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Labor's next leader?

Anthony Albanese appears to be an uncontested favourite to take on the role as the new federal Labor leader.

His position as frontrunner was reinforced after possible contender Chris Bowen withdrew from the contest on Wednesday afternoon.

So far it is a one-horse race, unless another potential cnadidate Jim Chalmers decides running as deputy leader is not enough. Mr Chalmers said he is still deciding on whether he'll contest for the top job and will announce his decision Thursday.

According to The New Daily, Mr Bowen said he did not think he would have won the leadership contest against Mr Albanese.

“I’ve been on the phone to colleagues. I’ve been very pleased with the response – it’s clear to me that I would have majority support in the actual caucus ballot,” he said.

“But it’s also clear to me – I’m a realist – that Albo would win the rank and file, for good reason – he’s a popular character … Hence I have reached the view that it would be unlikely for me to win the ballot.”

Unless another challenger comes forward a ballot can be avoided and the new leadership team put in place swiftly.

Who do you think is the best person for the job?

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For once I totally agree with you ardnher. Loopy Di Natalli is a  threat to our current way of life

Oh and thats not Greens bashing Ny19 its an OPINION, which is the idea of this forum

Labor and the Unions should either form a coalition with the Greens or move to the centre and tell the Greens to go their own way. They're dropping bread crumbs about the direction they may take when continually blocking all those who would oppose Albo. And in so doing, Labor are showing that they are not staunchly defending their much publicised gender equality quota policy.   

Yes Tanwin it’s OPINION - a Greens bashing opinion!

Explain why you think Dr Di Natale is “loopy” and “a threat to our current way of life” to supply some basis for your opinion and to extend it beyond mere, unintelligent character assassination.

The Greens are doing very well in Europe, as evidenced by the results in the recent EU election. Although they only won 1 seat in our lower house in the recent election they scored a large vote overall and won every senate race in every state except the NT. Climate change is the greatest threat to our way of life, not the Greens or Dr Richard Di Natale.


Agree with you Tanwin. Natale needs to head for a psychiatrist couch. He was called out for lying several times and never denied it.  In an 18 minute interview with Bolt the other day,  he never answered one question. Just like Penny Wong, he has no debating skills or comprehension. Every single person who voted for him or his party must be brain-dead. They are masters of deception.

If we had proportional voting in the lower house instead of preferential voting the Greens would have a much larger presence in our Government.   I've always thought that they, and therefore those who vote for them, are underrepresented.


Penny Wong is a rude so and so. She heckled as Senator Birmingham spoke during their debate and refused to shake his hand at the end of the debate. To think if ALP had won, she would have been the foreign minister. 

Penny Wong would make a GREAT foreign minister - probably the best Australia has ever had. She is supremely intelligent, calm and present - she connects very well with people. She objected to the game of dirty tactics and lies being employed by Simon Birmingham during the debate. In contrast Penny Wong is a very honest person. A dishonest person would shake hands with someone who is annoying them intensely because a dishonest person would care more about “show” than their own integrity.



No doubt about it Wong  demonstrated very churlish behaviour. She did the same to Joe Hockey and several other males in Parliament. No manners. Every time I hear her speak she strikes me as one of the weirdest dimwits in the Labor Party. Imagine if there were more women like her in politics, chucking a mental every time you don’t agree with them. I remember on one occasion she went ballistic because her free car which taxpayers are forking out for was not waiting for her. Common courtesy to shake hands,after a game of sport, after a debate etc is the norm, someone should tell her that.

Personally I don’t think Labor would have made her foreign minister, not after these words, according to the arrogant Penny Wong “A female foreign minister of Asian heritage would boost Australia's reputation.” Yeah right and we would’ve found out too how far Labor is in China’s grip. Nope, Australia did well putting the Coalition back in.


Been on a little trip so haven't been able to offer my congratulations to the new government. I share your view ABE, I would far rather see the Coaltion in for another term than the ALP. Too many pipe dreams and not enough hard policy. Labor needs a thorough revamp, then maybe they will do better next time round.

It says a lot about the direction of Labor when Penny Wong is the only female in the Labor Leadership group. Penny is far too easily offended to be a Senator in my opinion, but it does appear that is exactly the sort of behaviour which is to be admired by labor women?

Further, I think if Penny Wong is a John West female, then Labor has developed a female problem.  Look at all the happy women in the LNP government. Such a great sight to see!

Adrianus, I've led a very sheltred life, what's a John West female?

Penny Wong would have been as competent a Foreign Minister as she was a Finance Minister in the Rudd government :(

So many bullets that Australia ducked on Saturday, 18th May 2019.  

Labor's policies (and candidates) are toxic to the electorate.

This would explain why they have only federally governed for 20 out of the last 75 years!

Promising 'big new taxes' at the recent election was DUMB according to Graham Richardson

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