No thanks.


You are not the only one on the forum...stop acting like a spoilt child.

Spoilt child, I doubt it. Just no interest Fleur.

I like poetry, but prefer to write poetry rather than discuss it.

Writing is different as I have to deal with editors.

Leave it to you.

Your topic.

Take it easy.




Like you..I write poetry ..but it is also important to discuss poetry in my opinion. Discussions help one to see things from many perspectives...I find that interesting and have wonderful discussions at  poetry readings at our house.

The Therapeutic Benefit of Poetry

From the beginning of time, poetry has been a means for people to express their deepest emotions and create healing in ritual and ceremony. In Greek mythology, we know that Asclepius, the God of Healing, was the son of Apollo, god of poetry. Hermes served as messenger between the two worlds to communicate between the gods and humanity. He carried the caduceus, “the winged rod with two serpents intertwined, which has become a symbol of the medical profession” (Poplawski, 75). Poems have also been viewed as carriers of messages from the unconscious to the conscious mind. Wherever people gather to mark a moment, they speak from heart to heart, with poetry.


                      Phyllis Klein and Perie Longo PhD

I just searched Google to see what Jonathan Wilson-Fuller is doing in his adult life. The most recent information I could find was a small article written in 2008 when he was 29. He would be 35 now. Anyway, here is a small exerpt from that article:

"As I look at the world, one of the greatest problems I see – one that causes so many other problems – is that as a species, humanity likes comfort. Not in the physical or material sphere (although we certainly like comfort there as well), but in the sphere of ideas and thinking. 

We simply do not like to realise that what we thought true is false, and our usual response to such an unpleasant realisation is to – with the exception of a handful of remarkable people – stick our collective heads in the sand and hope really, really hard that it goes away (a peculiar approach evidencing a distressingly low rate of success and an even more distressingly high rate of application). Global warming and peak oil are two examples. Thus, an intelligent species lets itself be anaesthetised by the soothing nonsense espoused by those who prefer the warm darkness of illusion to the cold light of truth. 

The true irony in all of this is that we are selling ourselves short. We really are a most intelligent, creative and resourceful species with a habit of coming up with the most innovative solutions to problems – but these solutions can only be created when we accept the reality of the problems facing us. As procrastination only ever exacerbates problems, they are in need of the most urgent attention. Only then can we bring the phenomenal resources of our intelligence, creativity and inventiveness to bear upon them; in truth, such fundamental problems require nothing less."

Fleur have you not thought that by putting someone's picture up with the INTENTION of using it to insult  others, actually insults the person who is pictured.

That is not kind at all.

At least Micha used a generic witch on a broomstick.

One question ... you won't answer, and we really don't care.  But considering the close proximity between you and Micha, why do you send messages to each other via YLC.  Surely, you both could just yell loudly.

(Or are we seeing the workings of a bicameral mind?)

Stop shouting into the computer twilsy. You'll give yourelf a heart attack. We canna hear you. Ok Ok enough fun for tonight. Thanks for the entertainment. Adios amigo

What a lovely insight into this wonderful human being...thank you Robi!

Poetry at its best calls forth our deep being. It dares us to break free from the safe strategies of the cautious mind; it calls to us, like the wild geese, as Mary Oliver (poet) would say, from an open sky. It is a magical art, and always has been -- a making of language spells designed to open our eyes, open our doors and welcome us into a bigger world, one of possibilities we may never have dared to dream of.

Very, true Fleur,

Roger Housden echoes those exact same words.

 Copy and paste from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/roger-housden/importance-of-poetry_b_884319.html



Of course it was...like everything else I have put up on the three threads...never claimed any of it was mine...so you both look like fools don't you!!! Ha ha try again or how about this:

One for Yente Twila: 


To get rid of all the anger and sexual frustration

....and the other for poor Abby, Wabby


to help relieve all that tension and sexual frustration !!!

You need to eat more spinach Fleur.

A little old lady like you( I'm assuming that's you in the pic) would keel over if a fly landed on your face

Ohhh no popeye...that's Yente twila and Abby wabby.  Have you got some poetry you would like to discuss?


When citing other's words, it is correct to provide source.

You may not have claimed that these words were yours, but by not ascribing provenence you were leading people to believe they were.

This is called plagiarism ... and widely condemned.  By many, it is considered worse than stealing ... appropriating another's thoughts and intellect to oneself.

You may be unaware of this ... but most people who  even have a little education know it. 

Your other "comments" directed at Abby and myself, reveal your nature ...

Others will decide this for themselves.

