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Chinese tourists at a buffet in Thailand

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The cutest chapel in the world?

By shazz67 ·  · From Pic of the Week

The cutest chapel in the world is picturesque any time of the year, but when those leave turn red and yellow in Autumn, it's magical.

Published 2 hours ago.  Gostwyck NSW 2358 

Totally magical...Now thats what I call a place to worship.. :)

Cranky I was going to say the very same thing -- not at all obscene like so many

Beautiful. Never seen it before and didn't realise it's just outside Uralla or would have taken a quick drive to have a look if I'd known. Passed though Uralla many times.


I am sure I can see stain glass windows...that would seal it for me without even seeing inside...I just love it.

just adding I googled it and inside is just as I imagined...and on March 25th they are having a lantern parade, but I will be on the high seas...maybe next year...:)


It is a delightful church...

Gostwyck Chapel Uralla NSW

and in all it's glory...

Image result for interior of All Saints Church in Gostwyck


How the front rows reacted to the Best Picture confusion at the Oscars

I am more amazed than them..I didn"t think America could be shocked at anything after the last couple of

Toot, it certainly gave a lot of people a lot to talk about lol.

Warren was definite he was not taking the blame, and I do not blame him. I am sure he took umbrance at the bloke saying "what have you done Warren".


MY Cancer talk be encouraged

Not working PIXAPD

Isn't it about time Aust Post got ride of all its directors?


Revealed: Ahmed Fahour could be handed up to $8MILLION as outgoing Australia Post CEO brands Pauline Hanson 'sad' and 'ill-informed' for attacks on his religion Ahmed Fahour, the outgoing CEO of Australia Post, could be in line for a payout of $8million when he quits later this year, significantly more than the $5.6million that enraged politicians last week. John Stanhope, the chief executive of Australia Post, revealed  CEO Ahmed Fahour could be in line for an $8million payout when he leaves the business later this year

Anyone interested in gardening and Bees please?  I started a new line about the seems that they are under threat because of hybrid plants.....



Pants on fire! The terrifying moment an e-cigarette EXPLODES in a man's pocket leaving him with third-degree burns  WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Dramatic footage shows Terrence Johnson, 32, in front of a restaurant in Calgary, Canada, when the battery for his e-cigarette explodes in his pocket.

Lake Menindee, NSW

Photograph by Julie Fletcher.

I cannot describe the eerie feeling I had when I walked in on this scene. I followed a massive storm front several 100 kilometres hoping to capture something special but this blew my mind. The surreal milky green water is a natural phenomenon caused by electomagnetic activity from the lightning hitting the waters surface. There was no rain where I was and not much wind either but in the distance the sky was charged and angry subjecting its wrath over the graveyard of dead trees in this normally very dry lake bed.

That is amazingly surreal. 

The Ice Bear

Photograph by Paul Souders, Seattle, Washington.

A polar bear peers up from beneath the melting sea ice on Hudson Bay.

Mount Etna's erupting again.

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