Info on me

I have had internet problems lately - BigPond wireless connection keeps cutting me off and slow speeds.
Rang them last Friday and they said I would be contacted Monday or Tuesday.
Rang them again Monday and they had no record of my previous call and said maybe I would be contacted in another 4 days. I am sure it is a faulty modem which is still under warranty but the tech staff who are hard to understand (prolly live in Singapore or somewhere) and are not much help.

Anyway I am due to go into hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) to have a large tumor removed.
I will have to get up about 4am to get ready and then a 2 hour drive to the hospital.
The tumor is the largest of many.
My type of cancer is Indolent Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4.
The alternative to having the tumor removed is have chemotherapy which I am not looking forward to.
Anyway wish me luck - I will probably weigh less with that big lump removed :)

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I wonder how Gerry is going--?

I am just about ready to go "skipping off to Gerry's house again" hoping

to get a basket of mangos again this year as he has THE Mango tree..

I cannot believe it is 12 months since I wrote the same post.


Yep got the mangos last year (lovely pics) bet you cannot do that now

on this site Gerry can you? Clever with the computer and all as you are

this site does not allow much :(


so come on Gerry write and tell us all how you are going

and PLEASE bring Mangos.



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