Fleur, Fleur, you can come out now. She's gone, gone, gone thar she blows 

                  Bye, bye twilsy  bye bye

Ohh...Micha...Micha...are you sure she's gone...are you really sure?? Oh dear...she might do a U turn and then come and get you...oh dear !!!

Oh Fleur, Fleur. She did come back. She did come back - and now she's turned me back into Dopey  but at least I glitter !!!

......and she's turned me into Snow White....how sweet......

...and I glitter too.....oh how lovely !!!  Shall we dance Dopey?




"Abby Wabby" ???

And you say you are a poet.  Surely you can do better than that?!!


Over the past 25 years, more than 200 studies have investigated the mental and physical health benefits of expressive writing. This research is rooted in the belief that disclosing emotions - a core component of much psychotherapy - is beneficial even without the aid of a therapist. Studies have shown that disclosing challenging experiences in personal writing can lead to improvements in a wide range of health outcomes, such as self-reported moods and symptoms, doctor visits, immune cell counts, liver enzyme levels, and antibody response to vaccines. 

                                                                                      Psychology Today


You and others are probably right.

I find writing bloody hard work and do not get into the analytical side of it over much.

A wee bit mercenary about it all, I just want to make a quid out of it, not cry over it. It is a craft, like many others. If I can make the reader cry, laugh or think about something written thats a good thing, me having a howl or laugh over something I have written serves little purpose.

Anyway I had better get back into it, the whips are cracking. I goof off at any opportunity, a procrastinator of the first degree.

Take it easy.


That's honest SD...but me..I like to cry..laugh...and dream.. about written work...even what I compose. Maybe that's because I'm female?

PS: Please note that none of the words written in the above posts were actually mine.


Before I bugger off for the day. I do find ones life experiences very valuable. Digging them up gives pause for thought but to get emotional over them does not help with the writing.

My upbringing in an institution is a veritable goldmine for a writer as are a few other aspects of my life. Learning how to utilise this experience without a fit of the psychological heebie jeebies is where the trick lies.

One can read some marvelous heart rending bit of writing without realising the person who wrote it is just a wordsmith plying their craft and taking the reader in, as they should.

All good fun and not to be taken too seriously.

Take it easy.



Think you've got a good point there SD...getting too emotional can get in the way. I am writing a book about my life and the travelling I've done...mainly for the children and grandchildren but it does take me back a bit. I guess I have to learn to be a bit more detached.

Enjoy the rest of your day!



Would you agree?

"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from

emotion recollected in tranquility"  (William Wordsworth, Lyrical Ballads)


I feel in most cases the emotional effect on the reader is the result of a clever wordsmith plying their craft.

No cynicism here, but if the words are wrong and the sentences or lines poorly crafted the emotion or reaction desired will not be realised.

Writing, as I have said before, is a craft like many others whether it be writing adventure, humour, romance or whatever.

Some are better at it than others but that is the nature of all crafts.

Take it easy.


Agreed, SD,

But can a poet write well if churned up by emotion, but requires, as Wordsworth observed,  emotion  recollected in tranquility?

Some are gifted with the ability to observe and describe, others delve Into their experiences for inspiration.

Theres a fine line between pleasure and pain...

As Michael Hutchence found out to his detriment


Sent you a message.


Today I have been worrying about beyond the Higgs Bosun , rain in Western Queensland . And the look ofthe new MX 5 . 


Higgs the Bosun was a good bloke. Dunno who will take his place. Sure to be as good.

Cant help with the other things you are worried about.


Today I am worried about the baggage retreival system at Heathrow .

the look of the new Honda S3000

and was I right to rip out the maths page in my daughters report before she read it.


There once was a man from Nantucket, 
Whose pencil was so long he could suck it. 
He said with a grin 
As he wiped off his chin, 
"If my ear were a cauliflower I would pluck it! "

Tis a pity threads are spoilt by  the 'to to & fro' of seniors who don't like each other.

I agree.

generally one to and one fro is enough.

A to to is  one to too many.

Gerry Gerry... how wrong you are, this is all in good clean fun,  we are all great friends, there is nothing like the belly laugh we get at times.   

That's all you ever get, if I'm guessing right eh seth?????

Well, Fleur at least you tried. Some people you just can't refine. No class whatever. Anyway here's a clean joke:




 Mrs Green’s Dog & her neighbour

Mrs Green was walking to the post office when her neighbor came up to her and said "Hello Janis, How’s your dog? I saw her yesterday chasing an old man on a bike."

"Oh" said Mrs Green "That could NOT have been my dog"

"Oh, why not?" replied her neighbor "I’m pretty sure it was her"

"Well" stated Mrs. Green smiling "my dog doesn’t ride a bike"

Ruination of a once good forum.