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Is a peak hour congestion charge fair?

Australian cities must follow London, Singapore, Stockholm, Milan and New York City by introducing a congestion charge suggests a new report from The Grattan Institute.

The reports author Marion Terrill believes that almost 40 per cent fewer cars would enter the CBD area with the introduction of a modest charge, increasing speeds across the network by one per cent.

Progressive cities such as Vancouver, Beijing and Jakarta are also in the process of implementing a similar charge to battle congestion.

The report showed that people who drive to the city each day for work are more than twice as likely to earn a six-figure salary.

“The CBD is well-serviced by public transport, which is how most people get there.” said Ms Terrill.

The charges would only apply during peak periods.

Do you think the introduction of a peak hour congestion charge in most Australian capitial cities makes sense?

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They have the trackless trams in China

A trackless tram can be put into a road system over one weekend and costs only $3 million to $4 million per km.

This is a lot less than the current light rail being installed in NSW which is costing $175 million per kilometer.

Clearly we don't have a lot of XR supporters on this thread..they may appreciate a congestion charge, seeing they are intent on causing a lot of it!

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