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Is this the greatest song of all time?

I'm a fan of Google and the answers the search engine 'spits out' instantly to any of my requests. Pondering which song I felt was the greatest song of all time, I thought, let's ask Google.

The answer? Thriller by Michael Jackson. Do you agree? What do you feel is the greatest song of all time?


So many from which to choose.  From opera to pop, there have been many songs I could listen to over and over.

Loved all of Perry Como, some of Dean Martin, from the pops.

Whispering grass sung by Windsor Davis and Don Estelle

Dance with me till me till the end of time by Leonard Cohen..

Oldies but timeless.

I agree Darcy,

I am watching with great interest as I am sure others are, to see whether Father Kelly takes out the title for 2018 .

He reached a million souls.


Cranky, he didn't win.   I don't think he made it to the semi finals.

In a way, I'm not sorry he didn't win.   I would prefer him not to become involved in the glitz and glamour and the false world of celebrity.   It nearly wrecked Susan Boyle.

Fr Ray will continue to delight audiences and will no doubt probably make records, but in the real world.

Hope this makes sense.


One of my favourites from Father Ray Kelly … surprise for the bride and groom.

I was curious to see if Google would tell me the same thing, I've found that answers to questions can be different for different people, but on this occasion, it spat out the same thing - Thriller.

I wonder how they come by this, not sure I would agree, although I do like the song and I think the video clip is probably the best ever. 

It can't be sales stats because when I asked Google what was the top selling song of all time, it came back with White Christmas by Bing Crosby.  That one just hangs in there, doesn't it?



That is the answer to 'POP song' from Time Out

and they do not qualify how the result comes out ..probably on Google's pay list.

Best POP song is quiet different to Best, most sold etc

as you can see on the pix below of the 'Time Out' page

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Yeah, I noticed that too Suze, that it was the best 'pop' song, however that wasn't the question I asked.  I just asked what was the best song of all time. Obviously, Google thinks pop songs should go to the top of the list.  LOL

Interestingly if you ask google 'What is the best pop song of all time' does NOT come up with the TimeOut Page with the "Thriller"

Just proves you cannot trust google

I agree wholeheartedly Darcy, I cant imagine how Father Ray Kelly would change his image if he was slung into the world of show Biz...

But at least now the world would have experienced a lovely human being with a voice of an angel and he wont be forgotten in a hurry, thats a lot more than I can say about current discovered "sensations"  ;)

Well sure did not like that Jackson one -- very strange

"Imagine" by John Lennon of course

Songs depend on the person and what they like. John Lennon and his somng Imagine reached a lot of  people due to the message of peace

If Google gave Thriller as being the greatest song of all time it's about time Google was put off the air or committed to a mental institution. AS we all know there is no greatest song of all time, people's various tastes and various genres prove that. So for popular music I do find it hard to go past the old reliable, Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. But then you have opera, blues, jazz, country rock etc. A plethora of wonderful memories and magnificent music. I guess it really comes down to whatever floats your boat. However after all said and done definitely not Thriller Cheers Jacka.

Metallica Nothing else matters