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Incredible rise in energy costs continues

Average annual household energy costs increased by nine per cent in 2017-18 compared to 2016-17, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Over the same period, however, household energy use remained stable with each Australian household using an average of 135 gigajoules of energy.

Despite households doing their bit to keep a lid on their energy use, Australian energy use still increased in 2017-18, according to the latest edition of the annual Energy Account released by the ABS on Wednesday.

Renewable energy sources have been restructuring over the last decade, with solar and wind energy emerging as key contributors to Australia’s electricity generation mix.

“Solar and wind energy are now comparable to hydro power in terms of contribution to the energy portfolio of Australia. While their overall contribution is still small, it is growing rapidly,” said Jonathon Khoo of the ABS.

Can you believe that energy prices increased nine per cent for average households in one year? Does more need to be done to rein in costs, especially for those living on fixed incomes?


Energy distribution should never be privatized. This is now a predictable outcome. Way out? Go off grid.

Great if you can afford to set it up, I cannot even afford solar, I am waiting until they make it possible for renters to rent solar, if ever it happens.

Yes, it is becoming more and more stressful for those on low incomes to keep their head above water - rises in energy, food, petrol, private health insurance and anything else you can name. 

Yep, I believe these are the main ones I would like to see reduced NOT INCREASED

Yes and near impossible for those on Newstart and Youth Allowance.

Any entity which sells off its essential services - power, water, transport, communications - for short-term benefit is asking for trouble in the longer term. How many times have we been conned: 'This will lower prices to consumers!'? But our various governments continue down the same road; won't be much left to sell before long.


mmmhhhhh....... certainly hasn't been my experience ( and I realise it is folly to generalise from one's own experiences). Our last provider (AGL) was charging outrageously, and told us we (two of us) were using the same as a family of 6. So we changed to another provider that has reduced the bills to about third of what they were. And on top of that our bills have come down  further over the year. So I would encourage everyone to shop around a bit, I got onto the new site through the recommendation of a friend and a site called electricity wizard. And we are lucky as we are financially comfortable, I shudder to think what it is like for people on the OAP and renting.

Agnes- Who are you with now?

We need the federal government to launch a Royal commission into the entire energy sector. Alas, it won't happen under the current pack of incompetent dills, the LNP government.

The same thing will happen as did with the banks.  A light tap on the wrist with a feather and then business as usual.

Royal Commisions achieve only what the government wants them to.  The government will never bring their finnancial backers to heel. They are there to support them not the average voter.

We need the federal government to launch a Royal commission into the entire energy sector. Alas, it won't happen under the current pack of incompetent dills, the LNP government.

Received email today advising my electricity provider, Amasyim, is increasing prices 32% on 1 Jan 2020 - nice.

Try going to the Government website:



Didn't we hear recently on the news a government declaration that energy costs are going to cost $150 less in a year's time?

That's $2.88 less per week and the MPs earn $3,346.15 per week. 

No wonder they are completely out of touch with reality.


Might you mean lying?

Arvo - Precisely.

Mine has not increased, pretty much stayed the same this year, and it is predicted to rise again before it goes down again mid 2020 from what I have read.

We changed providers.  Now using Energy Australia.  Yes its a coal friendly company but is greening.  A win-win for us as the rates are lower than the provider we left and Energy Australia buys our excess solar generated electricity at a fair price.  This is then onsold to other customers.  That's how its supposed to work.

Energy Australia is one of the worst offenders of polluting this country. Have you looked at Red or Powershop or even Momentum?

We left for that reason.  They're improving and paying out a fair price for renewable energy will see it improve more as the years go by.  If the business does not change we'll leave AGAIN and won't be back.

goverments are totally responsible labor and  liberals for high electricity prices they sold  of these services to make them look good.

They are also responsable for the problems with the banks they sold the commenwealth bank once again to make them look good at the time. public facilities should not be owned by private interprise .How many other public facilites have the goverment sold of that we dont know about.????

when all said and done goverments are the cause of the high cost of living but of course  they wont admit it.

we should get rid of all current politicians eccept one nation  and a  couple of  the others and try with a new lot

Yes, three tiers of government are too expensive for what they provide.

We are over paying for what we receive, maybe time to get rid of State Government.  An opposition state government will always appose federal inniitiatives and a state government that is the same flavour as the federal government will nearly always agree.  

There is little point in having them.

No thanks ex PS I prefer State Government decisions rather than federal.