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Last Australian-made car to be built today

Holden's Elizabeth production line closes today, which means the last ever Australian-made car will roll of the production line and into a Holden museum.

This marks the end of almost 100 years of automotive manufacturing for the nation, and 69 years for Holden.

The final Holden Commodore sedan, wagon and ute, and a Caprice limousine will be made in front of about 1000 special guests and will then be kept by Holden as museum pieces.

The very last car will be a red Commodore V8 sedan.

Australia's automotive industry once represented approximately 50,000 jobs across Australia. Now, Holden will join other manufacturers as an import only brand.


How do you feel about this? Are we mad moving all automotive production offshore? Can you foresee the same issues faced by auto producing giants such as Detroit in the US?

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The Mechanic in the family has an old holden ute in top condition. Gosh it sounds great!

Think it's a HJ but don't quote me. I must ask him again. 

Having no vehicle makers or parts makers won't be a problem until the next war and then we'd better get cracking as the shipping will stop. Then again we don't have much of a fuel industry left so maybe the horse and cart will make a come back.

this was a very sad day,     we vertualy have nothing left,   that is made here,   or has rthe australian mark on it,     theres another 300 or so out of work,    god knows where this wonderful country will end up,     

We still have Tim tams and sausage rolls 

Tim Tams went on to the market in 1964. They were named by Ross Arnott, who attended the 1958 Kentucky Derby and decided that the name of the winning horse, Tim Tam, was perfect for a planned new line of biscuits.

:) What can you say … the original Tim Tam on the left in 1958.

Pity Arnott's Biscuits Limited is a subsidiary of the Campbell Soup Company of the United States. Arnott’s remained Australian owned until 1997 when the Campbell Soup Company of North America purchased it in full.


As for sausage rolls.

Hungarian, French, British? Think Aussies were latecomers to this particular delicacy. Source.

Sausage rolls in the modern sense of meat surrounded by rolled pastry, appear to have been conceived at the beginning of the 19th century in France. From the beginning, use was made of flaky pastry, which in turn originated with the Hungarian croissant of the late 17th century. Early versions of the roll with pork as a filler proved popular in London during the Napoleonic Wars and it became identified as an English foodstuff.

Hobart mechanic makes 1,500-kilometre road pilgrimage to farewell Holden

Christian Mason's customised number plate to mark the passing of Holden's Australian production.

When Hobart car enthusiast Christian Mason found out the date that Holden would shut down its South Australian plant, he began making plans for a road trip to mark the occasion. "I come from a pretty passionate Holden family. I'm a third-generation motor mechanic, we're all Holden, always have been," he said.

Mr Mason left Hobart on Monday with his two teenage sons and his friend, boarding the Spirit of Tasmania that evening and arriving in Melbourne the following day. They then drove to Adelaide to complete the almost 1,500-kilometre journey in one of Mr Mason's Holden cars, which bore a suitably sombre customised number plate: RIP GMH.

Full ABC story.

It may be the last petrol car but I think that we will be building electric cars sooner than you think.

You don't need a V8 to go shopping.


Is that right Mr Musk?

we are going to compete with China are we ?


So it’s goodbye to our car industry. Sad but was on the cards anyway. Holden lost its appeal a long time ago. More cars were shipped by Toyoto in 16 years than Holden managed in 63 years. For Holden to keep going the tax payer has largely footed the bill, shelling out more than $5 billion dollars in assistance over the past 10 years alone. I think they knew, even the workers that it couldn’t last.

Ray it is better to partly fund a business to employ workers rather than to have those workers receiving unemployment benefits.

Everyone is not born equal and many have learning problems but they still need a future and a job. State governments employ many mentally handicapped people doing jobs many of us would refuse to tackle. The workers feel like they are needed and of worth to the community.

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