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Jones and Turnbull

This is disgustingly corrupt and unbelievable how these fascist mongrels are selling off every thing and we are NOT being told about it – this is well worth listening to – I am not a fan of Jones but he gives it to Turnbull here and Turnbull just has NO answers at all. This is off Facebook – hope you all can hear it – I watched over on a Friend's facebook.

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I think the government can be swayed by public opinion, they knew stop the boats had to be addressed, if they know we are fair dinkum about an important issue, they usually get the message in the end. Now they need to get the message about not getting too chummy with China.

I am concerned that media reports mention mainly China's interests in Darwin Harbour, and on electricity in South Australia.  There is so much else.

Strangely not mentioned is the lease of Newcastle Harbour by Chinese interests, only 2 hours from Sydney.  Funds from that lease are being used by NSW Govt to destroy the Intercity Passenger Rail between the State's two major cities.  That rail until Christmas 2014 linked the Regions to their Regional City of Newcastle. It linked the City to the Airport by ferry should the bridges be down.  China is happily investing too in the coal mining up the rail track.  Passenger transport is coming second.

More money from Port lease and pole-wires is meant for a bandaid 2.4km 'light rail' bang into the narrow Hunter Street, Newcastle City! It can't compare with high capacity, direct, heavy rail of course; especially to serve future growth!  

Further, the Public rail corridor land to Newcastle Station Terminus is intended for quick buck sale, enabling high rise development for anyone's purchase. (A wall between city and Harbour).  

ICAC, a Public Inquiry, and decades of public input against all this, all ignored.

Do we need foreign leases, Koreans building our trains, or Baird's selloff of our personal amenity for his Sydney spending?  Newcastle is dying, and NSW with it.

Yes this is yet another worry Heskwith,  the more you search the more you find to be VERY VERY concerned about.

I might have to leave this forum for awhile as have appointments

I was dumbfounded that PM., didn't have any answer at all to the Allan Jones question and thank you Allan Jones defending on be half of the Australina interest. 

Chinese government is the CANSER against the world and invade so meny countries and the South China Sea matter (no respect of the International court disigion at Harg) also the East China Sea (try to invade Japanese sobranty of the Senkaku Island) as a small example also redicurous submarine deal with France who has never made paticulor submarine yet). 

I'm not an Australian but living here for last 41 years and love Australia.

Infra Structure of the country such as ownership of the huge land, energy (elctricity, or gas,) and strategic property such as Dawine, Fremantle, etc.,  by forlegn ownership shoul never allowed, I was so shocked to know all government accepted the deal. 


Malcolm Turnble isn't good enough to hold Prime Minister position so that he should resin from the PM position and the reason being he made wrong disigion without Australian interest. 

I'm worried that in the future of the Australian growth. 

Ken, please list the countries China has invaded.

Compare it with the number the US has invaded.

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