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Juliar did it - lied and now it has passed 74 to 72

Oh dear and now the death of the Labor party is just about assured as if this carbon tax kicks in next July - and by then many of the employers will have already shifted or planned ther shift off shore and jobs will be scarce as we enter if lucky a recession [and not a depression if the rest of the western world goes bust].

God help those with limited incomes when the prices rise and the compensation on electricity doesnt even cover the basics having already risen in most states to breaking point and putting up prices and we shall see the lies and spin when it goes up who is right Labor Greens Left wing media or the Coalition.

But then too late - so save like mad now to pay your way until they are gone and we get sensible government back - only around 23% still want Labor and if we got rid of compulsory voting many of them wouldn't bother to vote at all and we hopefully then can get another party up with right wing views and leave the social engineering to the Europeans who are broke too because of Labor/Green communistic socialistic brainwashing.

Most of the country who can think for themselves are already doing this which is why retailers etc are in strife no money for buying anything unessential when bankruptcy looming for the whole world on debt.

And there were we Australia after 12 years of the Coalition in a strong position no debt and 22 billion in the bank in 2007 when Labor got back in on the media saying Howard was hated and Me too all the time from Rudd who then proceeded to undo the good that Howard had done in closing off the borders to people smugglers and it was on - 12,500 and rising.

Costing billions and still they come.

 Meanwhile he did the ecomomic stimulus just before Christmas but didnt wait to see if this did the job before spending more - having also not bothered to check how many of the pensioners still lived in oz before sending them cheques to stimulate their new nations and another lot of $900 went out to people long left our shores wasting millions. And many of those who did live here and got the $900 said it was a pity didnt keep it in the bank ready for a rainy day like the GFC that came and rained on Rudd's parade.

Meanwhile before this came the pink batts which lost lives of at least 4 and homes of 150 and wasted millions.

Then the BER which wasted 16 billion but made a lot of unionists happy when a carport which costed out at $150K got sold to Labor for around $450K and so it went on all overseen by wait for it Julia Gillard.

 Then the pensioners being promised a rise arrived 18 months later with prices rising meantime and it went only to singles and not marrieds and the gap is wider than ever.

What a shame - they managed to out Sophie but then that was 1 and added to 72+74 still had missing 3 MPs, anyone know who?

It is a given that this will pass in the upper house if all remains the same with the Greens having balance of power.

Lots of prayers will be rising up asking for a miracle before it comes to pass methinks many will find God once again or hope someone is listening! Because the government is certainly not and hasnt for a long time.




Good post BigVal, but remembering  that the Bill has to run the gauntlet of  passing through the Upper House.  At this stage, that is not a foregone conclusion or a given as the final Green vote on this particular issue is not quite definite.

Oh dear - the sky is falling in (again)

The jubilation and euphoria, the hugging and the kissing amongst the Labor, Greens and Independents was an incredible display of thumbing their nose at the population of Australia, showing the true characters of these people...nasty, immature,vengeful.  Julia Gillard may have gained a little kudos had she simply stood up and apologised for her lie, and explained her belief in why she has fought tooth and nail against the *will of the people.

It is of course impossible to imagine any signs of modesty or sober exchange of words  from a woman who, after assassinating a sitting PM, turns to the Opposition Leader and says: "Game on".



"Even as protesters were being thrown out of the public gallery, Brown claimed that Australia "in the main" wants the carbon tax, when polls show that support for a carbon tax collapsed this year.

The latest Newspoll even found that climate change slipped to last place of the ten most important issues in the minds of Australians.

And for the first time, voters judge the Coalition better able to handle climate change, 31 per cent to 28 per cent.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the carbon tax."


@ Koko

Got to remember she is a lawyer albeit one who couldnt hack it in her career like so many and turned to the one career which has no qualifications necessary - exept a thick hide and the head to match maybe? Rofl............


after all 140K and car petrol maintance thrown in and no need to buy phone cards nor pay off a credit card just for sitting on the back bench and a trip or two a year overseas all expenses paid and bring along the spouse/partner not to be sneezed at.


@Nautilus - did mean to say if it gets up in my post must have missed it out sorry. But find this board a pain to post as little pop ups keep hindering me and if I try to rid myself of them another pops up and tells me I cant use Mozilla and directs me to an unknown site!

Also dare not tick the email me after having around 212 in my box one time.  So may likely miss any response.


I don't know whether you noticed but Julia Gillard is the PRIME MINISTER of AUSTRALIA, quite an achievement but of course, she only got their because she couldn't hack it in her career as a lawyer.  

Duh!!!!  Much harder job to get to where she is now, my dear.  

Abbot would do anything to have that position and what has he brought to the table.  Where are his skills other than bleating "Yes, Sir" to the big corporations.  What will he do for Australia that is in the interests of this Nation rather than big corporate greed and interests - wait for it........NOTHING!!!!!!

What is with you and Nautilus - it has been established that he is living in the US not Australia.  Is this the case with you as well?  Or do you simply belong to the same facist organisation that has decided that Australia needs to be the next breeding ground for corporatocrasy.

Big Val

Tell me, how is the media LEFT wing.  That is an OXYMORON and not at all possible!

Our media is owned by elite individuals that are extremely wealthy and hold controlling interests in the big media corporations.  Are you trying to tell me that these individuals, espouse socialist views and ideology?!!!

Oh! please what world are you living in, Fantasia.  

Our media support anything that is in their interests such as - low corporate taxes, no contribution to our nation, extraction of anything and everything to ensure greater profits and wealth without giving anything back. If to the detriment of the average Australian, so bit it - is their philosophy!

Now, Coalition - no debt for 12 years.  This is double speak for NO SERVICES being provided for the average Australian.  NO INFRASTRUCTURE being provided for the average Australian.  That is what we pay taxes for and what makes a nation strong.

Now, Coalition - surplus funds - this was a windfall from that disgustingly inequitable huge tax called GST and non spending on Australians (who provided the funds) or on infrastruture (essential for this nations well being).  Overnight the government still had all their other taxes in place PLUS a whopping big 10% on LABOUR which was not there before.  Australian taxpayers paid huge amounts in GST on every purchase they made and it was worth BILLIONS.  The average household did not received any compensation (as is the case with Carbon Tax) and the cost of GST was in the $1000s to each Australian (Carbon Tax will cost the poorer Australian approx. $138 per annum).

Now, Big Val, tell me how wonderful the Coalition are!  Oh! that's right, without the peoples support, they took Australia to join with the US to illegally invade Iraq and now that those whose lives are in danger and in dissarray, want to come to Australia to live, we call them names such as baby killers and kick them out. 

Good one Big whatever you are.


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