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Latest scams to hit Australia

Started this for people to post the latest scams.


Origin Energy email scam targets tens of thousands of Aussies with fake bill

• designed to spy on a victim's computer/mobile once they click on the email's "view bill" link.

According to scam statistics from ACCC, there were 14,634 reports of false billing in 2016, with Australians losing $659,835.

Good idea to collect all the Scams together RnR, easy to check back on. Thanks.

The ‘can you hear me?’ scam ... DO NOT SAY 'YES'.

Police have spoken to a victim of the ‘can you hear me?’ scam in Mackay, and they are warning the rest of Australia to be wary. “We believe it to be hitting many areas,” a statement from Senior Constable Steve Smith released on Wednesday reads.

“If the scammer already has your mobile phone number and some sensitive identification information of yours… you may have some serious and legitimate reasons to be concerned,” Smith said.

Queensland Police encourage Australians to let people know about the scam.


My Friend got this   can you hear me one form LONDON today --  just as well I told them about this the other week

Another one is the Australia Post one "trying to arrange time to deliver a parcel" except Aus Post always leave a card to pick up from Post Office and not by ringing up. 

Watch out for scammers posing as NBN cold-callers, ACCC warns ... 22 August 2017.

Scammers impersonating National Broadband Network (NBN) staff are attempting to con unsuspecting consumers into handing over sensitive personal identification details.

The new breed of NBN fraudsters are cold-calling households hunting for valuable personal information like names, dates of birth and Medicare numbers that could unlock bank and superannuation accounts. The watchdog's deputy chair Delia Rickard said 316 complaints had been received this year, where unwitting consumers had lost thousands of dollars.

Scammers targeting retirees and those over-65.

Full ABC story.

ATO scam targeting Australian homes with poor-quality robocall caught on tape ... 18 September 2017.

The latest ATO robocall phone scams threaten people with legal action.

"We have received an affidavit against your name where you are being listed as a primary suspect, and your house is under surveillance [pronounced sur-vur-lance]," the recording said.

Full story with recording of the message.

Scam targets Spotify users

... as posted by YLC Ben at used to be so simple.....

yes - only used to get the odd letter from a nigerian prince

I think I seemmto have had about the lot of these scams --I am so paanoid now I ring and ask -- ie the Bank -- or the Elect Co

You’re right PlanB. There appear to be new scam warnings every week these days. The latest I read about yesterday.

CommBank hoaxes ‘becoming more sophisticated’.

The Commonwealth Bank is warning customers not to respond to a text message which instructs them to log into their accounts via a link provided as part of a phishing scam. The messages have reportedly been delivered to hundreds of the bank’s customers in a series of hoax emails and SMS’ circulating throughout Australia.


I can understand why they are sending text messages instead of phone calls because as soon as you hear the foreign accent, you automatically hang up. Clever.

Toot there have also been a few Aussie type voices -- not many but I have had abbout 3.

I never click on anything UNLESS I am sure -- I would sooner ring the company and check.

Also you will find getting toward Xmas there will be even more --

Facebook scam

This came through for me today on Facebook Messenger from a friend. Names removed on pic below for privacy reasons.

Said: "------ did you see your video?" It's a hack or scam ... DON'T OPEN.

All that also saw it changed their Facebook passwords. Hoping it hasn't infected anyone on the receiving end.

Thanks RnR -- I am not on Facebook but have passed it on to those I know that are

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