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India doesn't need australian coal

a recently released report, india’s electricity sector transformation by the institute for energy economics and financial analysis, finds that solar power can produce electricity in india at a cheaper cost than a new coal plant fuelled by imported coal from australia.

since the claim that more coal will lift 100 million out of energy poverty in india was central to arguments put forward by adani (and supported by the australian government) for the giant carmicheal mine, we are seeing the supposed economic arguments made for this massive development crumbling.  in actuality, because many indians aren’t connected to the grid at all, it is small local solar pv installations that are the most cost-effective (and carbon effective) solution for energy poverty.

‘with falling prices of solar, imported coal has become the most expensive source of incremental electricity generation.’ said jai sharda, co-author of the report.
and you can sign this petition to STOP ADANI from polluting our land and reef as well as taking our $1 billion taxpayer's gift.



Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of coal going to 33 countries . We do not force it on them.

“Overall, Australia is the third largest uranium producer after Kazakhstan and Canada.


New mines may be necessary to meet current as well as future increases in demand forecast for nuclear power worldwide, and the expiration of the US–Russia Megatons to Megawatts program.


A characteristic of the nuclear fuel cycle (see Figure 2) is the international interdependence of facility operators and power utilities. It is unusual for a country to be entirely self-contained in the processing of uranium for civil use. Even in the nuclear-weapon states, power utilities will often go to other countries seeking the most favourable terms for uranium processing and enrichment. It would not be unusual, for example, for a Japanese utility buying Australian uranium to have the uranium converted to uranium hexafluoride in Canada, enriched in France, fabricated into fuel in Japan and reprocessed in the United Kingdom.”



Australia due to political pressure from the left has missed out on a lucrative industry 

Of processing and enriching uranium . 


As with Coal we do not force any country to buy our resources they do so because they need.


... Australia needs to reserve it's own FREE Australian coal!!!  For our population!!!  - Not other countries who are building coal fired power stations by the week/month!!!

We must be the laughing stock of the world!

We have enough Coal for two thousand years why not sell some and make a quid . 

Same for Iron ore and Urainium

We have enough Coal for two thousand years why not sell some and make a quid . 

Same for Iron ore and Urainium

If only we made a quid, Brocky. We get raped and then charged for the privilege! These mining companies are leeches. People fall for their blab with the promise of jobs, but mining jobs are becoming more automated every day.

And worse, our Govt. allows overseas people to receive the work (on pittance wages) because the mining is happening in a remote area. These are the only long term jobs. Once the infrastructure is built, the contracted jobs for Australians are finished up.

As far as Adani goes -- well I wouldn't trust him as far as I could kick him uphill with a lead boot -- hell you would even trust him to sell you a 2nd hand push bike -- what a despicable scum he is -- AND our Government going along with it -- getting backhanders --  they are no better!

Do you really think a HELE coal fired pwoer station can be compared with solar panels??

There is absolutely no comparison. Both have their own features / benefits and should be used with the view of extracting those benefits.  

To offer one or the other to households and industrial consumers is idiotic.


Why not invest in renewables with battery back up? Stop crucifying the countryside and the precious freshwater aquifers and stuffing up the atmosphere. Just bite the obvious bullet and be done with it! End of story.


Free power from then on! Jobs and income for farmers and locals in rural areas. Yay!

Unfortunately, big business isn't too interested in renewables, because mining companies like Adani would prefer to "borrow" $millions for extraction infrastructure, then immediately shift the $$$ to family members in an overseas tax haven, avoid paying tax in Australia for years and years because all that debt means their bottom line is in the red, rape the land and sell her jewels, then declare bankruptcy before the clean-up bill arrives.

Why do we allow big business to perform such outrageous acts on our country and her tax-payers? This system stinks!

Listen to me you bloody idiots.

I burn wood and coal in the winter for heating and cooking.

The last coal that I was able to buy was imported from Germany because Australia is too stupid to supply the domestic market.

This country is managed by brainless dickheads filling their own pockets.

I love a coal fire! Might help if they made it much safer for the miners though.

I burnt coal in a fireplace when I lived in a share house in the 'Gong (the coal was local and very cheap). Glad that I had to move, as I've heard it's very unhealthy for your lungs - like smoking cigarettes.

Did you not have a chimney for the smoke?

Of course, but the room smelt of burnt coal the next morning.

We had a fireplace when I was a teen -- but I vowed I would never have one again with all the cleaning out etc  -- give me an A/C an time -- plus the cost of wood is not cheap either -- and when my neighbours light their fires I just hate the smell of the smoke in the air



Sorry Plan B - we always loved our open log fires - and so did our pets (german sheps. and cat) lol - always got into "prime position" in front of fireplace -  when they knew the fire was being/about to be lit  lol -  (smart critters) .........

Never burnt coal but used to have a standing order of "Red Gum Splits" with the local "wood guy" during the winter months!  - smelt divine and friends used to love coming to dinner and having drinks - appetisers on arrival -  and then at end of night - cheese n fruit  platters and port/baileys etc. -  in front of fire!!!............

I do not have an open fire where I live now and to be honest - miss it terribly in winter!  :(   

All around me in the cold winter months here on the coast  - is the smell of other people's log fires".......... mmmmmmm   ........ smells lovely ...............



This article was in today's paper :-

"A slow-burning issue"   ( was the heading) ...

"We are moving inexorably into renewable energy sources and away from coal. 

Perhaps a look at reality is in order.  Planned and under-construction coal power plants worldwide - currently exceed 1500 ...................China  -  583.  India - 217. Indonesia - 145 and many other countries following.

Of course - Australia's contribution is 0.   Why is that so?"

As Pauline would ask:   "Please explain"?      


The election campaign in qld should produce some interesting thoughts on the Adani coal mine.  On one hand Fed Labor /GrtUp/Greens protesters will be photo bombing at every opportunity, but state Labor will be quietly in favour of the Adani project while dragging their feet behind closed doors.


Frank, State AND Federal Labor are for Adani, but with better safeguards than what the COALition would ever entertain or enforce.

It doesn't make any difference which of the two major parties gives the nod to Adani. What counts is that the coal from the Carmichael mine will stuff our planet and our economies beyond repair, when and where ever that coal is burnt.

That $1billion taxpayer dollars might be wasted on building the rail and port infrastructure, is heart-breaking, especially when you consider how much good that money could do for Australia. The COALItion clowns claim to be the best economic managers, but they don't even know enough to consider the "Alternative Foregone", that is, how much $1billion invested elsewhere would improve our economy and hopefully, us people.

It is the Coalition who want to waste that $1billion on the Carmichael Mine rail and port infrastructure, via the NAIF (North Australia Infrastructure Fund), derived from Australian taxpayers. Yet no local or international Bank will touch Adani with a long stick, because of the risk and Adani's appalling history of syphoning loaned money to subsiduary companies via the Caymen Islands and other tax havens, then declaring bankruptcy when found guilty of environmental vandalism and charged with clean-up bills.

The biggest risk factor is politics for any one with skin in the mine. $1b? We gave more than that to foreign car makers.


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