Is there bias?

This photo was over the heading;

How many lies can a politician tell before you lose faith in them?

Some have accused YLC of bias by using only Liberal politicians in a subject about politicians telling lies whilst others can't see a problem.


Is there bias?

It would depend on whether YLC only ever uses Liberal pollies pictures in articles like this. I haven't been around long enough to know.

At the moment these are the ones making the decisions for us, so maybe they are the obvious choice.  If there were questions like this asked when Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd were running the Government, with their pictures above, then no there is no bias.

I guess I'll make a decision about that after the next election. lol

But having said that, even if there is bias, it's easy to avoid.  There are numerous publications that lean in the other direction.  The internet makes it easy to find articles that tend to lean in the same direction as you or I might lean. 

I just have to be careful I don't lean so far to one side I end up going around in ever decreasing circles til I disappear up my own clacker.   I've forgotten who said that, but I love it, so I stole it.   Sorry.

Ignoring bias, Leonie, doesn't make it go away. I would have thought that the photo with a person crossing their fingers behind their back would be partly acceptable. I say partly because, again, that would show bias in that it would suggest that only men lie, not women.

Old Man, calling it out doesn't make it go away either.  I think we all have a certain amount of bias.  As far as pollies' lying goes, I don't think either side is completely truthful, much like the general public.

Even facts can be twisted to suit your own particular bias.  For example, I worked for many years in sales.  I worked from time to time with my opposition number relaying shelves in supermarkets and the like.  I distinctly remember on one occasion her telling me she had been told they were market leaders in a particular product.  I had also been told my company was the market leader, and we both had the printouts to prove it.  So, one would think, one of these companies must be lying.

But no, as it turned out. When we got our heads together and checked the figures we were given, we discovered that they were both right.  Her company was the leader in volume of sales, mine was the leader in value of sales.

What's that old saying about lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics?

"But having said that, even if there is bias, it's easy to avoid.  There are numerous publications that lean in the other direction.  The internet makes it easy to find articles that tend to lean in the same direction as you or I might lean. "

Agree Leonie, and although "Ignoring bias, Leonie, doesn't make it go away." — OM

Of course it doesn't OM ... bias has been there throughout history ... but who cares? ... much better now, so easy to get various views/sides these days to make up one's own mind IMO.

Integrity matters, don't you agree?  Civility too and so often the two are forgotten as one.  Red flags.

Integrity and civility ... characteristics I admire greatly LJ.

Sadly though I think many others don't ... not least so-called leaders throughout history and the current crop of pollies both here and overseas.


Agreed :)

It is the failing that is unreasonably excused by so many of the politically-aligned, who forget that their own bigotry, their acceptance and excuses where their own side is concerned, is never in their own interest. 

It has the effect of dissuading the ethical men and women with fine records of experience and accomplishment from coming forward, only to and be trashed in party pre-selection by the manipulative career politicians.

These scum never stop lying -- they do and say ANYTHING to get elected

The Libs and Nats are renowned liars. That is fact, not bias. The public don’t forget “Children overboard”, “There will be no cuts to pensions, the ABC, Medicare etc”, and on it goes.....they even used lies to justify our invasion of Iraq. 

Most recently McCormack lied about what he knew about Broad’s shenanigans in Hong Kong and when he found out etc.  our Finance Minister Mathias Cormann charged the tax payers $40,000 to fly to Adelaide and WA to have a quick chat to 2 other pollies and tried to justify that expenditure.

Can anyone highlight Labor’s lies apart from Gillard’s “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead” which was stated before she found herself leading a hung parliament? I don’t think YLC are biased, they would have a more difficult time explaining a picture of Shorten or Labor pollies with the caption “How many lies can a politician tell before you lose faith in them”. No such difficulty with Liberal pollies because their many lies are glaring and have been unrelenting for years.

It would be so good to have honest, ethical more lies and hoodwinking of the public. Is it possible? I think the weakening of the 2 party system could be a good start but Fraser Anning shows us that Independents are not always the answer to achieving greater integrity in parliament. He has charged the tax payers tens of thousands gadding about to his far right wing rallies and taking his wife on holidays. I think we need more stringent rules. 


And thank you Tisany 2019 for that brilliant example of bias.

It just makes sense, when talking about liars, you put up your best examples.  Or you put up the people who make the biggest inpact when they lie.

You can find bias in anything, you just have to have the intention.


You haven’t got a straight bone in your body 

Your skeleton must tilt to the left 



All pollies tell lies. Would anyone believe them if they told the truth? Part of their job is to win votes. I don't care how much they lie as long as they deliver some of the things they are "lying"about. 

All media in the USA state that Americans dont want Trump's wall. How is it that when they took to "GO Fund Me" almost $12m was raised in the blink of an eye?

Interesting development ...

GoFundMe to refund $20 million raised by Purple Heart Air Force veteran for Trump’s border wall

A GoFundMe campaign to raise $1 billion for President Donald Trump’s wall on the southern U.S. border must refund the more than $20 million it has raised so far, after the campaign changed the way it intends to use the donations.

Brian Kolfage — a 37-year-old Air Force veteran who received the Purple Heart after losing three limbs in Iraq — set up the GoFundMe. He posted on the campaign’s page Friday that the approximately $20,480,000 raised by more than 340,000 donors would no longer be donated to the federal government. Instead, the funds would go toward a non-profit organisation he has set up to build the wall without the government’s help.

Because tho original intent is no longer happening, Bobby Whithorne, director of North America Communications for GoFundMe, announced not long after the funding change that all donations will be refunded on April 11 unless donors elect to redirect their donation to Kolfage’s new non-profit.

Sad really. A man gives 3 limbs for his country and still trying to do more. And against the odds. 

$12 million, that would represent $1.00 each from what percentage of the population?  If there are a billion people in the USA, $12 million would not represent a high percentage of the population, especially if you concede the average donation would be more than $1.00.

So what we are left with is the fact that a very high proportion of the USA population would not pay a dollar towards Trump's wall.  Maybe Americans aren't as bad as I thought.  In fact only 340,000 Americans care enough to put their hands in there pockets to support the wall.  I would guess most of them are supporting the war hero, not the President.

Losing limbs in support of your country makes you brave and proves you will fight for the rights of those who won't or can't do it for themselves, even draft dodgers like Trump, but it does not make you politically astute. 

According to my calculations ...

Trump Wall Go Fund Me campaign... donors 340,000.
US population ... roughly 326.77 million.

• % of total population who donated = 0.1%
• % of those over age 18 who donated = 0.136%

% of population who DIDN'T donate ... between 99.9 and 99.86%.

Says it all to me.

Glad to have someone do the maths for me, I have never found maths easy.  Same result but easier for those who care about facts to understand.

No, losing limbs in support of your country may not make you politicallt astute. But it sure as hell makes you worthy of reciprocal loyalty. 

Yes just another failing of the Trump government, veterens are not being given the medical help they need.  Then again, he never served did he, so he would have little empathy.  It does not make you worthy of loyalty, it makes you worthy of respect, a far better pay off.

I see, you havent served either. Too quick to discard the value of loyalty and what it means to those who serve. Not that it matters. So, one needs to experience the same pain first hand to have empathy? That may be the case for those of limited emotional intelligence.