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Is it unrealistic to expect unbiased reporting?

Recently I was reading an article about 'perceived' bias in reporting. How we see bias, whether it is there or not, depending on which side of the political spectrum our opinions happen to fall. 

It was asking the question of whether or not it is even realistic to expect total unbiased reporting? Reporters are just people and their own beliefs must at times slip into the way they report things, no matter how hard they may (or may not, as the case may be) try to not let that happen. 

We all know some who wear their bias like a badge of honour, while others have a sort of covert bias. Do we pick and choose our 'facts' from our already held opinions and if we do, have we formed those opinions by only listening to the news outlets we have decided to trust, mainly because they seem to mirror those opinions? I admit to being more than a little guilty of that myself. 

And then there is the relatively new 24hr news cycle which gave birth to 'click-bait', the sensationalising of headlines to get clicks. How often do we just skim the headlines, which so often have taken a couple of lines of a statement, usually out of context, coming from some politician, or another person in the limelight at the moment? 

It quickly grabs our attention, as is the intention, and will often be shared on social media over and over again, not to mention the nightly news, with people making assumptions about the person making the statement based on their body language etc. Once we used to say that the camera doesn't lie, but we all know that isn't true anymore.

I can't find the article that ignited these thoughts now, so can't link it. It's probably just as well because it was very, very long and probably boring, but it was also, paradoxically, kind of interesting.

Maybe it even had some answers, if you could stick it out to the very end. 

Which incidentally, I couldn't – and therein I guess, lies the problem.  


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May be a bit off topic but want to say that I think the media is much better at reporting facts these days than it was in the 1970s and before. We heard little in those days about the corruption of State governments like Joh Bjelke-Petersen in Qld and Robert Askin in NSW.

Unbiased reporting?? No such thing, if it ever existed. Specially now when media is concentrated inn mainly on old guy who runs the country by telling gov. what they should do.

Will it ever get better? No, gov. has found out it can manipulate opinion via the media. The Nasties did it extremely well and western govs. are learning from them

Orwells "1984" is alive and well! Dont believe all you read in the media , even this!


I have yet to see any unbiased media at least in Australia - all are either Left-wing or Right-wing. Whoever pays (with the exception of the ABC, which is inherently deeply leftist) seems to call the tune. Best to focus on facts (can be hard at times to sift it from opinions) and make your own conclusions.


I think people perceive the ABC as being leftest for the simple reason that it is the only station that uncovers the governments corruption.

The others seem to be either controlled by Murdock or too dependant on government advertising money.

Surveys have indecated that the ABC receives roughly the same amount of complaints about being left or right biased.  That indicates to me that the balance is about right.

If we want to bring in some sort of rules about balanced or honest reporting, it  must be done for all paties, not just one.

The media should face huge fines for not demonstrating truth in reporting.  Bias will always be there, but their is a difference between showing bias and just making things up in order to steal an election.  Unfortunatley a man who does not want to be an Australian, who has become the citizen of another country, thinks he can determine who will run this one.  And he is using his media empire to do it.

Just look at the major important stories that  would not have seen daylight if the ABC hadn"t reported them first.

If you think the ABC is too biased don't watch or listen to it, just like I do with organisations like SKY.

Just another opinion, and you make a good arguement, there is belief and there are facts, the individual has to sort out which is which.  Many people believe thigs that are not true, that does not make them true.


ABC shows leftist bias whenever any of their presenters express an opinion, never heard any right-wing opinion from them. Also, the excessive proportion of news items attacking the right-wing side of politics, even if factual, indicates an inherent bias and also how they wish to direct their audience thinking (rather subtle method).

I disagree that you should not watch media which you disagree with, although to keep your BP lower it is best to switch out soon! You should listen to both sides of arguments to make your own decisioon what to believe. You should watch Sky too, as I have found many items of news not favourable to the Left are dropped out of the news by ABC, Channels 9 & 10, and you may only hear about it on Sky.


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