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Inside the murky world of the vitamin industry

….News Corp has also uncovered that almost all of the vitamin C and glucosamine used comes from China.   Swisse and Blackmores both source these ingredients from China….,%20%20Herald%20Sun.pdf


Am rethinking taking daily supplements.

Yes I think you are better off to eat a nutritious diet.



Toot - I don't trust anything the Chinese produce. I wonder why they are hell bent in buying up all our powdered milk and other items sold in Chemist shops? There is a special co-op near Central Station where only Chinese are allowed to shop in. When I was walking past I looked into the open door and the place was full of Chinese shoppers. Apparently they have agents from China and they buy up all of the goods which are then shipped to China. They say they are very fond of our Paw Paw Cream - why you may ask? because it comes in a red tube, and red is a good luck colour. I'm not making this up, I read about it. 





Me too Hola, I'm scared stiff of anything sourced in China, those people wanting our baby formula don't trust their own products.

They buy up the toddler and baby milk powder because the most popular Chinese brand was contaminated a few years ago and babies died as a result. Add to that the reputation Australia has for clean and green produce and it is not hard to understand why there is a demand for it. They then onsell the product at vastly inflated prices for their own profit.

My only objection is that the companies whose products are in demand (like Blackmores, baby milk etc) should exploit the fact and start exporting to China. Instead, you have these daigou (shoppers) gangs stripping supermarket shelves to the detriment of local Australian babies. 

I suffer from arthritis and I asked our doctor about glucosamine. He told me that it was great but to gain any benefit from it I should have started taking high doses at age 17.

I strongly suspected Glucosamine was over-sold with false claims, maybe the Chinese origin may explain it's lack of effect. A Professor researching cures in the field of arthritis recommended not to continue anything which doesn't show any effects within 2 months - great common sense I thought!

Also, did you know that high doses of Vit C (e.g. over 1,000mg per day) can cause deterioration of arthritis of the knees? I found that in some Internet articles on the subject.

Have any of you been to China ??

Not all people in china buy the goods from australia ,Actually only the rich can afford that luxury ..That begs the question what do the other 1.435 billion live on ..its a total fallacy that their food is sub-standard .. I have visited there many times and I am amazed at the food I have eaten there .

I use Ethical Nutrients they are made here yes many of the ingredients have to source from other places but they are checked thoroughly


Ethical Nutrients sounds good PB


I've been taking glucosamine for years for my wonky hips but now that I have two new ones, am wondering if I still need it.  As it's a blood thinner, if I stop taking it, maybe my blood will get thicker, and if so, will it matter?

One thing my surgeon did say was to take magnesium, but forget the rest. so I do. 

Toot I have found them very good and I take Magnesium 3 a day -- as I get horrid crippling cramps and that really sorts them out, I also take Vit C  also Zinc and a Vit D (on a script) as it is 50.000mil  taken once a month

As far as the glucosamine goes I would stop taking that if your hips are OK now, the Dr will let you know if you have to take blood thinners.

And always check with the Dr. AND mainly the chemist that everything you ake is compatible -- so many Drs know nothing about what meds are compatible and I have been put at risk I always check with the chemist AND also on line myself.

Magnesium is very good for you

Didn't mean to have all that in bold script


Thanks PB, my local Chemist Warehouse is huge, stacked with wellness products and it's so popular, you have to get in a queue a mile long to get to one of 4 checkout girls to pay.  They must be billionaires by now and no end in sight.  Why people would buy Tumeric is beyond me.


Toot I also buy quite a lot from Chemist warehouse BUT on line as none near me, you get free shipping if you spend $50

Good to know PB, may help others in country areas.



Also if you can't make a spend of the $50 you could always share with a friend to make it up to that --

My Sister had a hip replacement 13 weeks ago, all seems to be okay but she had to see the Dentist

yesterday and she told them about her hip replacement. The first thing they said : "do you have a 

prescription for antibiotics"? to which she said "No", they wouldn't touch her mouth until she takes 

a course of antibiotics for 20 days as she could get an infection through the gumline, which could travel to her hip and 

could need another hip replacement". The doctors never told her that. 

Had the same thing happen Hola but I had to take 4 antibiotic tablets just before my dental appointment and didn't have to wait 20 days.  Good that they are being cautious, better safe than sorry.


I say good on them. They buy Chinese ingredients from China, stick it in a pill or capsule and sell it back!  Make an absolute fortune.

I don't understand why prices on vitamins are so HIGH. They turn them out in millions, so why should they cost from $30 up to over $100 per bottle of 20 to 100. I purchased a bottle of Iron Tablets containing 20 and cost me 38 dollars. Also made in China is a worry.

They are a lot cheaper at Coles and Woolies

I don't think Coles and Woolies have the likes of Ethical Nutrients  Suze?

I tell you another thing that is good for strengthening your nails and I have used it for most of my life and that is Gelatine,  I did try the chemist tablets but they were useless -- I get EMPTY gelatine capsules and fill them up with ordinally Gelatine and take 2 every day, my nails are strong and long

Just eat jelly - the sort you have to melt, not the chrystals.

Yes Kss, you don't have to have the flavoured variety either.  Very good for the bones/marrow too .

Yes Kss, you don't have to have the flavoured variety either.  Very good for the bones/marrow too .

Yes you can eat jelly but many may not like it --

Has it worked? 

Interesting who owns what ...

Swisse – since September 2015, 86% of the company is held by Chinese company H&H Group.
Ostelin, Cenovis, Nature's Own – brand names of Sanofi-aventis Healthcare part of the French multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi Group.
Blackmores – Australian health supplements company.
Nature's Way, Bioglan – Australian company Pharm-a-Care Laboratories Pty Limited.


I buy Turmeric from the supermarket and use it in my cooking cannot see any reason to buy tablets or capsules made out of it.

Agree RnR

Whichever brand you choose you never know where they sought their ingredients from.

You really need to do your research when it comes to vitamins and supplements, a lot of it is a waste of money, and many have fillers. I recently purchased Vitamin D spray online on ebay which is normally only prescribed by a naturopath or other qualified person (seller was actually a naturopath), you cannot buy it at places like Chemist Warehouse (who owns that I wonder?). The Vitamin D cured my son's issues of muscle weakness and aching within two weeks. I personally like to make sure I get my nutrients from fresh wholefoods. I would never buy Swisse, Blackmores has been a good company but have my doubts these days. And yes  many are owned by big pharma cashing in with cheap imported ingredients. (My comments are not meant to be medical advice only my opinion).

I love fresh turmeric Suze, grated in my salad every day. I tried the supplements once but they gave me refllux, so I have my doubts about turmeric in capsules, and don't believe the hype that you have to have it with pepper, it is not true.