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Chinese tourists at a buffet in Thailand

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London, England

An urban fox curls up beside a busy street in north London

Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Over the last 20 years, the number of urban foxes in the UK has increased fourfold. There’s now one for every 300 humans in England.

Perhaps surprisingly, London doesn’t have the highest concentration of urban foxes in Britain. That title goes to Bournemouth with 23 foxes per square kilometre. London has 18 foxes per sq km and Bristol has 16. It’s believed that the high populations of rats and mice in London are a big draw for urban foxes, and they are instrumental in keeping numbers of rats down in the city.

Fox populations are self-regulating, with attempted culls proving unsuccessful. In the 1970s, London boroughs were responsible for their resident foxes. In Bromley, a fox-control officer killed 300 foxes a year, but made no dent in the population. Urban fox control was abandoned in the 1980s.

Foxes are resourceful in exploiting new territories. In 2011, as the Shard skyscraper was being built in London, a fox moved in on the seventy-second floor, surviving on food scraps left by workers.

The secret life of urban foxes.


Yes the Fox has been known over the last few years to get into homes and bite children especially babies. 




The fox apparently managed to sneak into the family home through an open back door and bit the child. Raeya Wyatt suffered Bite wounds to a foot and hand after the animal attacked her after entering through a back door that was on the latch. ... If an animal goes near her now she is scared and will cry. 'Feb 15, 2018


Russian President Vladimir Putin looks on as he is welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of the World Holocaust Forum at the Yad Vashem memorial center in Jerusalem. Heidi Levine/Pool via REUTERS







In the absence of snow, the racing is done using three-wheeled rigs

The Siberian Club of Great Britain have organised the annual event in conjunction with Forestry Commission Scotland and are hoping to once again attract crowds of over 3,000.

If there is no snow on the scenic Highland grounds, the race will still go ahead with the use of a three-wheeled rig.


:) Amazing blue eyes.


World Economic Forum of the Prince of Wales meeting climate activist Greta Thunberg after he gave a speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Certainly a different response than that of Donald Trump.

Charlie has always been a greenie -- I have admired him for that, he always cared about nature.


He spoke to Grega very kindly.

Britain's Prince Charles, second right, speaks with Holocaust survivor Marta Wise, second left, and George Shefi, left, whose mother perished at Auschwitz, during a reception at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Wonder if the Labour party in the UK will take the message on board.

Warilla NSW Post office will not hire “an over entitled millennial with an inflated sense of entitlement.”

No doubt someone will claim discrimination.

:) Well it didn't last long.

Licensee Angela Cramp said the advert requirement was meant to be a joke, while hinting at the entry-level nature of the position.

She said Seek had deemed the line about millennials to be 'age-discriminatory' and removed it from the advert.

The fires are far from over


Not just what you can see.

A subterranean fire burns through a tree stump or a tree and it burns what you can see, but what you're not seeing is that it is burning underground through the root system.

When soil moisture levels are at record lows a fire will travel underground. The root systems of these trees can go for many, many metres into unburnt country and pop out three days later, five days later, three weeks later and start another fire.

Yes very true RnR, we had that happen here --it was burning for many weeks -- today is the 1st time it looks like it has gone -- but still keeping an eye on it --

:) Very handy.


R.I.P To the three American heroes who lost their lives helping to fight our raging bushfires.


Yes, RIP and thank you. Very tragic.

And best wishes for a full recovery to the six Rural Fire Service volunteers who have been injured when their water tanker rolled while fighting the Clyde Mountain fire in Eurobodalla on the South Coast. Paramedics were called to the scene at the corner of the Princes Highway and Tomakin Road, Mogo, just after 11pm last night. The firefighters are being treated at Batemans Bay Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, including head, back, neck injuries and lacerations.

Iconic Goldfields Pipeline tipped to be replaced ending a century of history

In a public notice released this week, Water Corporation WA has proposed removing the original above-ground parts and installing new pipes below ground over the next 50 years. While some sections of the Perth-to-Kalgoorlie scheme have already been upgraded, more than 300 kilometres of the original pipeline is still in service today.

Construction of the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme took place in 1902.

CY O'Connor's great-grandson Mike Lefroy said he was surprised and saddened to hear of the plan to replace an "incredible piece of engineering".

"It's such a prominent reminder of his work, but when I thought about it, it had to be replaced at some time," he said.

Lady Forrest officially started the pumping machinery at Mundaring Pumping Station Number One on 22 January 1903 and on this day 24 January 1903 the first water flowed into the Mount Charlotte Reservoir at Kalgoorlie.

From your link RnR

About 100,000 people and the mining and agriculture sector rely on the fresh water the pipeline delivers

Water takes up to 11 days to travel from Perth's Mundaring Weir




NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons on Friday farewelled Canadian and US firefighters who have been helping NSW crews for the past 35 days. Photo Jeremy Piper

 Thank you so much.


Found out today for the first time ever that Keith Richards, Rolling Stones and Ronnie Spector of 'The Ronnettes - Me my Baby' fame were once an item back in the day - early 60s or thereabouts.

Saw some TV footage of Keith Richards at some sort of Awards ceremony some years ago talking about how he felt when he first heard 'The Ronnettes' all those years ago - got the impression their sound made an instant impact on Keith and that the Keith Ronnie thing was an important relationship for him  - still quite good friends I believe.  

Strangely traces of this footage stayed with me and remember being sort of impressed at the time cause ol' Keith who usually comes across as ultra cool and laid back seemed sort of nostalgically - well something ....but now that I realise Ronnie and Keith were an item it sort of makes sense.

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