference I can find to the conspiracy theory. Can't find any reference on Reddit.

Now, we've got a petition demanding that Abbot prove that he's no longer a British citizen. The petition itself is comedy gold - a maymay at the top, general incoherence, etc. Unsurprisingly, it's gotten some traction on /r/australia. Most of the top comments recognise that this is kind of stupid, and pretty counterproductive. The post itself is fairly highly up voted, and there's plenty of comments supporting it. Several of the comments wouldn't be out of place on a birther screed.

Interestingly, today a few articles have been posted by mainstream media organisations:

Herald Sun (online) - highest distribution paper in the country.Nine News (also online) - (reddit comments.)

Now, this is where I think Reddit and the left-wing blogosphere are shooting themselves in the foot. The average person reading either source isn't going to think 'well that's reasonable,' they're going to think 'these people are nutters,' delegitimising the many legitimate criticisms of Abbott.

For non-Australians, the Herald Sun is a right-wing newspaper, so it's within their interests to delegitimise criticisms of Abbott.

Finally, in the extremely unlikely2 event that Abbott is a dual citizen, the only mechanism to un-seat him would be to challenge in the court of disputed returns, which can only be done 40 days after the return of the writ.

tl;dr - stupid conspiracy theory regarding Abbott's citizenship makes the rounds on Reddit and the Australian left-wing blogosphere.

Obligatory 'fuk abet.' I don't like the guy, but this is too stupid to pass up.

Seriously, he's been an MP for twenty years and Liberal leader for six. It's always been public knowledge that he was born in the UK and held British citizenship for a time. You don't think something would have been done by now if he was a dual citizen? And if he was, that his political opponents wouldn't have figured it out?



Strange topics there. Steve Jobs was actually named adolf hitler ?

Yeah, just like your continued re hashing of this ridiculous topic.

omedy Gold !!!!!


Thank you, Solomon, for the clarification regarding Abbot and the issue of dual citizenship.

I would have thought that Abbott's political opponents would have brought any facts about dual citizenship up front and centre well before now.

If not, they have demonstrated utter incompetency.

KRudd Juliar and Shorten were too stupid when in government to do anything about it 

that's incorrect Jaguar  :)


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