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Interesting observation by Annabel Crabb

Turnbull's crimes a vibe thing

Malcolm Turnbull will go down in history as the prime minister most disproportionately and gorily executed by his colleagues on the most nebulous of grounds.

Essentially, his crimes against the Liberal Party were a vibe thing.

Even when he was doing what his conservative colleagues wanted him to do, he failed to convince them because deep down, they felt he didn't really mean it.

Their fear always was that Malcolm Turnbull — despite everything he said — was secretly, in his heart, running a Labor government.

And isn't that funny.

Because that's exactly what they'll now get


The question asked by commentators: “Why did all this happen?” goes straight to the core and the answer is not pretty. Power lust, extreme (crazy) narcissism, inability to accept more moderate views (so much for the “broad church”), revenge, delusional grandiosity, inflexibility, hatred and duplicitous treachery. Meanwhile, we the public who employ these dubious, glorified, overpaid Liberal pollies are treated like gullible fools. We are the bunnies who just have to put up with their ugly games!

Well you have that right Robi.  So what are we going to do about it?

Hubby sent a message to our Federal Member, [Liberal] told him if he voted to oust Turnbull we would not vote again for him.  And we won't.    Pity more of us didn't come up front and tell them.

Celia, I wouldnt find that odd if your hubby sent a similar message to Bill Shorten. 'Get rid of Rudd and you've lost my vote.'  It would mean that you sincerely want to have a say in the leadership of our political parties.

I don't find Annabell Crabb's comments original or edifying.  There is always that sarcastic undercurrent that grates too.  The superficially nice but nasty stuff that is seen on Ch 10's comment program for example.

There is great benefit I believe in NOT going along with the cult of the personality and the personal sniping that the media promote for easy ten second 'grabs'.

Many things in life have nothing to do with personality and motivation, originating more in the situation that people find themselves in.  Political parties must appeal to and be judged by the public.  They must be responsive to public opinion.  That is subject to politicians explaining policy to the public - which even the ABC refuses to allow them to do, with highly paid journalists preferring that adversrial, interjecting interviewer style.

Excellent comment.

What happened to the days when members expressed their alternate views in the secrecy of cabinet, and argued and fought over them if necessary, but then agreed to a united front, and presented that united front to the public?


Career politicians, personailty politics and narcissism are more prevalent now.  Tabloid journalism doen't help (are you watching this space, ABC?).

What happened to the days when members expressed their alternate views in the secrecy of cabinet, and argued and fought over them if necessary, but then agreed to a united front, and presented that united front to the public?

Long gone IMO. Bunch of media 'me, me, me' manipulators (tarts) now I reckon. Bugger the voters and the party that got me into power seems to be the go at the moment, both among the independents and the major party reps. Idiots Inc rules it seems.

The public service culture has won the day. It's infectious.

"The public service culture has won the day."

What do you mean by that Adrianus?

I thought it was the wacky party politicing and personal pollie ambitions that has led to the leadership challenges and Canberra Chaos of recent times.

In any Public Service workplace more time is spent on self important issues than any item in their job description. 

Turnbull was a weak leader. Why did he want to knife Tony Abbott in the back? He often spoke about love but did he give it to those close to hime? You cannot combat hatred with more hatred. You must use love. An old Buddhist saying.

A new session of parliment opens today ( 10th of Sept).

Will it be about issues to help the people and the country, or about pollies sniping at each other?

As the bard said via Henry V before the Battle of Agincourt:

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;

Doubt any of it will be about the people or actual governance Tedwalker ... sadly.

It appears we were right.

I saw only the part of the parliamentary session that was on the news, but it appeared that it was largely about sniping and  point scoring and rubbishing the other side.

Probably nothing about running the country for the benefit of the people.


Ye Turnbull should have been the leader of the Labor party -- he would have killed it --  the reason Abbott was ousted was because he was downright dangerous and really has no talent AT ALL he has NO ability and is NOT and NEVER will be a diplomat and made us the laughing stock of the world

There's a persistent rumour that Malcolm Turnbull wanted to join the Labor Party but they wouldn't have him. It could be true given that until recently you had to be a member of a union to be accepted.

But there's another less persistent one, (and I rather like this one LOL), that he asked Kerry Packer for advice on which party he should join and was told to join the Liberals because they are easier to fool.

Forgot to tick the box

Annabel Crabb is a sharp-tongued gossip.  She is in her element though, because almost all political comment is speculative gossip and fake news.  Canberra is the gossip capital of Australia.  

Annabel doesn't hold a candle to the old gossipy pros like Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt IMO.

So you agree with the assessment of sarcastic, gossiping Annabel, but you say that others could be worse.  

Fact checking in a world of misinformation, disinformation and fakery

Interesting article. Personally I think when in doubt (or in some cases – denial) we all believe/support/promote those arguments that support our particular point of view. Forget the facts, shoot the messenger and discredit the "disbelievers" and make noise, noise, noise to that effect until you get your way.

Toddlers have it down pat. Part of the human condition IMO ... some things never change.


The article is good but your (mis-)use of it to imply that it somehow supports your opinion is not.

However, I dare say we both would wish that those highly paid politicians and the media would earn the big dollars they are paid and live up to the trust the public puts in them.


My reply comes across harsher than intended.  It isn't inevitable that we are slaves to our upbringing so to speak.  Some allow others to do the thinking for them and that mental laziness is a problem.

Yes, interesting article. We have unashamedly reached a point whereby reality has less importance than people's belief of reality. I think RNR is right in one way, we are like children in one sense. Like children with a new toy and we know this toy as Information Technology.


The 'meeja' report from Twitter feeds and often originating from their own kind.  So it is Chinese Whispers, where the original comment was only speculative gossip anyway.

That tactic is being deployed mainly by the left to destroy anyone whose views they might disagree with and to censor.  Disgusting tactics and the original lefties would be writhing in shame.  It was something they despised. 

Would love to bury Annabel's silly mug in one of her desserts!

So would the guests who let her into their home and kitchen, only to be the target of her not-so-well-disguised sarcastic remarks and the faces she pulls at the camera.