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Julia Gillard voted world's best PM

Heh, heh, in her dreams......April 1, 2012.

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Go Julia! there's no one better then you.


Yes. That's exactly what the majority of Australians want her to do - GO! And the sooner the better.  You must be delusional to think otherwise.

Would like to see so called heroes like Peter Costello or current Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, do the work that Julia Gillard has done during her time as a Minister and now as the Prime Minister.  Simply amazing effort.

And as for that "lie", when will people realize that when she said that she had no idea that she would be leading a minority government and had to do very much negotiating and compromising to bring in a Bill that neither John Howard nor that poor fellow Kevin Rudd wanted desperately to bring in themselves, but did not have the skill or ability to do so.

Julia Gillard grasped the unique opportunity that was presented to her and ran with it to success.   But, being a woman, she has very many obstacles to cross, especially from her own sisterhood. How pathetic is that? 

Can any of her critics state honestly that they have never seen a politician change tack after an election?

I am a critic & I can state honestly that I have never seen a politician change tack after an election like Julia Gillard.

I'll second that, Innes.  I fail to see the logic in that it was ok to blatantly lie just to stay in power.

It's now April 4th - AFD is well and truly over so no need to go on with garbage.

Doesn't anybody stop & think.  The Labor Party got into power on the back of the Greens who demanded the carbon tax.  The lower house labor & aligned independants voted on Party Lines for the Tax.  The Upper House voted on Party Lines to pass the tax.  What did Gillard do that was so wonderful?  Instead of loyal generalisation, would somebody please tell me what Gillard has done other then laying Rudd to rest at the last minute.

Innes, Gillard has managed to hold together a fractious coalition of people who she accommodates and doesn't necessarily agree with. Some of these people are downright dogs in the manger. The fact that she is actually holding a Govt together from a minority number of seats with her own party is a credit to her.

Remember that Abbott was prepared to do the same, right after the last election went down to the wire - and accommodate people who are basically diametrically opposed to the Liberal party line. However, he couldn't pull it off. He's not a negotiator, he's a headbutt-er.

I don't agree with a Carbon Tax, and I'll think you'll find that deep in her heart, Gillard isn't happy about a Carbon Tax, either - but she had to deal with people who wanted a Carbon Tax, come hell or high water, and those people would have unseated her Govt, if she didn't accommodate them.

I believe she's a better negotiator and leader than Abbott ever would be, and I often see flashes of steeliness in Gillard that remind me of Maggie Thatcher. I've never seen her rattled, lost for words, or making idiotic comments that later, have to be retracted - as Abbott regularly does.

However she does have to work with a Party of her own that is fractured by factionalism, as well as fractious and outright demanding coalition minority partners. I think that the current setup is getting up peoples noses - that people who got very little % of the vote, are swaying the direction and decisions of the Govt, by essentially yanking on the Govts nose peg - and this is being reflected in the Labor Partys low popularity levels.

Some good points about our Julia Aaron.  Just remember 2 things.  We are discussing Gillard, not Abbott & it is the game of Politics, not personalities.  The Labor Party back room was responsible for the coalition with the Greens not Gillard, even though she used her courtroom skills to do the deals with the Independants.  At the end of the day, the deals with the Greens & Oakeshotte will not only kill the political future of Oakeshotte as well as causing the demise of the Greens, but will have effectively kept the Labor Party out of Government for at least 2 & most likely 3 Federal Elections.  The worst part is that one of the first things that Abbott will do is to use his Political tactics to reverse the Carbon Tax.  He wont be able to get it past the Green controlled Upper House, so he will take the first opportunity to bring about a double dissolution & another unnecessary Federal Election.  So all the very expensive pain for Australia will have achieved nothing other than the near destruction of the Labor Party.  After my opening remarks about Gillard, I must take the opportunity to comment on 1 thing about Abbott.  He has managed to keep Turnbull's mouth shut for over 3 months!!!!

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