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Chinese tourists at a buffet in Thailand

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This fish can bite through rock

When I used to dive you could hear these munching on the coral

You lucky thing PB, it must be wonderful down there.

They look very formidable swimming together.

Morning all,

I just posted a long post but it disappeared somwhere and I cannot find it.

So a  'morning all' will have to do.


That sometimes happens to me too Shaggy, I hope you didn't use a bad word when it happened.

Dancing Foamy Waves

Capturing dancing foam figures as the sea hits the shore at Kingscliff, northern NSW.

Photograph by ABC Open contributor Stu Crawford, February 2017.

Fanfare: Frill-necked lizard

Photograph by Jannico Kelk, taken just after sunrise at a park in Darwin,NT.

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