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Is 60 Middle Age

David Andrew Sinclair AO is an Australian biologist and professor of genetics best known for his advocacy for resveratrol as an anti-ageing dietary supplement and potential medication.

Sinclair believes ageing is a treatable disease. Growing old--a disease? Forget the Coronavirus, old age is contagious. A pandemic in my opinion!

Sinclair says, "because of chemical signals that are sent to our genome (the complete set of an individual’s DNA, containing all genetic instructions for our bodies) by the “fabulously intricate, pulsating [molecular] structure that our genome is wrapped up in”: the epigenome."

Everyone still with me? Clear as mud.

His research has come up with a gene called sirtuins. These sirtuins things make enzymes that can muck around with our DNA, switching genes on or off. All too much for my brain firing on all two genes.

Europe in the 17th century had a life expectancy of 39.7 years of age. It begs the question for 2020: if government policy is structured on generations past, what of this generation?

An age limit for citizen's voting rights is not the answer.

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Thanks for your information Celia. I remember her being on Australian Story many years ago and she said she had a romantic fling with Gregory Peck and could have married him. Who knows what could have happened if she did?

Oh wow!  perhaps that was around the time he was making 'On the Beach'?

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