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Chinese tourists at a buffet in Thailand

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Discovering Daintree wilderness

By Helen C ·  · From Pic of the Week

Three day hike with a bunch of adventurous friends into the heart of the world's oldest rainforest Daintree. You can't find a better place to reconnect with the nature.

Published 5 hours ago.  Cape Tribulation QLD 4873

I just adore the Daintree and the Tribulation area

Thanks PB, I think ABC Open photos is winding down, hardly anyone submitted photos lately, hope it doesn't fold completely.

Like you PlanB ... love that area too.

Maybe people are just busy with the festive season Toot. Also weather has been a bit off in a lot of places recently.

Wind farm with Doughboys in the background

By eunice_atkins ·  · From Pic of the Week

Wind farm with Doughboys in the background

Published 6 hours ago.  Circular Head TAS


 Blue whale

This looked shopped at first glance but seems legit

So huge. Must be amazing to see one.

Thanks again for the photos


Mark & Sam Burgess


Mark and Samantha Burgess bought an apartment off the plan in a Sydney development in 2016.

They have since taken a double hit, due to stricter lending rules and a falling property market.

Initially they were told they would need a 10 per cent deposit for their $1.65 million purchase.

But when it came time to settle in August this year, things had changed.

"The bank pulled out at the last minute," Mr Burgess told 7.30.

"We had to find another bank."

Then they were told they needed a 20 per cent deposit.

"We were on the verge of losing the deposit and losing the property," Mr Burgess said……..

Scary time for them. Wonder just how the real estate market will fare in the next couple of years.

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