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Japan banning tourists for ‘bad manners’

A growing number of Japanese tourism attractions are refusing to accept foreign tourists because they display “bad manners” when visiting sites.

Some of these tourist sites said they had tried to prevent unruly behaviour, but the continued rudeness had hurt their businesses and their reputations.

The Asahi Shinbun reported that the Nanzoin temple famed for a huge lying Buddha called Nebotoke-san, has posted signs in 12 languages at its precincts and the nearby station, describing Nanzoin as an important place of prayer and telling non-Japanese tourists that they are not welcome there.

According to Kakujo Hayashi, 65, chief priest of Nanzoin, the problems started around 10 years ago, when 20 to 30 buses of overseas sightseers would flock to the temple daily after arriving in Fukuoka city by cruise ship.

The tourist influx drastically changed the atmosphere of Nanzoin. Some visitors blared music while splashing in water around a waterfall for Buddhism training. One tourist even climbed to the roof of a building on the temple grounds.

Yatsushirogu shrine also temporarily stopped accepting all worshippers on the days cruise ships called at a nearby port in August 2017.


I say good for them should happen everywhere.


Most of those tourists displaying bad behaviour are the Chinese and Australians.

Kiah (and most other commentators here).  Whilst I agree wholeheartedly that many Australian tourists display appalling behaviour when overseas, I think to single them out with the Chinese is not quite fair.  Having travelled widely over a number of years, I can vouch for the fact that "most" bad manners, and worse, are assuredly not confined to these two nations.  Out of all the atrocious incidents I have witnessed, the very worst was by some Israeli females, closely followed by a German group.  Sadly, every country has it's share of philistines!

Retribution by host countries is long overdue.

Yep I agree Israeli women are among the worst they are renowned for being rude, impatient, noisy and high on drugs, according to Yael Miller, writing in the Tel Aviv-based newspaper Haaretz.

The knock-on effect of arguing about the price of rooms and cheating hoteliers, she explains, is that some estab­lish­ments have unofficial “no-Israeli” policies.

My son on visiting Paris, wanted to visit the grave of Oscar Wilde. He eventually found his grave and was disgusted by the

behaviour of some tourists. He said they had no respect whatsoever, he didn't even get a photograph, and left in disgust. 

Aussies are letting us down abroad in a big way. In recent years many have had to pay huge fines in Europe for bad behaviour and in both Florence and Venice, couples have been arrested for having sex in the open. Must be the romantic Italian vibes! Venice is now going to charge tourists huge fees for visiting the islands.

It's a shame these louts can't respect the culture of other countries. Even in my home town of Lucca, Mayor Tambellini is fed up to the back teeth. In Japan they even target the geisha girls. Japan had enough too.

Young Australians have an increasingly bad reputation overseas.  Its embarrasing.

Perhaps send them to Bali.....where they will shortlyu also be kicked out.

There's a bad mentaility been developing in our own country for two decades fueled by the media.  Manners are optional at best and the growing reports of offensive behaviour, road rage, assaults and verbal abuse contine to grow. 

In the past these louts found themselves on the end of some tough justice.  These days they get a slap on the wrist if that. The problem is we have allowed this to happen and now it is coming back to bite us.  As a regular international traveller I cringe when I see my fellow citizens acting like some of them do.  It reflects on all of us.

The answer?  More counselling?  Suspended sentences with no conviction recorded?  Community service for serious crimes?  These are all symptoms of the problem and the courts are at the heart of the epidemic few other nations seem to have but we do.

We have travelled a bit since retiring and there are times when I feel embarrassed to admit that I am Australian. Quite often alcohol is involved but mainly it's a lack of good manners and disrespect for fellow travellers. I'm not sure if it's just because they have left our shores or whether it's a symptom of Australian attitudes generally. We live near a school and the rudeness and arrogance displayed by parents waiting for the child are quite different. Blocked driveways don't seem to worry the drivers and, if challenged, they exhibit a belligerence suggesting that the homeowner is wrong.

Ever seen the bad Australian in an aircraft?  They sort of stand out.

MICK This is a comment from you that I really have to wholeheartedly  agree with. I'm not sure about the two decades, it is certainly a long time though, and I liken the 'bad mentality' to a snowball rolling down a mountain. All the best.


good on them I say!  It's about time tourists were taken to task for the disrespect they show when in other countries.  Before travelling one should learn a little of what the culture of a place is and act accordingly and keep bad behaviour at home.  So many ancient cultures are suffering from the massive amnount of tourists , Venice being one place in question. Who had the mad idea of allowing those huge cruise ships in spewin g thousands of people out at the one time and also the wash in the canals eroding further the damage to the city itself. 

Japan is one of our favourite holiday destinations. Several times we have been appalled by the disgusting behaviour of some Australians. One occasion that comes to mind was while dining at a very upmarket Japanese restaurant and as most know removng of shoes is mandatory for the Japanese. These hoodlums refused to remove their shoes, the proprietor respectfully advised them if they didn't they would have to leave. They still refused, the restaurant manager called the police and they were taken away. Everyone applauded, including us.

Mick,Old man youreally havent seen anything till you see what the Chinese are doing to other countries(asia)plus the bad auatralian in asian countries they are really embarrassing Booze drugs etc & to think that some of these people will be future Australian leaders not all of them but they show no curtisy to anyone.

One of the best things the police do over here when someone is caught is show name & shame & then kicked out.



I agree it is like if you visit someone you respect them and their home == so if you go to another country you should respect it and the peoples beliefs 

When I have travelled overseas I have been really conscious of behaving respectfully wherever I happen to be......I have found that it is mostly the Chinese who have no idea of queuing, and  being quiet when the occasion demanded it.

When I have travelled overseas I have been really conscious of behaving respectfully wherever I happen to be......I have found that it is mostly the Chinese who have no idea of queuing, and  being quiet when the occasion demanded it.

The Japanese are not only respectful, tidy and well dressed in their own country, they have acquired a reputation abroad for being the world’s most desired tourists. I commend them for taking the steps they have regarding unruly tourists.