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Knitting tiny jumpers to help Aussie farmers


It may sound a bit silly, but knitters across Australia have joined forces to knit tiny jumpers for baby lambs struggling to survive in drought-stricken regions of Australia.

While sheering sheep to make wool to then turn said wool into jumpers for lambs may sound counterintuitive, it's a program that's got an important purpose.

The jumpers are for orphaned lambs that need to be hand fed, and so don't have mothers to cuddle up against in the colder months. Some of the lambs are twins or triplets that can't be supported by the mother, because the drought has made feed scarce. Many of these lambs die from the cold.

“During drought mothers for some unknown reason have more multiple births than usual,” the team explained.

“As such they are not strong enough to look after all of their young and will generally abandon one or all. These jumpers help to give the extra warmth that a mother would normally while the farmers substitute with bottle feeding.”

The Lamb Jumpers project was started by Marie Knight, a Country Women’s Association member and sheep farmer. 

“We have sent out well over 1000 jumpers so far to very thankful farmers with many more on our waiting list,” said the Lamb Jumpers team.

“There are jumpers arriving daily with hundreds of people jumping on board to help knit and distribute.”

While many city folk may not realise just how badly the drought is affecting farmers, but with every jumper received through program, it shows them we do care about their plight. So, if you can knit, head to the Lamb Jumpers for patterns and instructions for how you can help our farmers.


Why are the farmers exposing the ewes to rams during the drought ????


... as I am almost sure that the ewes are not undergoing some miraculous conception.

The breeding was from last season. You won't get as much this season which is why it's good you don't eat meat as there won't be much around.

Farmers are feeding the lambs and also baby goats and a few roos as well.

My son even had some real tiny ones inside on those bitter cold nights.

It's hard to predict that the autumn/winter break won't arrive. 

It won't just be lambs not born next season but crops not planted either and all those billions of humans who seem unable to stop breeding even in the middle of wars and resource depletion, will also be in strife.


If I knitted for a lamb i would never be able to eat lamb again.

Norma - came across a gorgeous group of happily knitting dear female pensioners @ local cafe, they were knitting tea cosies++ to raise funds for cancer research. Reckon this luffly lot would never knit for lamb eats altho' they & we all eat lamb...sad

Thanks Leon for sharing

So cute!  And then we eat them .... 

It's not compulsory to eat lambs (or any creature as nobody willingly dies for a few minutes on your lips).  Each year all the newborn dead winter lambs in Australia lined up head to tail would cover more than the breadth of Australia. This mass death is a routine, but hidden, reality of the sheep industry as this method is financially better for farmers. Find out how:

I am not a knitter, but what a lovely thing to do.

i bought a magazine  today,  and going through it,  the pattern for these jumpers was in there,   anyone who wants it,  let me know,  PM   and ill give it to you,    i have spare wool here,    i might make a couple up,